Why Pope is a HOF type coach

How ‘Fouss’ Traore became the 3rd starter from No. 2 Wasatch Academy to sign with BYU basketball in one year | KSL.com

Sure this article is about the recruitment of “Foss” Traore from Mali, a devout Muslim, but read between the lines here and you will see a secret recruiting trip all the way to Mali for a different recruit:

“Big credit also goes to Pope, who famously made a recruiting trip to Mali while recruiting Sissoko but kept a scholarship open for Traoré as he followed his recruiting. That scholarship paid off Thursday in the 6-foot-7 big man’s pledge to BYU”.

Case in point, Pope will recruit anyone, anywhere on this planet. Jim Hawks should be excited about that. Let’s face it, Rose was worn out and we were recruiting schools within 50 miles of BYU, now the world is our oyster, Love it and love the future.

Fouss is ahead of Caleb lohner in terms of skill set at this point in his career, think about that. He will get to watch guys like George and lohner for a year, what a blessing. playing with guys like Atiki, BYU can go toe to toe with Blue bloods.

I also have a prediction: Lohner is going to be a double double machine this coming year.

Love this post. I am a believer in Pope, hopefully for the long term. I don’t want to see players like Kolby Lee go from starter to bench and not get playing time but I know when I see talent and potential and I know Pope does as well, so it happens. My hope is that BYU can become the best team that they can and I think Pope is doing what it takes to make that happen.

Nice move by BYU and look forward to watching this team grow and succeed

My first thought…the wasatch academy 3

My second thought…don’t go there…let’s not jinx them

LOL! Seems like they have some excellent talent come through there.

This post is great and I totally agree. Pope is a next level coach.
Lohner will me a machine this year, and George will continue to contribute. I think Traore will bud into one of the team leaders and be extremely helpful offensively.

right now Pope is working on 1 position The Point, we were just mentioned with Mil Transfer, Le Jon Lucas. at 6’2, he would be a great signee at the point and allow Barcello to get back to his 50% at long range.

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Pope will offer another big name before all is said and done.

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I have to say something about our two returning mish. Guards. Nate Hanson and Trey Stewart
Getting to Know New BYU Basketball Commit Nate Hansen | BYU Insider

Nate is smooth, shots from Jimmer range. Playmaker

And this redic. video of Trey
“One On Son” - BYU Basketball’s Ray & Trey Stewart - YouTube

What Trey brings is EXPLOSIVE. He has his dad’s genes. noff said.