Why this site lost followers

I put a political post in the off topic section where it belonged and you silence my free speech with your political agenda. Shame on you! This is another reason people no longer post.

Are you sure you put it in the ‘off topic’ section?

How do you know where grasshopper put his post? You people make me sick.

I’m with us. This set up is difficult to know anything. The string system was easy to know. And you had a choice to read someone’s post or not. This thing you just hope.
If I knew anything about building a site like this I would and put this one out of business.

GH: There are plenty of computer “geeks” who used to frequent the old CF.com. I think there are enough “geeks” out there to reinstate something like the old site and get some of the old crowd back to a viable site. Any Takers?

I would go to it in a heartbeat. I’m not a computer geek.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it needs to be redone again…

If you want to post, the easiest way to do it is to go into the topic of interest (Football, Off Topic, etc) and then push the button ‘+ New Topic’. This will automatically tag the new topic with the correct category and no issues of going to ‘Uncategorized’.

The second way is to do it on the main page. This one is trickery. When you press the ‘+ New Topic’, besides the information you want to post, you have to make sure that you give the correct category right next to where you insert the title of the topic. If you don’t do it, or it defaults to ‘Uncategorized’, your post may end up in the wrong place and be killed about 60 minutes after the post.

Seems they could have done a better job with the second method.

Berck: The second way is what this Board lacks. It is a freak Board which will not ever bring back many old the old posters.

The second way exists. The problem is that it defaults to ‘Uncategorized’ and will get closed after an hour. You have to make sure you pick the correct category for it to stay open.

It’s frustrating that they do this, and I don’t understand why.

Aren’t you one of this Board’s creators?

Nope. Long time poster (although not as often as a lot of others) on the old board and moved over when they forced us.

It appears to me that whoever set up this site doesn’t care if anybody participates in the discussions. Maybe their sole purpose was to create a site where people can access news about BYU sports and the discussion board is not at all important to them.

This is probably correct. When they took over the board, they initially disabled the old board for a couple days. Then re-enabled them after some complaints.

Why did this site lose followers? Because the format stinks.

And they won’t do anything. It use to be crowded with posts after football games. Now, it’s 4 or 5 that may post. They think that’s a success?
Are you going to be home to watch the big game Saturday?

Haven’t missed a game yet. No reason to start. Perhaps give some back-ups some play time. Beau needs a little QB time. However, the starters need to start and make sure they have their chemistry working first.

I am with you GTWO. This site stinks.