Why to you hate Trump?

What reason(s) do you hate Trump?

Not sure who you are asking here or is this just a general question?

I, for one, don’t hate Trump. More than anything I think he is a product of the last 8 years. This is what we get when we have had what we have had for the last 8 years. People are scared of him, that is why you see people protesting at his rallies. The GOP is scared of him, the liberals are scared of him. I am more scared of somebody like Obama or Hillary, who does things in secret. We don’t know even a tiny percentage of the stuff they do that is undermining this country and destroying it from within. I’m not a Trump supporter but I like the way he is forcing a lot of people to stop and think.

So why do you hate Trump?

I don’t hate him. But why are people scared of him? Are they scared of him or the things he wants to do? And specifically what things make people afraid?

I don’t hate Trump but the problem I have is that his morals are essentially just a tad bit higher than those of Bill Clinton who was a sexual predator. Trump is just a common adulterer. It is hard to trust somebody to run the country who can’t be trusted in a marital relationship. Policy wise it is hard to know what he will do. He is not a social conservative and I don’t think anybody knows for sure what his economic policies would be. A lot of conservatives have been fooled by him because they like his tough talk on immigration. Whether he can build a big wall and do what he claims remains to be seen.

I would still vote for him in a heartbeat over HIllary Clinton. We know what she is. She is an enabler of a sexual predator for political expediency. She has been involved in numerous scandals. She is a far left wing liberal regardless of any denials her supporters might make. There is also the issue of the mysterious death of Vince Foster over 20 years ago that nobody cares to ask questions about. Hillary Clinton is despicable and the only reason a lot of stupid people will vote for her is because they think it would be cool to have a woman president. Having a woman president won’t be anything to celebrate if the woman is immoral, dishonest, without principles, and is a tool of Marxist ideologues.

We don’t really know much about Trump but what we know is that he would be a better alternative than Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz is hands down the best man in terms of character and issues. He is hated because he has principles and that tends to upset fellow politicians who want somebody who will play ball. He probably has no chance this time around.

I agree with your analysis of Hillary. Trump has some conservative things and some that aren’t. You mentioned the wall. Trump doesn’t have to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Congress already passed the law to pay for it. He uses the Mexico thing to get people excited.

He blames Mexico, but half the people (or maybe more) coming from the south aren’t “mexican”. They are coming from other central and south american countries.

Ya but they come through Mexico. So, Mexico is to blame for those looking for blame. So, he uses Mexico. The wall is paid for already but Obama won’t build it.

I just hope that Obama retires in Iran, that’s where he should be the happiest and safest.

Egypt with his Muslim Brotherhood brothers…

Jim H. I think Trump is half nuts. He talks like a cab driver or a stevedore. But the more I see of what the Obama admin. is doing to destroy our country and “Lying”-yes Lying Hillary and her antics, I am beginning to think that I may have to vote for him. It’s a gamble, but what choice do we have? I watched him tonight from Ohio on TV and he talked like a drunken sailor or cabbie or wharf worker. But he is beginning to affect me more positively. I really don’t see how he can beat the Obama-Hillary machine, but what choice do we have? HELP!

And who knows from where else? What can we do. Our own FBI Administrator has turned to the dark side. I guess Obama has got something on him or he or his family was threatened. I feel the same way about the Supreme Court. Roberts has turned to the dark side, i.e. Obama Care as a “tax,” and the killing of pro-life state legislation by the Court. We now have a Supreme Executive and no other functioning branches of our federal govt.

I agree with you. It’s a conspiracy thing right now. But, all the meetings like with Bill and Lynch and Obama and Hillary going on Air Farce One. It all smells.

Do you have faxes, emails, etc. to prove it? :weary:

Yep :slight_smile: Comey provided all of it :slight_smile:

Yet there is no proof of the conspiracy you claim.

Funny how it isn’t really necessary and even when you have information and evidence, you can’t prove a conspiracy.

Faxes and emails of Hillary. FBI is a great source of proof too. So, conspiracy has valid references

Grasshopper: Generally I agree with you. The word conspiracy doesn’t fit i my lexicon. To me it is “true believers” like BO, Bill Ayers and most of the BO admin. These people really believe what they are doing is right for the country. To me, Hillary is just going along with the Left because it helps her to try and get elected.
She has no shame or character. Anybody partnered up with Bill Clinton has little or no character. To me Bill and Hillary decided long ago to rise to the top anyway they can.I believe that Hillary just sees Bill being a womanizer and she just decided to go along with him and he lets her do whatever she wants to go to the top too. They both enable each other.

Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel and the rest of the radical Marxists all believed what they did was right. The thirst on tyranny and seeing others poor and without Liberty. Obama is just a chip of the old block, his father who was a communist.
Hillary loves the thought of tyranny and being the Queen. Bill wasn’t quite that far left. Hillary, she will have the right exterminated like she exterminated those political threats of her and Bill’s over the past 4 decades. She’s a wicked person. Don’t trust her one bit.

I don’t know if you can call what Hillary is doing a conspiracy. It is being done in the light of day where any fool can see it. It is a problem that many voters are fools because they are spiritually darkened and light cleaves to light and darkness to darkness. People see what she is doing and don’t think it is a big deal if they have to face the prospect of a President Trump. Trump may be a better choice than Hillary but it is heartbreaking that he is now the only realistically electable alternative. I am not sure what to think. Mitt Romney was more of a moderate than a conservative but clearly a good man, very qualified to be a competent president, and not a person who would have purposely divided Americans against each other as Obama has. He was clearly a better choice than Obama but too many voters want somebody who will set up the government as their god and caretaker and Obama filled the bill. Unfortunately his brand of government will lead to anarchy, poverty, and loss of liberty if not checked.

I talk to Democrats on occasion and nearly all of them are decent people, relatively speaking, who want things they consider good but most are not religious, or even believers. There have been a number of apostles who were Democrats but it was decades ago and the Democrat party has been hijacked since then. The Republican Party is in the process of being hijacked. Nearly all of the Democrats I talk to are educated and intelligent in a non scriptural sense (intelligence is light and truth), but they repeat the talking points like robots ie; Trump is a racist based on wanting to put the skids on immigration, Trump will get us into a nuclear war, Trump hates women, Trump hates the poor based on the fact he is a rich Republican, and all the other usual garbage. There may be a little truth in what they are saying but you could have inserted any other Republican, even ones where there wasn’t a shred of evidence, and they would say the same thing. When intelligent people vote based on decades old fallacies it is a real problem. Most of them won’t take the time to listen to you and will talk over any good argument you make by repeating their talking points. It is the classic tactic the Communists, Nazis, Fascists, and all totalitarians use. If you can’t win an argument shout down the opposing viewpoint or simply refuse to give it a forum. There are some unchangeable doctrines in their religion 1. Rich white Republicans are racists, sexists, and hate the poor. 2. Guns are evil and criminals are criminals because of poverty. 3. Abortion is a right because only a woman has the right to control her own body. A man has no say in the fate of his unborn child. 4. Homosexuals are born to be what they are and nothing can change it. There a lot of others but you get the point.

The Democrat base is largely uneducated poor minorities, intellectuals working outside the private sector, media wonks, so-called journalists, entertainers, lawyers, a few mega rich Wall Street types, like George Soros, and Warren Buffet, and professors. Those intellectuals are ideologues whose politics are their religion and they brain wash the uneducated masses into thinking the government is their only hope.

Conservatives tend to be people who own their own homes, believe in religious freedom even when they aren’t religious, work in the private sector, own small businesses, believe in traditional families, believe that the right to own and control your own property is absolutely essential to being free, and believe in limited government because an overly powerful central government will eventually lead to tyranny and a loss of liberty.

Church members who vote for liberals are casting votes that are counter productive to things church members should uphold. If this offends any of our Courgarfan friends then I am sorry for being offensive but nobody will ever convince me that I am wrong about any of this. There are exceptions to everything I have said but in general I believe I am absolutely correct.

Id go a step further. Those members who believe the nonsense about Trump and either won’t vote or vote for a third party are as guilty as those voting for tyranny Hillary. They hide behind what they call are their principles. Yet, they are breaking their principles by allowing Hillary to win. Shame on them.