Why we lost is simple

Waited too long to get the intensity going. We should have pressed more in the first half. Definitely should have pressed from the start of the second half.

BYU lost:
1Three of our starters did not show up to play…Foos, Robinson and George had pathetic games. George did had 5 quick points in the rally be too little-too late.

2 Waterman completely ruined any flow BYU had going. Waisted height, really hope he moves on for next year

3 Safe to say that Richie Saunders has earned the right to be a starter.

4 We continued to lose Ducas on defense and he was FEELIN it from long range.

5 I confess, I put the game on tape delay to avoid commercials, did not bother watching the 1st half when I saw the score but thoroughly enjoyed the comeback. ESPN spent quite a while on the comeback, they were blown away at our tenasity.

6 Their Johnson is a NBA talent, we did a fair job with Spencer covering him from a scoring perspective but his assists killed us. I think Bennett has the horses to beat GU this year.

7 Loved the Hall woke up the team by finally standing up to SMC’s smug posturing. That comeback should be talked as we enter B12 land.

8 I fear BYU was 1 victory short of the NIT invite. That SD loss and a slew of 1 point losses killed us. No true leadership on this year’s team. shame.

Foos has had a foot problem this year. He just didn’t look right during the 3 games. As off Robinson was, I’d rather have him in than Waterman. Waterman needs to put on 50 pounds.
There’s a shot for the NIT.
We needed to full court press at the beginning of the game. Definitely the start of the 2nd half. Have to do things different quicker.

NIT not gonna happen. A losing record in a mid major conference and a 19-15 mark overall only cuts it if you are a P5 team. I don’t know if the CIT or CBI still exist but in Dave Rose’s last season BYU didn’t consider either of those tournaments. i kind of wish they had because Rose’s last season
was the only year he didn’t win 20’games but that is the only reason I wanted them to consider one of those tournaments.

Those other tournaments we have to pay to go to. I would hope we would consider since parity in college basketball is much better now. We still have a shot at the NIT. Big fan base and money talks.

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