Why would I post on the TCU game?

When the shots are going in everyone plays even harder with more enthusiasm. Just natural human emotions at work.

I don’t think that’s true for strong minded athletes.
You need to apologize to Knell for insulting him.
I’m sure he doesn’t agree with you!

I don’t need to do anything. What you and others have been saying about him needs an apology for sure. Back to ISU game on Wednesday. Here’s my starting lineup:

  1. Hall
  2. Johnson
  3. Saunders
  4. Khalifa
  5. Fouss

Don’t care who starts. Who gets the most minutes?
! Hall 30 mins
2 Johnson 28
3 Robinson 27
4 Saunders 27
5 Foos 25
6 Waterman 25
7 Khalifa 15
8 Knell 15

I think that is a good allotment of minutes. Stewart will probably get about 3 minutes midway through the first half. BYU has a team of many high level
role players and no clear star. The star changes game to game. Every one of the 8 you mentioned has had a starring role at one time or another and every one of them has had times when they didn’t do much. Pope’s challenge has been to manage the rotation and find the best combinations during the course of the game.

Back to Saunders, I was trying to think who he reminded me of and the closest comparison I could find was John Havlicek. They are about the same size. Havlicek was a perpetual motion type player who could play guard or forward and could
score inside and out and drive hard to the basket. Havlicek was an in your face defender, a great hustler and clutch player. The first 4 or 5 years of his career he was the best sixth man in the game. Saunders is BYU’s Havlicek. Havlicek was a great athlete in his prime and very tough. Like Saunders he moved very well without the ball.

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You have 8 minutes you can still give to players. Who is going to get them? I say the guy that is hot!

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You hit the nail on the head. I wasn’t a Celtics fan (sorry, SoCal Laker until Kobe retired) but I respected the team… Well, everyone except McHale.

McHale was cool. It was his Navy :grin:
Lebron went over 40,000

Hardcore, real Laker fans don’t like Lebron that well. If you do you’re not a true Laker fan.

The current team has a lot of talent on it but they aren’t very good. Doesn’t make sense unless you look at how nobody is really a better player with Lebron running the show. They are lazy on D, entitled and selfish. They have all the pieces but it just isn’t working.

Good black and white TV show reference!

Yep. Makes sense to me

Agee on your thoughts
Wasn’t Jerry Sloan that kind of player too?

:rofl: Not a true Laker Fan… Funny…

that was the ISU rotation, then there is the @ home rotation. but you are right, who ever is hot but…our best defenders always get the most minutes in my book

Defense wins…just a look at BYU’s wins and losses, the defensive side is much more indicative of the final result than the offense…without the advantage of opposition home courts from here one out, yes excepting the Iowa state game, BYU’s offense will likely be better than anyone they face until close to April, the defense will make the difference for how long the team will keep winning…

Our defense was good last week. But, we had large deficits as well at halftime. Why? Poor all around shooting. Especially from distance. Then, a bunch of 3s from a supposedly poor defender and we catch and pass them while holding both teams to low 2nd half scores. So, which was it? The chicken or the egg?
Make a high percentage of 2’s and 3’s, the defense has a high chance of getting back and ready to defend better. Miss shots and the other team can run on you. Chicken or the egg?

Jerry Sloan “It doesn’t matter who starts, it matters who is on the floor at the end of the game!”

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And yet, I haven’t seen anyone not complaining about poor starts to football and basketball games. Also to poor stories 2nd half’s too. Yes, the players who are producing as the game goes on certainly should be playing at the end of games. But it would be nice to not have to come back from 17 points down.

It is more than “producing”, it is who you can depend on at the end of the game to see the team to victory. based on offense or defense needs.

See, I’d disagree on this point. Of late, we have been agreeing a lot. With this team, players are interchangeable in many areas. But at the end of games that are relatively close in the final minutes, free throw shooters are important. It’s why as good as Hall is getting, he can also be a liability at the end with free throw shooting. And, if Knell is scoring, leave him in because of his experience. If we need steals and cause havoc, bring Saunders in. Pope has done a go job and he is learning more and more after playing in the rec league for so long.