Will he stay or will he go?

Every sportscaster says Zac Wilson will turn pro after this season. Will he stay or will he go?

Bushman could have gone last year. But wanted something different. John Walsh…we all know his press and story.
Trevor Lawrence could have gone in the first round last year. But, he didn’t. He saw something different.

So, will he stay and why? Or, will he go and why?



Every sportscaster says Zac Wilson will turn pro after this season. Will he stay or will he go?

This is an OPINION based solely on observations and colored by my personal views, but I believe he will go to the NFL. Zach Wilson loves football. He studies it, talks about it, rooms with it, practices and plays it… Sure he has other interests and his values show that his priorities are in the right place, but none of those say he shouldn’t take the multimillion dollar offer when it comes and be able to continue enjoying the sport he loves while keeping his values intact. On the plus side, millions of dollars are good if it means financial security for himself and his family. If invested well, it can insure a bright and prosperous future. The negatives for staying are that the chance for injury are always there and he may not get that good of an offer next year, There are no guarantees. The negatives of leaving BYU as a Junior may mean he leaves without a degree, but that can be completed after retirement (Steve Young). He will miss the comradery of the team, but he will become a part of another team that he can develop bonds of friendship with players on a new level. Who knows what he will decide, but I will side with the sportscasters on this one. Just my meager thoughts. Others?

Every winter the players that can go to NFL gets advice from NFL scouts and others at what they believe the draft position would be. It is all a projection and nothing guarenteed.

In the case of Walsh, he was told he would go higher (bad advice) and he slid down the draft. He was drafted, but then in a freak accident (stepping off a curb) he messed up his knee and that is history.

Bushman and Tonga both were told they would be high draft picks, but I think both of them wanted to see what this year team could do and came back. It also helped Bushman that his father in law was Chad Lewis who knows something about the NFL.

The one thing I have noticed, but I do not have any documentation to back up, is that the chances of an underclassman (Junior) succeeding in the NFL is not that good. Yes, there are exception, but the rule is they are not ready for the NFL no matter how good they are. That four years of college really does help them prepare.

This is all conjecture on my part… So don’t waste your time arguing with me about it.

Wilson is what they refer to as a gym rat as was posted above. He eats sleep and dreams football. He is smart, he understand the game better than most and he has taken advantage of his dad’s money by going to work with John Beck.

Personally, I think he will go to the NFL, but I also think that would be a mistake. But as has been stated, there are no guarantees in life, so not sure I would blame him for going if he went.

I agree with your analysis. If he was a return missionary two years older I would say definitely yes. He may think he needs another year. One great season isn’t really enough either. Trevor Lawrence is a great example.

GONE, why conjecture?
Only reason to stay would be to win the Heisman.

BYU is loaded with NFL talent, just read this one

whoops, wrong one

Is that why Lawrence stayed??? Bushman??? Some just want to stay. You’re only young once.

Wilson was on Sports Talk last night.

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One thing he said of note was that “for the time” the plan is for him to come back next year and play. He felt his team next year will be good.

No definite commitment, but at least he was not like Tonga last year when he said he was going to the NFL.

As much as I LOVE BYU football, I don’t blame ANY of these kids who can get guaranteed NFL money and leave BYU to do it. They can finish their degree later. I don’t see what Wilson could do next year to improve much on his current projection as a top 10-15 pick. At current salary levels, if Wilson goes at 15 that’s a $15 million contract with about $8m guaranteed. If he goes at 10, it’s about $20m with $12m guaranteed. A smart guy–and by all accounts he is a very smart kid from a great family–with that deal can work for 4 years and be set for life.

I think a lot depends on the way the rest of the season goes. If BYU wins out, then there is nothing left to prove and you will probably go as high as you would ever go, so why not. Of course Covid has something to say about it, but in the case of Lawrence, there is no doubt anyway, and he probably wins the Heisman and definitely goes this year, and Wilson would be a first rounder. An off game or two for Zach and the thought becomes that he might need another year, but I don’t think that will happen

He goes. No way is Wilson going to pass on a first round draft pick. He’s probably not quite as talented as the talking heads are building him up to be either. He looks awesome against inferior teams, but his decision making under heavy pressure has not been very good. Also he had a shoulder surgery on his throwing arm. If he waits until next year than he’s taking a huge risk.

Hard to imagine he would improve much in the draft even IF he has another great year. Perception is reality and right now he’s perceived to be the 3rd or 4th best qb in the country. Gotta ride the wave while the tide is high. He’s gone…for 99.999 percent sure.

So should we be hoping byu loses against sdsu? Sacrifice a good year in hopes of Zack returning and having a tremendous year in 2021?

Nah, thats not happening, but I think one more year at byu would do Wilson some good. He still has room to improve and could really explode next year with a much better schedule.

If byu were to lose a game, they’d still be in a similar bowl scenario as they are in now… Even with an undefeated 2020 season, its highly doubtful byu gets rewarded with a new years six game.

No they won’t be in the play-off scenario with an undefeated season, unless they get a game with a powerhouse that is also undefeated, but no such game has been scripted. I’m sure another year would help Wilson, but it’s probably more risky than what he wants