Will the coaching staff recognize their mistakes?

I think the game today exposed several mistakes and coaching errors that have occurred over the course of the season -

  1. Josh Sharp riding the bench most of the time. He gets big minutes today and is pretty effective. He has experience and knows his role. Please tell me why Nixon has been eating all of Sharps minutes this season…
  2. Worthington playing limited minutes as a spark off the bench. This is all he has really even been good at. He isn’t skilled enough to warrant big minutes but he has played a lot this season. As a spark off the bench he provides some hustle and aggression with little skill or effectiveness. That is how he should be used.
  3. I maintain that Nielson should be getting as many minutes as Kaufusi, if not more. Corbin was better today but he still struggles to score. Nielsen makes a mistake and immediately goes to the bench. Given the time and experience he would be much more effective at this point in the season. He has proven he can score inside and with experience would be a better defender.
  4. Halford has been a solid contributer. He deserves a LOT of credit for how he has adjusted and played. His defense is erratic but as good as any other guard. I don’t think a coaching mistake has been made with him.
  5. Frank Bartley has been under utilized this season and continues to be. He has never found a rhythm or role this season. Poor coaching on this one.
  6. Too much has been made of Fischer and his 3 point shooting contributions. Like somehow he is a difference maker if he is hitting 3’s. No he’s not. When he is on it is okay, when he is not he’s a liability and his defense is terrible.
  7. I appreciate and acknowledge everything that KC and Haws have done this season but the focus on their record breaking seasons has been a distraction to the team winning games. Good for them, not so good for the team and overall season. Yes, they are great players but basketball is a team sport and winning is all that really matters.

There are other things, but 7 is enough for now.

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I wonder how one mistake and your done has played on the confidence of certain players this year excepting the chosen ones. Take Bartley for instance-he plays hard- gets in the mix-misses a layup and welcome to the pine. Several players off the bench have come in and contributed and then all of a sudden-no PT. I hesitate to mention Rose’s name here, allowing for the fact I will probably get lambasted, but my thought lately, has been- he has lost this BYU team for the last year and a half. Sharp was great in this game-but unless you were looking on the bench and unfamiliar with past years, you wouldn’t know who he was. I’m not even going to mention Neilson and Andrus, but compare their time to Worthington and what do you get. Negativity after a win-go figure-but here it is. We will see what happens against St Marys next week at home. I’m not a fair weather fan-it’s just these questions keep popping into my head-I can’t help myself:)

Did Pepperdine really lose at home to San Diego by 22?

Unbelievable and really a slap in the face to the Cougars.

That is terrible.

Mistakes? Rose just got a 5 year extension. What mistakes??? :wink:

Read what Jim Hawks says. I agree that Rose has not been in charge for the past year or so. How he gets a five year extension is only explained by what I perceive as the BOD’s love for men of character like Coach Rose. He is not a coaching genius. I like him, but I am beginning to see him as I view Bronco in football. He is a good character guy, but he gets out coached a lot.

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Perhaps the BOD are sending the message that we need to put sports in the proper perspective and make it less of a priority in our lives. If that is the case, I need to adjust my priorities for sure.

Actually, I have been doing that to some degree. I have sworn off any sports viewing on the sabbath. I saw an area that needed work pertaining to my sunday worship and made the decision. I didn’t watch one down of the superbowl and honestly, didn’t miss it after the fact.

I’m okay with it if that is the plan, but I wish somebody would let me know that is the plan…

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BYU is doing the same things and expecting different results… I posted this last February and I could post it again this season, change some of the names and we have the same results we did last year.

If you have a minute or two, read the first post I made on this thread and tell me it doesn’t have a familiar ring to it and identical points you could apply to different named players this season.

Why is Kaufusi being wasted? Why don’t Chatman and Aytes get more minutes? Where is Hartsock? I’ll get anything that if Calvert were still here and getting minutes he would be making a difference. And lastly, how about comment #7 about the obsession with records and TEAM sports.

It’s like dejavu all over again. :smiley: just change some of the names for this season.

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Rose does not develop his Fr…yes, he plays guys that can score (emery and seljaas) but leaves Hartsock and Chatman on the bench. Wasted.

Coach Few goes out and plays AZ, KU, elite teams routinely. When we play a big name program, its like its a national holiday. Few uses the pre-season to get ready for the Post season. He looks at the WCC as if it was an after thought.

The bottom line, Rose will never change. My hope is that the Lone Peak boys will kind of self coach away from Rose’s style of play.