Will the mighty Gonzaga fall?

Down 7 with 8 to go. I wonder what the problem is? I’m sure Few is the problem. He doesn’t know how to get his players to play better and shoot better. Maybe Gonzaga should fire Few if they lose :slight_smile:

Few should be fired! His program is going down! Right Jim :slight_smile:

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You should be fired from this board…

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They played terrible! Has to be the coach’s fault:-)

GU got beat by the #2 seed. They haven’t lost to anyone in the league this year. We got beat … down by 44 points until the starters were pulled out by the #7 seed which is only one of our terrible losses this year! Rose doesn’t improve his teams from beginning of the year to the end of the year … Few is not even on the same coaching planet as Rose.

SMU got beat by Gonzaga by 48 points. We also beat SD twice.

So now that you have made a completely irrelevant statement, will you please make your best effort to connect the dots.

Let me help.

Gonzaga is clearly the better team over St. Mary’s. If they played 10 times, Gonzaga would win nine of those games. BYU beat USD in overtime and by 14 on their home floor. On a neutral court BYU was destroyed… and it was an important game. Remember that you said so yourself… an important game. More importantly, Gonzaga and St. Mary’s are going to the ncaa tournament while BYU is likely going to no tournament.

More and more are saying they will be in the NIT.

The only reason they would be invited to the NIT is money. They have a large following and fan base for television. It’s all about the money. When are you going to admit it?

They have more than just the money. Also, the NIT would need at least one team from the WCC.

Who is “more and more saying…???” BYU does not deserve to be in any post season tournament. Neither does Zaga deserve a No.1 seed in the NCAA. They lost to St. Marys in the
WCC championship final.

Yeah, it is San Diego!!!

Looking back on this tread we see Hopper was wrong again. NO NIT for Rose and boys.

keeping track of the numbers I think Hopper is in to the triple digits on being wrong. He is over the century mark.