Williams needs just 6 yds vs. Green Bay

To hit 1000 yds.
2 former BYU running backs can make history in the NFL in Week 18 - Deseret News

He gets a $250K bonus. I also heard he gets a cool Mil if he gets another TD. (Don’t quote me on it)

Allgeirs ran for 135 yards going over 1,000 yards too!

Williams scored 2 touchdowns and broke Barry Sanders single season TD record. Algeier has a shot at offensive rookie of the year. These two are the only 2 BYU running backs that I can can think of who have been impact players in the NFL.

It goes to show that there are great players out there who are not 4, or 5, star recruits out of high school. Algeier was a walk on and Williams was one of those guys who was under the radar. He was 17 when he played in his first BYU game and was starting about 1/2 way through his freshman season. He was a guy BYU got that big time programs overlooked.

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2 byu RBs, 1000 yarders. That has never happened before. Algeier should be in the running for rookie of the year. I can’t help but think Williams will get a monster contract in the future.

Monster contract here he comes. Williams already received a $250,000 bonus for have a 1,000 yard season.

I just posted this to the other thread, but it deserves to be here as well:

As a fan, as a former HC, and as a father of a player, I am SOOOO proud that we can call Jamaal “ours.” From the moment I first saw him play, JSwagDaddy, or “BabyJ” as he was dubbed as a 17 year old freshman BYU, has been my favorite BYU player of all time. He is a coach’s DREAM. He is a DREAM teammate. He plays with a love for his teammates and for the game that 99% of players simply don’t understand, much less emulate.

I stood and cheered yesterday when Jamaal earned 50 TOUGH second half yards yesterday and two TDs to carry the Lions to the upset W and a winning season after starting 1-6.

Jamaal becomes a FA on March 1st. Lions fans will lose their minds if they don’t re-sign him; Lions fans love him every bit as BYU fans did.

Jamaal’s expiring deal was a $1.25m signing bonus, $6m in salary, and the $250k he earned for reaching 1k yards, so total of 2 years/$6.5m. I don’t see him getting more than 2 or maybe 3 years because he’s 27 going on 28 and I don’t see a lot of 30 year old backs out there these days. But he has a lot going for him, including being a power back and not a speed back, which gives him a little more shelf life.

Did you see Hard Knocks on the Lions’ preseason this year? If not, do so. Jamaal is a true team leader. In preseason he gave his team a speech about how they need to be better than last year–he was yelling and so emotional he broke down in tears. And they WERE better, and HE led them. I think his leadership and positive attitude and good citizenship are also factors that will help him in negotiations. I hope the Lions sign him again, because his OC and his HC use him PERFECTLY–I’d hate to see him sign somewhere else for a little more money and have the situation be less than ideal.

After breaking Sanders all time season scoring record. Jamal should get a max RB payday, whatever it is, Lions have to keep him, he is that good of a teammate and that loved by everyone.