Wilson benched, you could see that coming a mile away

Lets see, NY Jets haven’t had a QB in decades. Threw a lobber of a question in the press conference.
Zach Wilson benching shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here’s why | Opinion - Deseret News

Wilson has not helped his cause. After the Patriots game, in which the Jets defense played heroically, Wilson proved impolitic at the very least when he was asked if he felt like he let the defense down.

“No,” he told reporters after the game.


The media spoon-fed him his line and he flubbed it. That didn’t endear him to his teammates. He lost the game and then he lost the locker room. He should have done what Fields did after he threw for just 153 yards in the Bears’ three-point loss to the Falcons last week. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer tweeted that in the locker room after the game, Fields apologized to his teammates, saying, “The defense gave the offense a chance, and the offense didn’t get it done.” Before Fields could continue, his defensive teammates stopped him and offered their support.

According to the New York Post, Wilson’s father Mike saw the press conference and realized instantly that his son had made a mistake. He informed Zach of this before he even reached the team bus and sent him a video clip of the press conference. Wilson said it was only then that he realized what he’d done. He apologized to the team Wednesday, saying his emotions had gotten the best of him.

The Jets is were QBs go to die

Ya, to bench him when the reason they lost was a poor special teams group. Sometimes defenses simply take over like that. Bad mistake for the Jets. The Bears need a QB.

Last Sunday he reached the nadir of his young career, completing 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards against the Patriots. The Jets totaled 103 yards of offense and three points. A week earlier he threw for a meager 154 yards and one TD. The week before that he threw for 354 yards, but also had three interceptions.

In seven games he has thrown for an average of just 183 yards per game and totaled four TDs and five interceptions. He’s averaging 6.8 yards per attempt and is completing only 55% of his passes. Among the NFL’s starting quarterbacks, only Pittsburgh rookie Kenny Picket has a lower rating than Wilson, who has been sacked 60 times in 20 career games.

According to Tru Media, among 34 qualifying quarterbacks, Wilson ranks 34th in completion percentage, 32nd in touchdown rate (2.1%), 26th in interception rate (2.6%) and 32nd in his rate of off-target throws (16.4%). Maybe the most disturbing thing is that he put up similar numbers last year, which means there has been no progress. Other quarterbacks from Wilson’s draft class — namely, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones and Justin Fields — are showing signs of developing into franchise quarterbacks.

You are leaving out the poor play by the previous QB and a losing record. Since Zac is back, the Jets win and we one game from first place in their division. Now, the Jets will lose games and a chance for post season.

One could legitimately argue that Wilson’s poor performance cost thw Jets two games.

Oh no …. If Hopper is on the Zach Wilson bandwagon Zack’s days are numbered in NY!!

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