Wilson declares for NFL

Bummer! You’ll only be young once. He should have stayed and fulfilled his 4 year commitment with his scholarship :sunglasses:

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Yes, I would love to have had another season to root for BYU with an outstanding QB in Zach Wilson, but knowing the risk of injury involved in playing college football and especially knowing players are ‘gunning’’ for you because of who you are, I don’t disagree with his decision. This was made clear when he was attacked by two Coastal Carolina players long after the play was over and he was alone, walking down the field. Even with a referee watching, no foul was called or help was rendered. He will be well cared for in the NFL and the pay and benefits will make the risks worth it. Thoughts?

I think it would be IDIOTIC had Zach decided to return to BYU for another season. I have a great career but Zach will make more in his initial signing bonus alone than I’ve made in over 30 years. I think ANY college player who can make an NFL roster should go for it.

Too many unfortunate things can happen in sports. Take care of your financial security when you are able-you can always finish your education at any time!

Oh, I agree it’s a dangerous sport. But, Lawrence came back when he was a first round pick. Probably better last year as well. Injuries are different these days. Look at Alex Smith and he is back. In our day, a knee injury was hard to come back from. Now, well, see how Wilson came back from two bad shoulder injuries in high school. Should kids opt out of high school because they might not get a scholarship in college? Thoughts?

There have been players at BYU who didn’t go to the NFL because they wanted to keep the Sabbath Day holy and thought the temptations would be too great. Not just in football either.

There’s more to life than money. He became active. What is that worth? I hope he’s like Steve Young and can handle the Pro’s moral challenges. We had a Heisman winner come back for his senior year. One more year after joining the Church did wonders spiritually for Detmer. Could do the same for Wilson.

It’s a personal decision that each player makes. It should be handled without criticism. As for injuries-yes-definitely you can overcome most injuries, but anyone in college that suffers a serious injury his senior year of college will take a serious contract hit

You should read the article again-it doesn’t exactly say he became active-he said it has increased his spirituality. Once again, personally I’m thrilled for him and wish him the greatest success in his NFL endeavors and life

Jets begin camp practices without unsigned QB Wilson | Charlotte Observer

Come on Jets, clean up the contract and sign Wilson already. 35 million, not bad for a Jr out of BYU.