Wilson wins for the jets

At this point, I would give the Jets a middle finger. If I was Wilson, they jerk him around for years soon as the season ended, I would be out of there.

He still has year four left on his contract (the Jets probably won’t pick up the fifth year option), so he’ll have to wait to tell them to pound sand. I don’t think any teams are interested in him.

Actually, after yesterday’s performance, there will be several teams interested. One reason is the game plan and play calling was different than the games before. They were centered around his skill set.

The Jets have already said as much that they will trade him. Probably even if he does well the final games.

Yes, he does, but the rumor mill is the Jets is going to trade Wilson at the end of the year. If they can’t find some team to eat the salary for the final year, they will be on the hook for it. According to ESPN.

Yesterday was a pretty good data point for other teams to see Zach’s potential. Kid can rip it. One of his biggest problems on this team has been the fanatically and ridiculously conservative play calling. Yesterday they threw out that playbook and did what they should have been doing all year.

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With all the merry-go-round quarterbacking in the NFL, they will Always be a place for a good QB With Skills. Good luck Wilson

everyone saw from this week that Wilson does not have a line that can protect the QB. I would sit it out and get a trade away from this SS!

Wilson should get his wish.
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Where will he land?
Denver needs a QB
Vikings need a QB
Ideal would be LA Rams behind Stafford

Vikings have Jared Hall
Denver another cold place to win
Rams would be okay. 49ers would be perfect!