Women's Soccer and Volleyball

Both highly ranked starting the season. Volleyball looked quite good on Saturday against Ohio State after a shaky start. Looks like a good athletic team that could go places.

Soccer appears to have lost too much on the front line in scoring to overcome as they just don’t have much experience in scoring the ball and it shows. 2 goals in 3 games won’t cut it and the pollsters recognized it real quickly as in a one week time they went from being rated in the top ten to out of the top 25, and deservedly so. From what I have seen, this will be a rebuilding year in which we will hang in games because of good defense but won’t win any big games because of the lack of offense. Loosing 2-3 of the best offensive players BYU has had in many years is going to make for a mediocre year - although I hope they prove me wrong…

Agree on both of your perspectives. The VB team is loaded for years to come. They may have a couple of final 4 berths over the next 5 years.