Women's Volleyball Last Night

Watched it recorded late last night.

My observation on the match is that BYU served and passed better than Utah, but that Utah had a clear advantage in blocking, and power behind/location of kills.

Good match overall but a little disappointed in that some of our players don’t pay good attention to positioning - for where they hit the ball and where they are at for potential blocks. Blocking was generally non-exiting for BYU for large portions of the match, and continuously just hitting the ball straight into Utah blockers were weak areas.

Nonetheless, the ladies performed well and held up under the pressure in SLC, which many BYU teams have failed to do for a long time. Hamson is quickly improving and becoming someone to contend with and that’s good to see from a freshman. Haddock is a very good setter but needs to read the D a bit better to avoid setting the ball right into the teeth of the blocks. I love her general play though.

If they can continue to improve, they may end up being the highlight of our fall sports season.