Worthington going on mission

Strange going after his sophomore year? Not sure if that will help him. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall and will transfer when he comes back?

Maybe he is simply heeding the call to serve.


Maybe serving a mission is more important than playing basketball…

Why not have gone this year? I think he saw an opportunity with Mika leaving. Now, he realizes he’s not going to play much and is heeding the call to serve.

Having not grown up in Utah, or the West for that matter, it’s not as “automatic” for some kids. Maybe, two years at the Y has strengthened his testimony, helped him mature, or whatever and it has nothing to do with his future in basketball. That’s what I’m choosing to believe.

As a freshman, he thought he had a shot at being a star at BYU. At that point, I’d agree with you that his testimony and maturity was where it needed to be to go on a mission. Perhaps because of the stars of stardom in his eyes. Reality has released him from those youthful thoughts and now he’s more humble and ready for a mission. Had he developed into a superstar basketball player at the Y, not sure he’d do much different than Jabari Parker did. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have developed a testimony or matured. Danny Ainge didn’t go on a mission either and is Stake President…

Seriously? You don’t really believe that do you?

So you think the reason he is going on a mission now is because he has now come to the realization that he “won’t” be a star and has no future in basketball?

Comparing his situation to Jabari Parker makes the notion even more ludicrous.

Interesting to note that he announced this late in the season when his time dwindled next to nothing. Yes, he thought with Mika gone that he’d be the center big man. He sees others passing him up so time to gracefully step aside and save face with a mission. Sound logic.

“Save face with a mission”? That is not sound logic.

Nope. But save face no less