Wow This board is DEAD

Well at least we can use it on our phones and mobile devices…

Thanks to the people who took over this board… you have affectively killed the only good chat board for Cougar fans because you were so hell bent on making it useable on mobile devices.

As a 30 year IT guy… Remember Rule #1 - The customers are always right and you do what they want, instead of what you think they want.

I try but I would be a lot more motivated if there were others on here doing the same.

You are correct in your analysis Floyd.

This is typically a slow point on the board, even with the old board. No spring football, calm before the March Madness Storm, etc. But I agree, now many topics to look at.

M Volleyball is fun to watch and Rugby. But after that, I am off to fishing at Straberry Res. a lot.

No it wasn’t. Another excuse for not listening to your customers. There’s too much involved with this board set up to easily find and follow conversations. We are busy people. No time to conform to your thinking.

The off season, the off-Topic section heats up… during the season the sports section heat up…

But I have to hand it to the new owners… they have completely killed this board off…I have NEVER seen it this dead before…

But at least we can put it on our IPAD’s or phones… right owners?

Pretty dead alright. Now that I have iphone and can get most up to date news on this board. And again, still dead in fb & bb stuff. No realignment talk in the p5 land.