WSU Coach Fired for refusal to take vaccine

Will the game be played? If so, what will be the outcome of the game on Saturday?
While I’m fully vaccinated from Covid19 and Narcissistic members of this site, I support these coaches for standing up for their constitutional rights. Shame on the government and the private companies for falling for these Marxist and Fascist tactics on adults.

Is this a serious question? Why would it not be played? I hate to admit this but I agree with your comments. It doesn’t happen very often but I agree that people should not be compelled to vaccinate or lose their livelihood. The vaccine has not been proven to prevent a person from getting Covid.

I am vaccinated, but it was my choice to do it, for several reasons. Unfortunately, in the period of time since being vaccinated, my employment also falls under the umbrella of “vaccinate or else”. I believe it was the right thing to do in my situation, but I would not appreciate being told I have to do it. I do support and respect others who make the choice to not vaccinate. We obviously live in perilous times for a variety of reasons and not just the ones that appear so clearly today.

Also, I noticed that Mark Weber who coached at BYU for several years was one of the assistants that was fired.

They tried to use the religious exemption. It has to do with where and how the vaccines were developed. But, in my opinion, and obviously the Prophets as well, it doesn’t hold water. The material apparently came from a part of the membrane of a cell or something from an aborted fetus in 1974. There’s no indication that the embryo was from a right of choice aborted embryo. More likely a miscarriage. Anyways, will they have enough coaches to coach?

I hope WSU doesn’t use this as a win one for the Gipper moment. BYU has a history of losing games like this where a team comes out sky high in the face of adversity and plays the game of their lives. It usually works about one game and then things tend to fall apart.

I remember in 1969 the Wyoming coach kicked all 13 black players off his team prior to the BYU game because they wanted to wear black armbands as a protest against the Church. They beat BYU by about 4 to 5 touchdowns and then lost the rest of their games and what was a great football program at the time wan’t competitive for about 5 to 6 years.

Scott before you make comments like these, you should really do some research before spewing falsehoods.

Look at this SCOTUS Case from 1905 Jacobson vs Massachusetts.
Jacobson v. Massachusetts :: 197 U.S. 11 (1905) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

In their 7-2 decision, the Supreme Courts judges says your personal rights do not supersede the health and welfare of the community. Meaning that “States” can mandate vaccines and even wearing masks if it deemed a public health issue (which Covid is).

The Federal Government is not allowed to mandate these things, but according to this case, the States have the right to mandate being vaccinated and even wearing masks.

I also know having some grand children who can not take the vaccine for health reasons that there should always be an exception made for people who for good reason not be mandated.

You will argue the point, no matter what. But I offer this to other posters so they can be informed as to what is “Constitutional” and what is not.

I will not respond to any responses… I thought people should know what I found in researching the issue and leave it to them to decide what is best for them.

Yea the old line coach… I had a friend who son played for him while at BYU… His son married into “$$$$” and has been happy ever since (Just kidding).

Sorry Jim that you have to go through this as the owner of a company. It must be hard to try to balance what is best for your company and health of your employees. I know you have a good heart and will do what is right, but that does not diminish the hardship you have to go through.

Like I posted earlier, “States” do have a right to mandate vaccinations, But in today’s society, I think some State Government goes to far with “mandates”.

Hopefully this pandemic can be done away with and everyone goes back to a semi normal life.

So, shame on those falling for the federal government mandates that are unconstitutional. As far as states, do they follow the science? There are no scientific tests that prove cloth masks work. Only healthcare masks like N95s. So why the mandates for masks?
And, you brought up the need for other alternatives for those who can’t be vaccinated or refuse. The court doesn’t address vaccines. And specifically Covid19 which is different from the flu and much different than childhood diseases. Should we be treating Covid19 the same as childhood or the flu?

I am very conservative and I don’t like government mandates, however, the 10th amendment gives states broader powers over the affairs of the states as long as the actions aren’t in conflict with the powers granted to the federal government by the constitution. I would largely agree with you on this.
My only issue is whether the state should have made the mandate but that doesn’t really address the legality of it. What is legal may not always be what is right.

It looks like the SCOTUS isn’t supporting the federal government, states and local governments in these firings.

Scott, please show me where I said Federal Mandates where Constitutional in my original comment?

Again, your reading comprehension is not accurate.

What I said was:
The Federal Government is NOT ALLOWED to mandate these things, but according to this case, the States have the right to mandate being vaccinated and even wearing masks.

To be fair, N95 do not “Eliminate” the risk of catching the virus, it “Reduces” the chances of getting it the best of any of the masks

Again, the right wing propaganda… NO ONE in the medical field has ever said “If you wear a you will not catch the virus”.

What Medical personnel has said is "IF everyone wears a mask, it will greatly “REDUCE” the chance of people catching and spreading the virus to other people."

At no point in the past two years, have any verifiable medical person said that wearing mask will protect you from the virus. The vaccine will not prevent you from ever catching Covid, but it will reduce the chances of you getting it. Similar to getting the flu shot today.

Amen to that comment!

Look I am not one that likes any mandate from any level of government. I do not like being mandated by Utah State Law that I “Have to wear” a seatbelt or I will be ticketed as an example.

I have a couple of grandchildren that can not be vaccinated because of health reasons. I worry about them because there are some people in this state that will risk the lives of my grand children because they do not want to wear a mask. I know this is a personal thing for me, but I do not see the harm in masking up to help others not catch the virus.

Now if I lived in NY or California, I may feel different, it seems the crazy bus stopped off in those states when it comes mandates.

Show me any test or study that proves masks reduce catching Covid19. The only thing found is concerning the healthcare masks that reduces infection. Yet, here we are breathing in cloth fibers and lots of carbon monoxide. I thought Democrats were all about the science? Well, there is none.

If you read the case a bit more carefully, nobodies job was at risk, he paid a minor fine and went on with his life…If you let the anti-vaccination crowd pay their hundred or two hundred or whatever the inflation has made the five dollar fine he paid, then the hullaballoo would not exist…
and yes I have the vacination. Though my brother in law who has worked his whole career in public health, including years of research, as a pharmacist thinks I did something foolish…

Medical advice has changed. They are now saying that the vaccines will not prevent a person from getting Covid19 but will reduce the chances of being on a ventilator or dying if a vacinated person does get Covid. I and my wife got our 2 Pfizer shots last April.

Also, things have changed politically since 1905. The democrats have weaponized several things nowadays, including Covid and mandates.

Thanks, very informative. Not surprisingly that this is happening in Washington and also Oregon. Right now Idaho is business as usual, no mask mandates or vaccination mandate. I had Covid before I got vaccinated twice. Not surprisingly, a lot of people don’t consider the danger of exposing other people, only concerned about what they feel comfortable with. At work the other day I had a guy come up to me to chat about inconsequential things. In the process he told me his wife and daughter were Ill with what he suspected was COVID. I wanted to boot him in the rear end and tell him to vacate the premises, but I didn’t. Just goes to show how little people think sometimes


the media of all stripes has done a horrible job telling people that the reason to wear the mask is not to prevent yourself from getting Covid but to prevent you from spreading it if you happen to be an unknown carrier…but even a year and a half in media is regularly getting the medical reason for the mask wrong.

And yes, the N95 masks are meant to keep the wearer from being exposed. But the mask mandates, that I am aware of, have never actually required people to wear the masks that protect the wearer from contracting anything.

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Floyd: “there are some people in this state that will risk the lives of my grand children because they do not want to wear a mask”

Me: Don’t know if you are aware Floyd but the above sentence is a fairly aggressive statement to your readers. You are essentially applying social pressure to deter some people from exercising their God given right to make informed decisions for themselves just to replace it with what is, perhaps, best for you and your family. You are not the only one, we are getting social pressure, CONSTANTLY, from all types of media to be good little doobies and get the vaccinations and wear the masks.

We. in the USA, or even in the world, have never been given DEFINITIVE, concrete and specific information about how Covid19 is ACTUALLY contracted and spread. We have actually been given CONTRADICTORY information for the past 18 or 20 months. Despite my serious concerns, I got the 2 shot vaccine in April to prevent contracting and spreading Covid19. Now I am told that the vaccination is NOT for contracting or spreading the virus but for preventing being on a ventilator or dying of the virus when I contract it.

How many of our citizens will actually disinfect our mask(s) each and every time we venture out in public. How many of us actually know how to disinfect masks or other clothing from the specific Covid19 virus. Do we actually believe that by wearing a mask we do not potentially spread Covid19 by our; clothing, shoes, skin, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. If a person can breathe through their mask, then the virus can spread through the mask. For those of us who repeatedly use masks in public places without disinfecting after every use, do we NOT understand that there is good probability that the Covid19 virus is on the outside of the mask.

I for one, am getting da__ tired of being herded into doing something, for some reason, just to find out later that the reason is crapola. I am also very tired and POd about the politicization of the virus, masks and vaccinations, etc, etc. The radical and progressive left have now found MANY many things to divide the citizens of this nation in the desire to crash our current system of government in favor of an authoritarian form of government. I am becoming less and less tolerant of social pressure. As an example, I will no longer watch KSL newscasts.

The capitalizations are for emphasis only. I apologize for such a long rant but there it is.

I agree with much of your post. However, there is definitive proof that you cannot get sick from the virus any other way but through the air. Never from germs on the table, door handles, masks or any other object. It’s 100% aerosol spread. Not only that, but in high concentrations for long periods of time such as being within 3-6 feet for 8-15 minutes. It’s now well known that the primary place it’s spread is in the home. Only 1% in restaurants. Never outside wandering around or alone in your car.

As to this continued fantasy that masks prevent someone to spread the virus but not stop a person from receiving the virus through the mask is unproven and ridiculous to logic and reason. If we can breathe the virus in through the mask then we can exhale it out through the mask. There are absolutely no studies done that say cloth masks the general public wear prevents the spread or contraction of COVID19 virus or its variants. None, Nada, Zero. No proof. Google it. All that is studied are the healthcare masks such as N95 masks. We are in agreement on this.

As for this continued drum beat of protect the children, they may get the sniffles, but very rarely do. And, thousands more children die from the flu each year than COVID19. It’s like no child under 8 has died from it. And very few under 18 have died. More from the flu. Should we wear the masks for the flu? Common cold? Bronchitis? Pneumonia? Cancer causing stuff floating around in the air? Maybe wearing radiation suits 24-7? The crazy leftists would love this control over us.

I have had this belief since the beginning. I agree with Arkie, getting tired of all the nonsense and bad information being spread by those who are supposed to be telling the truth about it… they just aren’t.

Ultimately this situation is just another indicator and example of how politicians/those in charge are incapable of telling the truth. When you spend most of your life spreading lies and deceiving people you aren’t capable of being honest.