Wyoming just took another spot in the dance

Folks in provo are not as confident as they were earlier in the week. Still feeling strong about our spot, but being one of the last 4 in and now seeing another bubble team in, doesn’t sit well.

Just relax and enjoy the entertainment of wondering whether or not BYU will be in the ncaa tourney… Bro.


Thanks, I see it’s working

Then why did Joe Lunardi move BYU from a 12 to a 10 today?

Still in Portland…come on Joe, please be right!

Well at least we have this on our side

needs to work for you before you start imploring others to make it work for them. You just sounded a little too concerned so I figured telling you to relax and just enjoy might help.

I’m not too concerned about the “nice little team” from Provo and whether they make it in or not myself. The conference did what they needed to do to maximize the potential revenue by showcasing Gonzaga, who will get a #2 seed.

That fact, as history shows us, is all that matters to the wcc.

on sports talk this week, they said every major college team in Utah is older than the Jazz starters. that included utah, usu, BYU and weber state.

That’s awesome

We are in!!! UCONN just locked it up for us!!! What a way to go from where we were at!!! Not bad for our little team.

no… the wcc did it by giving BYU a fairly officiated game in Spokane.