Yawn 🥱 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…crickets…Spring football and good players in the basketball portals. Mark Madsen leaving UVU and no comments. Yawn!:yawning_face:

Where’s mark madden hoing?

Cal Berkeley Bears

So much for Pope leaving and Madsen taking over

Sorry, had more important things to attend to than BYU football spring ball and the ever ending critiquing of Pope.

Spent the week in San Antonio to watch my oldest grandson graduate from Air Force boot camp. So proud of this young man, he has had to deal with a lot of stuff most kids don’t and he has come out the better for it.

The good news is that he is now in his “Tech School”, the bad news is that he will be in tech school in Mississippi during the summer! :open_mouth:

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Congrats - happy for you and your family Floyd.

Actually very excited about Big12 Football.
Way too early predictions.
Win first 2, then
W @ Ark - yes- really
W @ KS
W Cinn (Cinn not ready for prime time)
L @TCU (old times)
W TTech
W @ UTexas (old times)
L @ WVirg (too far away-hillbilly factor)
W Iowa St
W Uof O (parting gift)
9 and 3 6 and 3 big12 #15 final ranking
Notice losses are all after Huge wins.
Hey, someone’s gotta be first to take a big gulp of the Kool-Aid!