You say Barcello, I say dancing

Looks to me that TJ will always be the team leader at the point but Barcello will run the team when TJ rests. When they both start Barcello will move to shooting guard where he will murder teams with his outside shooting. With such great shooters in Toolson, Harding and Knell, BYU should use Gonzaga’s offense where TJ and Barcello drive to kick out.

Toolson will be fine, just a off night. He will need to show up for SDSU.

Pope has to count his lucky stars, Rose left him some pretty good pieces, Pope is a master salesman getting Childs to come back, then we get really good news with the Barcello waiver. I think BYU is a dance team today…had Baxter not been lost for the season, BYU would made it a 2nd or 3rd round.

In the exhibition games, I liked the high-low with Lee and Childs. And with excellent outside shooters, we could beat the big two in the league. The key is shooting above 40% from three point line. That’s where we will be much improved.
Our on ball defense looks much improved staying with players. But, without Childs, we need to shoot above 45% from 3 land to compete against better talent and size.