ZAG REFS are are ridiculous

I am listening to this game and I can’t believe those Zag Refs! GU playing very aggressive to what I heard on the radio and not getting any calls come on! And I am curious, not understanding how NCAA can or cannot do any investigation on those western referees for college basketball, anybody?

Ya, hope Pope was telling the refs he’s glad to get out of the Rec league because of the refs.

BYU played a pretty good game. Gonzaga didn’t look that good. So where was the difference that had Gonzaga winning the game. It wasn’t in the play of either team because honestly I thought BYU outplayed them overall.

Let’s look a little deeper.

BYU 28 fouls
Gonzaga 14 fouls

BYU 12 free throws
Gonzaga 32 free throws.

I think that is about as deep as we need to look. Once again it was 5 vs. 8. Terrible.

After this season over with, BYU should never play them (WCC) on the road ever again, and only Gonzaga visit in the Marriott center.

I didn’t watch the game. But before the game when I saw the officials included Greg Nixon, I knew it was over. That dude hates BYU, always has, always will and never misses a chance to screw with BYU. He is a major league show off and a minor league official. He is an embarrassment to D1 ball and I hope we never see him again.

Timme gets away with murder time and time again. Focus on him while he sets picks. He mauled Hall over and over, as well as others–often right in front of the officials–but the refs turn a blind eye most of the time.

Pope made the point to Nixon rather vehemently early in the second half that they weren’t making calls on both sides of the court–BYU had five fouls called on them before Gonzaga had any, and it wasn’t because BYU was fouling more.

When you made that comment, that really bugs me. Not because what you said yourself, a lot other people would think that way. Of how they view that will happen.

Officials for all sports need to set aside or do away with their feelings Or add a senior official to monitor those officials on the field/floor. Something needs to be fixed! Or shut down all sports because I already lost interest in all sports except my favorite team BYU.

The Nose reffed, I know that. nuff said.

Doesn’t Nixon reff MWC, WCC and P 12 games?
BYU is going to die in the Big 12 but it won’t be becasue of biased reffing calls.

Again, I still don’t understand how the system work about unfair how some officials are being bias? “The Nose” which I believe his name is Greg Nixon to what Tom said? If it is true of what he was doing being biased toward BYU? Why didn’t BYU do something about it? I’m sorry if I am being stupid, but the whole thing about rules and regulation. Again the whole thing is stupid. And after this season is over and we move on to big 12 goodbye WCC never again!

How about in football defenders stop grabbing uniforms 100%. After a few minutes of countless holds they may stop doing it. Also, same goes with the offense.
In basketball, same thing. Any grab of person or clothing is automatically a foul. Many other things are mostly subjective. However, with seasoned officials, they should be pretty uniformed on how calls are made or not made. And, there can be no difference from the first half and the second half. Or, at end of halves and games. But, this doesn’t happen. Pride and prejudice always enters in. Will it be different in the Big12? Only time will tell.

Watched some of the Kansas-OSU game tonight. There was a foul called on about 60% of the possessions just before the half. At least they were equal on both teams

He is a guy who seems to have risen to prominence because he was decent at some point. Now he is so entrenched that he will never go away. He has let the personal bias aspect of his officiating take over from the rational, objective aspect of his officiating and he isn’t capable of separating the two. He had several heated discussions with Pope trying to justify his inablity to see the game objectively and be fair and unbiased. Yes, he does call some fouls against BYU opponents but they are typically the very obvious, blatant fouls or fouls that are inconsequential. He feels better when he whistles BYU for a controversial foul or a dramatic call where he can effectively say, with his non verbal communication, I am in charge and I will show you that you get nothing from me… advantage BYU opponent.

BYU played well enough to win the game and had the officials been completely objective they would have won by 8 or 10 points. They were that much better. Unfortunately the officiating was enough of a difference for Gonzaga to make up for their bad play and escape with a win. This type of game seems to happen at least a couple times every season and the officiating culprits are usually the same few guys that are guilty every season.