10 Takeaways from Cincy Game

  1. Mangum looked pretty shaky early but credit him for getting it together.
  2. Outstanding job by the OL to keep them off a gimpy Mangum.
  3. I was mystified that Cincy didn’t blitz more and try to knock Mangum down on every throw.
  4. I was even more mystified that Cincy’s OC repeatedly ran zone read into the middle of the line, when it has been obvious all year that our corners can’t guard anybody. I’m happy anytime ANYONE runs up the middle on us instead of punishing us by passing on the edges. Still laughing.
  5. I gave Blackmon huge props last week and he thanks me with a brutal 3rd down drop. Come on, man!
  6. Kaufusi and Takitaki tooky tooky the Cincy tackles out behind the woodshed and treated 'em very, very badly.
  7. Algie Brown is a gamer; he runs soooo hard. But PLEASE DO NOT EVER THROW HIM THE BALL. Geesh…
  8. Kurtz looked like the kid who turned down LSU and Oregon to come to BYU. His first TD catch? Ridiculous.
  9. Does anyone know if Riley Burt is going on a mission after this year? If so, great. If not, great. What an athlete.
  10. Speaking of ridiculous, that cut by Frances Bernard? OH MY OH MY 240 pound guys CANNOT move like that. I still don’t even believe he really did that. When Cincy watches film in practice #23 and #4 will want to just turn in their gear, go home and never come back. Bernard is a freak and if he stays healthy will be a star.
  11. Bonus random takeaway: How would you like to be Mark Atuaia and try to figure out how to get carries next year for Jamal Williams, Squally Canada, Algie Brown, Frances Bernard, and Riley Burt?

Burt showed some Jamaal type quickness. He limped off the field in the 3rd and never came back in. Anyone knows what happened to him? I thought I heard hamstring.

Brown does drop passes but he also caught some for good plays.

So what was the difference between the 4th quarter and the first 3?


  1. Coaching–Bronco was able to get massive pressure bringing only 3-4 guys, and Cincy failed to adjust. They should have ditched their 5 step drops and long routes. To continue to get pressure we would have had to bring more guys, which would have opened up the short zones for their receivers. Cincy just had too many 2nd and 3rd and longs to hang in the game.
  2. Cincy D is bad, and it just took awhile for it to completely fall apart. Their DL got zero pressure on a gimpy QB playing behind a makeshift OL, and their DBs seemed to gamble on passes and totally overpursue on runs. To be fair to their secondary, it’s tough to cover good receivers when there is no pass rush.
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Kaufusi had a great game, even on the three man rush he was putting on pressure. Allowing linebackers to drop in coverage helps the secondary immensely as they aren’t great at one on one coverage. I was surprised that Kemp from ECU didn’t get much if any playing time last Saturday. I thought he was a great, accurate thrower and exposed the BYU secondary.

Oh my, Kemp made us look terrible, didn’t he? And I agree with you about Kaufusi. I think he is showing that he may be an NFL player, and my guess is that he gets his chance.

How about Mitch with some “elite” drops and misses? He has trouble with the over the shoulder catch also. He does some great things but other time he hurts us badly. To be really good you can’t be “elite” sometimes.

I don’t think he is elite. I think he is a very good college football player who does a lot to leverage a humongo frame for a WR. He and Kurtz are both really good at catching the ball at its high point–something tall receivers get drilled into them daily.

Where is this “elite” talk coming from? I agree he is good, but his best catches are when he is turned and squared to the QB. He isn’t as good catching something in front of him (As in during a run of a route) or over his shoulder on the run. He does go up and get the ball, which is a good thing.

Hey, Hawkman, don’t blame me–Gtwo started the “elite stuff” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:; but I think there may have been a little sarcasm as evidenced by the little squiggly things around the word. I don’t think any of us believes Matthews is an elite D1 receiver, but nor do I think we’d find a single person on this board who doesn’t think he is a very good one. I do indeed love the way he and Kurtz and Houk will go up and fight for the high ball. Good coaching by Holliday there, because you know they have done hundreds of practice reps on that.

BYU Sports Nation discussed Mitch Mathews as being “elite.” One host said he absolutely was and the other was not ready to anoint him as “elite” yet. This “elite” topic about Mathews used to come up on the show all the time and I, like Jimmer Hawk, thought he was better described as “good.” He has trouble with the overhead catches, especially on the run, and the sideline is his constant enemy. However, if he is facing the QB he does pretty good. So, like Bro Larimer said, the “elite” discussion was said with much sarcasm because of the BYU Sports Nation discussions

We will have to keep this topic going because I’m not sure I will be able to manage 10 takeaways from the Wagner game…but hey, last night my kids played the only other remaining unbeaten team in our district and we sneaked by them 60-22. I have a couple kids I fully expect to be on BYUs radar soon…ok, back to the topic…

I’ll keep it going. I want to know if you have the same issues in your pee wee sports leagues that nearly every place seems to have. That certain coaches/dads like to stack their teams with the best players and then dominate all of the other teams? Sneaking by an undefeated team by 40 points seems to indicate that this might be the case. I may give you a pass, after you defend yourself, because football is usually a geographic thing where teams play neighboring communities and it is done by age/weight.

So what say ye brother tom?

What about other sports like basketball or baseball? Do you stack your teams in order to dominate?

  1. I’m not a dad on this team, unless you count m 25 year old son who is my O.C.
  2. Loading youth teams is a reality everywhere.
  3. You have to give me a pass–We couldn’t stack our teams even if we wanted to! Our school district (Salem/Keizer Oregon) offers 8th grade football played at and by the middle schools–and the coaches are school district employees and paid a coaching stipend. Most of the HC are FT district employees (I am not) . So every kid on my team is on it because he attends our school, and likewise all the other schools. I LOVE the league, because the kids get a jump start on HS football culture–locker room, bus rides to/fro games, school spirit, consequences for academic or behavioral misdeeds. I even run the exact same stuff as our HS, and confer closely with the staff there.
    So, am I innocent of the charge you suggest?

You get a pass for not having a kid on the team. :smile:

I don’t think you are completely innocent though as you admitted to stacking the youth teams… so maybe a lesser charge is in order.

I have a tough time with the way some adults run or help coach youth sports programs. Not saying you do it but you know what I speak of…

I’ll let you off the hook if you make a sincere effort to give every kid an opportunity and cut through the politics. How’s that? :smile:

Ok, Hawks, you are busted. My post said “Loading youth teams is a reality everywhere.” You twisted my words by saying I admitted to stacking the youth teams…I didn’t admit to doing anything…I was a HC in football for many years with the Boys and Girls Club. Every team was limited to kids who attended the same school, so we played with the kids who lived in the neighborhood. I quit coaching when my son was playing HS ball. After several years away from coaching, they asked me to take over the middle school program, which was in shambles, where again I get whatever kids are enrolled in the school, and none other. I believe 90% of schools have substantially equal athletes enrolled, and the teams that win do it by having a good system and figuring out how to get the kids to work hard without turning on the coaches. Since I have been away from coaching, “club travel teams” have decimated our once proud sanctioned little league, as well as forcing the Boys and Girls Club out of youth football (after 50 years or something doing a fine job). The result is that there are fewer teams, fewer kids participating, and almost no teams that feed our Title I schools. I am back in the game in part to fight back against that system. I am a holy warrior for kids playing with their friends, for their schools, with no “year round” sports, and in leagues with cheap participation fees. See, now you got my hackles up!!! :grin: Don’t even get me started about kids playing “year round travel”. For every Bryce Harper or Matthew Stafford who does and gets paid, that there are thousands of kids to whom God gave bodies that will limit out at high school ball, at best, and they just spend their youth spending all weekend driving all over tarnation to tournaments and getting yelled at by overbearing coaches. See Sports Illustrated article from 9/29/15 called “Abuse of Power,” about how the cultural tide is turning against loud, mean, abusive, overbearing adults who ruin sports for kids. Ok, now I’m done.

I love the passion!

I totally agree with you and if you feel the need to “bust” me, by all means do it.

This disease is everywhere, it’s like the plague!

The problem is that I see no turning back from it. It is a result of the societal obsession with sports and the gross amount of money that is thrown at professional athletes. I know SG will disagree with me but the focus and obsession with money ruins everything eventually.

Keep doing what you are doing. I know you are a good man and doing what you can.

mathews is not elite talent and will never see a down in the NFL. Michigan exposed our receivers for who they are. Houk and Jergens have more NFL look to them then anyone we have.