And the battle for QB begins

Who will be the starting QB at the first of the season and who will be the starting QB at the end of the season?

Hall and Oats…

South Africa suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines after study finds limited impact on variant | Fox News] (South Africa suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines after study finds limited impact on variant | Fox News)

South Africa has temporarily suspended use of a coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University after preliminary findings showed the jab had little impact on curbing mild-to-moderate illness due to a variant strain.

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Probably not. The other vaccines are successful against the sever variance. And the AZ is too. Just not the moderate and less sever flu-like symptoms. Those aren’t the ones we are receiving here in the U.S.

I’ll take this back to football: I think BYU WANTS Hall to be the starting QB, but his health is a real question mark. I think he starts the season at QB and Conover is the starter by the end of the year. Like when BYU WANTED Sean Covey to be the starter but a freshman named Ty took over late in the season and that was all she wrote!

I think you are correct. I think Conover is the great QB hope. I don’t think Hall or Romney have what it takes to play outstanding football over the course of an entire season (not meant as a knock against them, it’s just that some very talented QBs do not pan out in the college or pro ranks). What are the personal obstacles that stand in the way of Conover being the starting QB for the next 31/2 to 4 seasons? Not asking about gossip, just the personal variables that make or stop a QB from being a championship-caliber QB? Serious question from a simple fan who has no expertise in this regard.

Arkie: I have never met Conover but my contacts in the program say that he is an absolutely GREAT kid and a GREAT leader. 10 out of 10. No known personal obstacles that would limit his ability to be THE MAN for 3 or even 4 years. He came out of HS as a VERY ADVANCED prospect, and is also very athletic (he doesn’t run much, but he is mobile and very strong). So he had a head start and then an incredibly productive year on the scout team. I’m told he was very, very impressive throwing the ball, even though he was throwing to scout receivers against BYU’s first D. My understanding is that both Baylor Romney and Jalen Hall are also 10s out of 10 when it comes to character. And we should not discount Sol-Jay, who is also a freshman and is a freaky good athlete but just not nearly as polished as Conover. With Conover and Sol-Jay around, it’s no wonder BYU didn’t sign another QB this year.

I read the article Floyd. I liked the article. I like Jared HALL.
I like all the QB Candidates. Jared definitely needs to compete at his best in order to get the job. I hope that he proves to be as good as I think he will.

Don’t forget Jim MacMann.

Conover came to us as a 4 star player. He is fresh off his mission.
He is great. I like him.

I think that Hall deserves a shot. The concussion problem is his decision. Perhaps he would rather have a concusion than a broken heart for being denied the opportunity to try.

I also like the other QB candidates. Romney

All should be given an equal chance. Nobody should be held back for reasons that we believe valid. The decision lies with the efforts and talents of each contestant. Let Spring Practice begin in March.

Arkiecoug, you know there are several of us that don’t ever engage the hopper. It helps with the blood pressure.

Romney is the front runner with the most experience. Connover and Sol-Jay are both great athletes. we will see if Hall can stay healthy.

My son was a fairly well recruited WR out of HS. He had a lifelong love of the game and suffered a bad broken leg his senior year. He couldn’t imagine not playing college football, and the broken heart was worse than the broken leg. He got signed anyway, and the next year he had a medical RS and played in the spring-he had a very successful spring game but knew the leg never healed just right and the journey was over; he needed the closure of playing one more time. Having seen this emotional part of a football injury up close I can see how a kid like Jalen Hall wants to prove to HIMSELF more than anyone else that he can do it, and good for him–I’m rooting for the kid to either achieve greatness, or like my son, to get closure.

Fish: “Arkiecoug, you know there are several of us that don’t ever engage the hopper. It helps with the blood pressure.”

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And on this board it is talking about who will be the starter quarterback well I think Zach Wilson will come back and he will be the starter but what do I know and good luck to him -NFL.
I think Baylor Romney will be the guy or it could be Jaron Hall which I like him too but Connover might be the starter because he is a four-star and I heard good things about him.

Again stick with the sports stuff not Nonsense other stuff

We will get a better glimpse in a couple of weeks. If you can throw the ball really well-I like the better athlete, which would be everyone except Romney. However my guess is that Romney has the job to win or lose.

Fish is a 4 letter word from the 1960’s. (Arki Coug) may have been over 30 in those days, and you know what that means.

grew up mostly in the south, have not clue about your cryptic message - plus I am old now and my brain is mushy. (GRUSBM)