Arizona, 9-4-21

Is Hall rattled? I can’t see anything in real time, but he’s 2-7 for 11 yards and they are running on every down. It seems “on paper” like they are trying to not not have him throw or get rattled.

love the prevent defense that still looks bad!

what happened to Ellis? missed the first quarter.

He got going in the 2nd quarter. Too many injuries in first game. Need more pressure on the QB.

Why do we think that’s a good idea?

The only play I’ve seen ( replay) was the 67 yard touchdown pass. It was low (he had to reach for it), and it was a wounded duck. Good thing he had the coverage beat. I hope Hall is a better passer than that, and it was just a rare wobbler.

ANY. pressure would be nice…

1st game jitters…

I didn’t see it that way. Looked like a great pass in stride.

I don’t see jitters, more broken coverage.

lots and lots of broken defenses plays.

All of a sudden Terrible defense.
Questionable calls on the offensive side too

they need to FIRE THEBYU DC, NOW!

too many players running around not finding where they are suppose to be.

I feel the same way Floyd but Kalani Sitake won’t do it.

yea, but BYU got one on a TD call

Bronco Mendenhall would have fired him five years ago if he was still the head coach

what’s with the offensive line? even Empey is screwing up.

my prediction for next week is that Utah will extend the winning streak.

because this BYU team is not that good on either side of the ball.

We need to clean up a lot or Utah will thump us

I can’t think about next week game.
In order to beat Utah next week, BYU will have to play to want to win big.

Sloppy game, especially on offense. Is Hall really number 1?

What happened to the tight ends.