At Oregon, thoughts

I’m not going to argue with Hall. Sometimes the offense has to win the game is what he’s saying. Bad calls and play on offense let the game get away from BYU is what he was saying.

Answer this question Scott:
How is Hall supposed to do better when the defense stays on the field so long because they cannot stop 3rd conversions?

Yes and I agree with you. Sitake was highly involved in the Baylor game plan. He purposely didn’t want to show Baylor anything in the USF game. He knew Baylor was the big test. I don’t think he has enough time to be in charge of the defense on a weekly basis. But he better figure out who he can hire to do the job for him because he either needs to give Ed Lamb more head coaching responsibilities and go coach the D or get Bronco to come on board. We will get beat by ND and Ark and probably another team if Tui is allowed to call the game his own way. This is the first game in 10 years that we have had legit athletes to compete with the top 10 teams in the country and our biggest worry is what our dumb DC will do next that will kill our chances of winning. I am just beside myself rewatching the game to see how much cushion we give to the Oregon wide outs even when we have 2 deep help over the top in a zone. I have never seen anything like this level cluelessness in D-1 top 50 ranks. It is simply foolishness to think or believe that Tui has invented a new defense that no one else runs …. Particularly when it doesn’t work and Sitake keeps letting him do it.

By staying on the field ourselves. That’s Hall saying it as well.

I agree with how we line up with receivers. However, I also saw that first deep hall where their receiver got past our DB and it was a perfect throw at the 2 yard line. The effort our DB made was poor. Got turned around and reacted slowly to catch up. I saw a lot of that. Giving too much space seems to cause poor reactions and easily faked out. Am I off on this?

The other question though is Hall’s response that the offense hasn’t done their job keeping their defense off the field. There was some really bad play calling on offense as well. Is Brooks just not hitting the holes and not as powerful as he was supposed to be? Give McChenesey a chance. He has more power and hits holes better than I’ve seen Brooks do. Hall looks good.

You know I always agree with you, but not in this case. Oregon has talent on par with other blue bloods and speed to burn.

Hahahaha, arguing with a N_____t? How’s that going for ya? Anyhow. Baylor plays a grind you down style, Oregon plays a spread and fly all over the place. both extremes of college football.

Oregon had more weapons and were home. I love our team but out of 28 teams that have gone to Oregon, 24 have lost. and we were without 3 game changers if you count Batty.

hahahahahaha… I guys got to have a hobbie, not everyone can be a fly fishing guide! :rofl: