Attention Jim Hawks, just for you

I read this article yesterday, and it pretty much is in line with what you have been posting:

So, in other words, we should leave a league where we aren’t good enough to win a championship and go to a league that has worst teams so we can win a championship. That is the reason for the loss of attendance?
By the way, Brandon Davies was a Provo high school in state recruit.

The issue is that kids these days do not want to play in small venues. play in the conference where the chance of going to the NCAA tournament is less likely. I think Rose was not able to recruit better players for these reasons, although there were a few like Davies, I think it may have played a factor in why some of our other players transferred.

Yes, Davies was a Provo High product, but he was recruited before BYU went to the WCC…

This guy lays out the fact that a majority of BYU most recent players come from Salt Lake and Utah county areas. That in itself raises concerns.

Here is Dave Rose speaking about his retirement.(hopefully this will allow you to hear it, if not go to 1280 the zone website and you get it there).

Gavin Baxter is another one from Timpview H.S. He was recuited just about every Pac12 and he wanted to play for BYU because of his parents which they too played there (Dad basketball/Mom Track). Did Gavin thought about small gym in wcc or he didn’t worry about it? We don’t know what was his thought about wcc.

I read that article this morning and few of those for some time. We need to get out of this wcc. If Gonzaga had won that last game against smc, you think the Zags would be the only one to enter the ncaa tournament? WCC would have been a one team in the ncaa from now on. But where should we go… mwc or AAC?

Thanks Floyd. I should have been a sportswriter because I truly believe that I understand and can see what is going on. People don’t always like what I have to say but that’s okay. Grasshopper is just jealous so take what he says with a grain of salt.

Sometimes I think sportswriters come here to get information for articles.

Of course there are others who provide that information besides me… and I’m not talking about the Hopper.

I have been listening to a local sports talk guy, who also does TV. I trust most of what he says when comes to sports, he loves numbers and generally pretty close to what is going on.

He mentioned today on his show that he had a chance to talk with Coach Rose about his “Retirement”. Was he forced out or did he really retire on his own. According to this guy, Coach Rose wife was one of the main forces behind him retiring. Apparently, Coach Rose health issues were a bigger factor in how Coach Rose coached his players than I originally thought. It drained his energy, focus and love for the game.

Having watched my dad go through his battle with cancer (different kind) and ultimately losing that battle, I will support coach rose decision to retire and focus on what really matters “family”!. Not because it is better for the BYU basketball program, but because it is best for Coach Rose and his family. There are days, I wish I had more time with my dad… now that I lost my mom last fall, it has been a eye opener for me to realize how fragile life really is.

Well, it’s been a long enough time to say coach Rose is free from Pancreatic Cancer. Doesn’t mean he can’t have cancer somewhere else. My father had three separate bouts with cancer. But, they were all within the 5 year period of saying he was cancer free. Rose is well outside that number. I would be more concerned about Rose getting a heart attack or stroke.
Spouses are supportive but worry about each other’s health. That’s normal regardless of the employment. The love of coaching balances off the physical and mental aspects concerning health. With his “Soul Coaching” gone, there would be more stress on the mind and body. But, that didn’t happen until this year. He was clear on that at his press conference and interview on Sports Nation the day after. He’s specifically said that this time after the last game he didn’t have the immediate fire to get ready for next season. His wife saw that too.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to read your conspiracy nonsense in the papers all these years. And so would all the 10’s of people that would have read your conspiracy editorials. :grin:

You have no clue in Hell what you are talking about… Cancer Free because he passed 5 yrs? You know that is more of myth than reality right?

Did you even listen to Coach Rose interview… He is not Pancreatic Cancer “Free”, he has to go in every 6 months to do a check up, if he was cancer free, then he would not be doing the checkups!

Good grief Scott, can you be any more insensitive to Coach Rose?

That’s a normal process to take your blood test. But, they aren’t looking just for pancreatic cancer. As in my father’s case, he started with prostrate cancer. A few years later colon and then three years later stomach cancer which was quick moving and took his life. The 5 year mark is important and you know that.

Just admit it, you are clueless on this subject…

They don’t have patients take blood test every 6 months for over 6 yrs as a normal process. They check if you are not in remission. I have a daughter that is a clinical researcher in Cancer. I talked to her about your knowledgeable claim and she simply laughed… Meaning, you don’t know what you are talking about.

Five years is a marker, not a factual bases to say you are cancer free. It affects different people, different ways.

My father took a blood test for his PSI every 6 months. And he was in remission. I’ll listen to actual doctors, thank you.

If Rose still has Pancreatic Cancer he would be on chemo and/or radiation. He’s not on either one so he doesn’t currently have any cancer in his body. That means he’s cancer free. He gets tested every 6 months as did my father 40 years ago to see if he has any signs of cancer anywhere in his body. When his test came back positive it wasn’t in his colon or prostrate. It was in his stomach. I know exactly what I’m talking about but you still think Rose has cancer. He currently doesn’t and they will test him every 6 months until he dies. Doesn’t mean he has cancer.

you do realize that they have come a long way in cancer treatment from 40 yrs ago, right?
My daughter works for Huntsman Cancer Institute, she is a clinical researcher on cancer. I trust my daughter more than your supposed doctor told you 40 yrs ago.

“Pancreatic Cancer he would be on chemo and/or radiation. He’s not on either one so he doesn’t currently have any cancer in his body.”
There are so many more ways to treat Pancreatic Cancer than chemo or radiation… google it and be enlighten… :open_mouth:

Lastly, Dave Rose himself on the radio said that the primary reason for stepping down was his health and his Pancreatic Cancer… “I trust Dave Rose comments over what your viewpoint is EVERY TIME!”

No he did not. He was concerned about how he was stressed and that can lead to health issues including cancer. But, as you said, he has no cancer in his body at this time. So stop contradicting yourself. Rose said his passion now is to work on fighting cancer. Not his but be involved in raising money for the fight against cancer.

As far as what your sister does, she working on finding a cure. Although I question if research companies are really doing all they can. What she doesn’t do is prescribe blood tests for patients. A good friend of ours had breast cancer several years ago. She had those same blood tests my father had every 6 months. She still gets them done to see if her psi is up. But, she’s been cancer free for almost 10 years now.

Let me be a little more clear. My father first had prostate cancer. Cured. 3 years later, he had a completely unrelated cancer, colon cancer. Was cured. 3 yeas later he came down with a totally unrelated cancer to prostate and colon. Stomach cancer. Three separate bouts of cancer unrelated. His body just had a defect in his immune system. But, our friend doesn’t and she hasn’t had cancer come back in her breasts or anywhere else. Rose hasn’t had any other cancers either and pancreatic cancer didn’t come back. But he wants to work less and keep up his immune system.

First, did you listen to Dave Rose when he was talking on 1280 the Zone in which I gave you a link?
He himself said his cancer issue is one of the main reasons he stepped down.
Second, I never said Dave Rose was cancer free, that was “YOU”… I said since his cancer issue, he seemed to have lost the zeal of coaching…

Stop lying and twisting the statements to make yourself look better Scott!

What does my sister have to do with anything… I said MY DAUGHTER, Duh!
Believe, they are doing what they can to cure cancer, listening to her talk about all the break through they are getting, is amazing.

You really do not know about Rose, he is not the type who goes blabs his medical issues with the public… So STOP GUESSING!

Here is what you wrote, “He’s not on either one so he doesn’t currently have any cancer in his body.” That contradicts what you wrote, “I never said Dave Rose was cancer free…” So, which is it? Does he have cancer or not? Make up your mind.

The medical community told the world 55 years ago they would have a cure for cancer in 10-20 years. So, where is it? Did you know that if all the cancer fighting medicines we have 95% of it available in the U.S., a capitalist country? In Greece, a socialist totalitarian country, they only have 8% available?

So, where is the cure? Why hasn’t your daughter’s company divulged the cure?

Um… Scott… go look who actually posted “He’s not on either one so he doesn’t currently have any cancer in his body.”

That WAS YOU Responding to my post…

Please show me one place I said Dave Rose was “cancer free”… You can’t because I never said it!

Again, lying to justify your comments…


errr… grasshoppers I meant.

What does “he doesn’t currently have any cancer in his body” mean, Floyd? It means he has no cancer or cancer free. Right?
Then you wrote “I never said Dave Rose was cancer free.” Is he or isn’t he? I say he is cancer free because he has no cancer in his body. Hello???