Be careful not to let time slip by without staying in touch

I am not one to talk about personal or emotional things on the internet, but today I am in a bit a blue mood.

I have been around going on 63 years and have been blessed in my life to have anchors placed in my path that I could hold on to get through all the trials life has given me.

Yesterday, I was informed that one of my major anchors in my life is in the hospital to have open heart surgery today. Prognosis is not in his favor and he has had to deal with a lot of issues.

This man Garry Foote and his wife Georgia took an angry, hurt and broken teenager, who family environment was to say the least “hard”. Instead of doing what a lot of other people did and dismiss or ignore me, Garry and Georgia brought me into their circle and made sure that I knew they cared about me.

Garry is one of the primary reasons I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His love, kindness and above all “guidance” helped me see that there was more to life than what I knew at the time. Garry did not give me any slack, he expected me to behave in a Christ like way and would call me on my attitude at times when needed, but always done in love.

When the time came, he helped me decide to serve a mission, which brought me to another great couple President and Sister Patterson, who also had a great influence on my life. He helped my Dad who was not a member of our faith to understand the importance of why I was serving on a mission.

Garry and Georgia were there when I went through the temple to be sealed my wife. I use to call them my “LDS parents”, because they gave me all the advice and counsel a normal parent gives their own children.

There are very few people I feel blessed and honored to have as friends, I had three very special high school friends along with Garry and Georgia Foote, who helped me get on the right path and stay there. I owe them my life because I shudder at the thought of what I might have been without their influence in my life.

When I read in the scriptures about becoming and loving like Christ did, I think of Garry and Georgia Foote. Those two people not only believed in the gospel of Christ, but they lived it every day. They were and still are a great example to me of how to be as a true follower of Christ.

My heart and prayers go out to Gary and Georgia and all their family members during this very difficult time in their lives.

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My prayers are also with you and Garry. He was like a father to you. You have had him for a long time in your life. My rock, my father, passed away when I was 29. My mother stepped in and was there for me and my family. She became a rock for me too. She passes away 7 years ago.

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It is a difficult time and I’m sorry, but to see beyond the veil must be a time of great peace and reward, so when my time comes, hopefully it will be a fulfilled of all my greatest dreams rolled into one. For those of us left behind it becomes an endurance test as I have lost both my parents and a Son and I truly miss them and look forward to seeing them again

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That is quite a tribute.

Nice Floyd

Thanks for the post and prayers for you and your loved ones. :pray:


I feel your pain. I love ya. I do have empathy for you at this time, as I have had a very similar experience in my live. In my case, it was Bishop Paul E. Richardson that took me into his home, and after joining the Church, I was permitted to marry his daughter.

Ron Uharriet.

You were “permitted” to marry the bishop’s daughter? Was this a gun shot wedding? :sunglasses:



"You were “permitted” to marry the bishop’s daughter? Was this a gun shot wedding? "


I strongly object to your extremely objectionable slanderous remark. If it was meant to be just kidding or just having fun, you totally missed the boat.

It this type of posting on this site is permitted or even acceptable,
I no linger want to be a part of such disgusting behavior.

Back in March, you made a reply to someone, “WOW! One week without Church and the swearing begins. Are you unable to converse? Floyd is.” Some one made the remark, “Dang”
you found that offensive.

Re-Read what you posted about me and my late wife, Shame on you. It this kind of rhetoric is what this site has come to, I will withdraw my membership in it.

No reply will tell me that this rhetoric is acceptable on this site.

Absolutely no sense of humor. It was a perfect response. And, you posting the comment was an invite for a humorous response. Get a life!

Scott stop being a jerk and a??? you are embarrassing yourself and to be honest, a total 100% butthead.

But you dont care because you have no moral base to make a judgment correctly.

There was nothing in your post that was remotely funny, especially after you found out that his wife has past

Ron, I apologize that there are stupid moronic people like Scott in this world that thinks it is okay to post insensitive things.

Please dont let him stop you from posting because you do have good insight. I dont always agree, but I respect your opinion.

Scott did write an insensitive thing and if he said that to me, I would likely have slugged him, not for my sake but for my wife’s sake. However, you then hypocritically call him an ahole, butthead, jerk and without a moral base. Ahh, hold on, lest I forget, you have the moral high road on this here “board.”

If you read my post again, I’m praising his wife and sticking a finger in his eye. And, Floyd simply feels he has to react with moral superiority because he’s a Democrat. Good or evil, I’m a Trump supporter and he has to attack that. It’s funny to me.
Ron simply misread it too.

I figured if Scott thinks it is okay to be insensitive, then I can be as well.

Plus I was having a really bad day! No excuse, just happens sometimes.

Not sure what that means, but if you say so…

If you have noticed, not too many people respond to Scott’s posts because of the way he posts things and then denies it when called out for it.

Ron is a 80 something old person, who has been through a lot in life. He thinks differently than most of us because he lived in a different time than us. He reminds me of my mom before she passed at 92. Same type of mentality.

To have Scott post something so bad, then when Ron says something about it, he claims Ron has no sense of humor? Seriously? That pissed me off, “No moral high ground” as you call it, just looking out for a friend.

I also had a friend attacked on Facebook because he is over weight yesterday. That bothers me, I do not care if people have a difference of opinion, as long as you do not cross the line to make it personal. You “Arkie” I am one of those really rare birds that will stand up for my friends because I really do not care if other people like me or not. I have a personal philosophy that basically is “I only need to make two people happy, God and myself, everyone else just has an opinion”

That may sound bad, but my therapist really likes it :open_mouth:

Well hell yeah Floyd. If he is insensitive, then you be insensitive. An eye for an eye, nail for nail. Don’t think that is how the BoM preaches but what the hey. Seems that is certainly how the world works. I thought be are supposed to be in the world but not OF the world. Both of you keep on getting revenge on each other. Do that till the Savior comes. So be it. But I do love it when the hypocrite tries to weasel his way out of it. Kind of funny.

I think when we are offended by something someone else says it is more indicative of our own state in life than the person who offended. There is no reason to make someone else’s perceived problem our own. It seemed obvious that grasshopper was making a comment tongue in cheek and there was no disrespect for you or your late wife, rest in peace. Don’t sweat it Ron, grasshopper has made far worse comments to a variety of people on this site, including me.

Like water off the proverbial ducks’ back.

I have found that people who are “funny” that tends to be on the abusive side, does not seem to understand “peaceful means”, so I throw it back in their face to see how they like it.

Second, I never profess to be anything but who I am… by my nature, I stand up for the “little guy” because I know what it is like to abused or attacked and not have the power to stop it. I won’t apologize for being who I believe God made me into because of the experiences in my life.

I love it when people tell me “that is a fine way to represent your religion”, well heck O’ mighty, I never said I was perfect and sinless.

Too many people are cowards when it comes to standing up for something that is offensive. They hide behind the PC group think and they don’t want to “rock the boat” or offend others.

I don’t care. If someone attacks my friend, then I will go full bore back at him with like manner.

Even the Savior had his moments, like clearing the Temple of money changers and the interactions with Pharisees and Sadducee, calling out as being hypocrites and liars.

I agree, people tend to over react sometimes, but when someone who expresses that they were hurt by the comment and the person responds “No sense of humor”, I don’t think that is right, nor on the person who was offended… that is solely on the person the instigated the issue (The offender).

My mom was hard shell baptist, does that explain it? :open_mouth:

Just so I am clear as to why Scott post was offensive, do you know what the meaning of “Shot gun wedding” implies?

That Ron got the bishop’s daughter pregnant before marriage and the father made him marry his daughter by the end point of a shot gun. It was very prevalent in the south during the 1800’s and early 1900’s… And yes, that is extremely offensive.