Before writing Trump off

Trump raised $350 million dollars for 330 candidates he endorsed.

He needs to have someone teach him on how to be a politician without being a politician.

Actually, he needs to be less combative and name calling jerk. Just promote what he did in 4 years making America great again.

Yeah, pretty much what I said.

Yes, but no. The time for him to change and not be what he is (“needs someone to teach him how to be a politician” and “needs to be less combative”) is past. He’s done. First he won’t do it. Second he’s poisoned the waters WAY too much, too deep and for too long. His ego could well kill the Republican Party or at least damage it for at least an 8 year cycle. He is now a horrible messager for conservative values. He has lost credibility except among the far-right Trumpists.
Just…go… away. The rest of us (intelligent republican leadership really, not including Ms Chaney btw) will figure out how to pick up the pieces among the rubble and get conservative values to be viewed as acceptable alternatives to a better America.

A garbage article. Most of it touting success in the PRIMARIES against other republicans. Success in the Midterms is the measure. Failure is the result. Against one of the weakest Presidents in modern history. Without Trump endorsements, I think we would have had a much better result in the Senate and a blow out in the House. How could it have been worse? This was another rebuke of Trump. He cannot win in 2024. DUMP TRUMP! DOWN WITH THE CLOWN!

My wife made an observation the other day about Trump, while he did some good policies, her feelings was that it was never about doing it for the people but doing it for his ego and makes him look good.

It took me a bit to think about it, but I think she may be on the right track. Trump doesn’t care about “Conversative” values unless it does something for his status.

Just an interesting thought.

He’s a billionaire. He didn’t need to run in the first place. Make America Great Again wasn’t going to go over well for the majority lying democrats. So, while all leaders have a strong ego, he was making America great again. That goes against communists and fascists.

People don’t care what he was doing for the majority of the citizens in this country, they only care about his arrogance and name calling. I don’t get it…

He made life better for the poor and less fortunate, something the dems have been failing at for decades. How has the increasing price of energy, and all those things associated with it, helped the poor?

Dems are out of touch with reality, they only look at how holding office can elevate and help themselves and then they screw the people they are supposed to be serving. We only need to look at the POTUS for the obvious evidence.

Trump is a narcist, he also bends the rules to get what he wants in business as well as President. But what turned most people off about Trump was when he started combating good people with the GOP. The fact that he has openly bragged about grabbing and physically mistreating women does not help.

I liked Trump policies for the most part, but I got really tired of the combative spirit he brought to everything. To be blunt Trump is a drama queen that people got tired of.

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Who cares if he’s a narcissist? Every President has been one. Biden is. Obama was and still is. Jim’s right, why do you care if he tests the rules? Biden and Obama did too even more.

Obama, Biden and other Presidents are not naracists. Better go look up what it means.

As you always like to say “I am standing up to evil”.

Trump is a morally corrupt person that has done a lot of damage to people he has had business dealing with.

So was Obama, Biden… Stop judging people you know nothing about. Yes, they are narcissists. They all think they are right about what they do. Which is the greatest commandment?

Obama and Biden are morally corrupt men and politicians who have done a LOT of damage to people. Whoever disputes that is suspect in their appraisal of people. Of course, Trump is morally corrupt in many ways. But one thing is for sure, Trump cares for the USA as a representative republic while Obama and Biden would be very happy to see the USA become socialist and then communist. I will take Trump’s kind of morally corrupt over Obama, and Biden any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

I’m 100% with you. Obama-Biden-Clinton are vastly more immoral than Trump. Trump doesn’t hide his mistakes of the past. The 3 devils deceive all who are blind to the inspired Constitution and capitalism. Satan’s deceptions are imbedded in Biden and many Democrat politicians. The immorality of pushing Gender confusion onto our children is by far more immoral than what Trump did.

How do you know this? Because of what he says?

Have you ever had a business dealing with Trump? That in itself is the definition of morally corrupt characterized by improper conduct (such as bribery or the selling of favors).

My wife brought up a very good point one day, “Trump does what makes Trump look good. He doesn’t really care about the people, just how it makes him look”.

I do not agree with a lot of what Obama views are, but I do not believe he is morally corrupt person as per the definition I provided. Biden is just another version of morally corrupt.

A very good friend who leans libertarian, made a valid point. “In a Democratic Republic, we need “Both sides views” in order to come up with the best solution for problems. The demonizing of one side towards the other is going to be the downfall of this country.”

No, he just blames everyone else for the mistakes and NEVER EVER accepts responsibility for his mistakes rather as a President or a Businessman.

You cannot refute that Scotty, because it is very well documented how he avoid responsibility.

One of the biggest “Devils” that will destroy this country is called “Demonization of other people”.

You see by demonizing people for believing something different, you are actually causing a division of our country. Which in itself will destroy the country in the end.

Even our Prophet is telling us to STOP contention with others:
“My call today, dear brothers and sisters, is to end the conflicts that are raging in your heart, your home and your life,” he said. “Bury any and all inclinations to hurt others.”

Even the great Ronald Reagan knew that in order to come up with the best solutions to problems, you needed both sides of the issues represented. That is why he works so well with Tip O’Niel (liberal) and Ted Kennedy to get things done in the 1980’s.

That is also why Clinton did very well as President when he realized that he needed to work Newt Gingrich when the GOP won the house for the first time in 40 years.

Your definition of morally corrupt is narrow-minded. Morally corrupt includes causing others to participate in morally corrupt acts. Wokeness began with Obama. Clinton, another personally immoral person, signed the Defend the traditional Marriage act bill. Obama destroyed it leading to the recent bill that the Brethren had to support to keep our religious liberty at this point as we go further down the slippery slope. The Democrat Party supports Gender Confusion and minors having their body parts cut off without parental support. Trump is against this. The Republican Party is against these immoral acts of mind control and barbaric ideologies.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well while the country degenerates into a greater cesspool of immorality.

I would say that Trump does care deeply about the US. As a narcist, by def. you always buy or be seen with the best. As pres., he would want USA to be the best, works on behalf when dealing with China, a good thing.

The bad comes out when dealing with friends or trusted allies. Narcists use you up and discard you when your use is up. Not good. “I’ve got your back” works only one way. masters of the illusion, they work overtime to portray a perfect family, life or in this case, a country and if anything goes wrong, It’s always someone else’s fault. Putin and Trump are very much bed fellows.

You know who is not a narcist? Nikki Haley. Can’t say much about DeSantis, don’t know him well enough. I know the school he was a coach at, kids really loved him or said he has a massive ego. But then anyone with strong drive and vision are going to be labeled.

You said what I was trying to say much better.