Before writing Trump off

Well, I have a bachelor’s degree (BYU) and 2 master’s degrees (both U of U). And a hell of a lot of formal classroom papers graded by PhDs and 2 master’s theses. But what the hell do I know, right. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So there (he said with his tongue out, performing a “rasberry.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Floyd, you beat me outright with your magnificent governmental and grammatical knowledge and acumen, as well as your bull doggedness, relentlessly beating something to death until the other feller bows down to you and very humbly concedes, down on his sore knees. You are the most . . . But, ya got me pard (he said dying with 3 arrows deep in his chest). :woozy_face:

Your Analysis of Floyd seems to be the definition of narcissism with Floyd. Hmmm…

I don’t know why an adjective is needed. The United States has a Republican form of government, that is a republic or representative government.

Back in the old days when gospel doctrine had the same lesson revolve every four years, the lesson dealing with D&C Section 134 began, “What type of government does the United States have?” Every four years I would give the correct answer, “A republic.” Every four years I would be shot down with the instructor and others in class agreeing, “No, it’s a democracy.” After the fourth or fifth time, I asked, “When we say the Pledge of Allegiance, what form of government do we say the flag stands for?” The answer, “A republic.” To which I responded, “Thank you very much.”

LOL! Ya, that’s what we are and we set away by voting for representatives of what we the people want. The key is the three branches of government. If they are equal it works. If not, trouble. The problem we have is the forth branch, the media. They only hold the Conservatives accountable.

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