Biden getting ready for warmongering

He also is getting Americans to leave Taiwan. He’s getting Ukrainians to use cluster bombs. When will he bring back the draft? His wokeness in the military has killed recruitment.

One of the worst things Biden has done is announce that Ukraine can join NATO after the war. One of the excuses Russia has used for starting the war is the expansion of NATO closer to its borders. After the fall of the Soviet Union George HW Bush promised Russia there would be no further expansion of NATO. Clinton reneged on that after he defeated Bush. Now Poland and Hungary are part of NATO. Trump to his credit wanted to get out of NATO. I studied history in college and anybody with knowledge of history knows that entangling alliances led to both world wars. In fact most baby boomers learned this in HS world history. As a member of NATO the US would be obligated to be directly involved in any war where a NATO member is attacked.

Right now the US is involved in a proxy war with no off ramp. There have been no serious efforts by the US to bring the two warring parties to the bargaining table. There is this notion that the Ukraine is some kind of model Democracy. It is not. Zelenskyy is a dictator and may just be a lesser version of Putin.

I would like to see the US out of the UN and NATO. I question whether it is in the best interests of the US to be in either organization. The US should pick sides according to its interests and stop trying to police th world.

because of what Russia did by Invading the Ukraine, actually had the opposite effect, Now Sweden and Norway which borders Russia is now or will soon be part of NATO.

I do not believe that this was the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine, because prior to the invasion, Ukraine was denied entry into NATO.
Putin wanted to start to rebuild the USSR empire and he thought Ukraine was an easy target, that they would fold under the pressure and there was nothing anyone can say or do about it.

He was proven wrong on all points and now when Ukraine is part of NATO, everything Putin wanted will vanish.

I also love and studied History, but the one thing History teaches over and over is that the concept of “If good men do nothing, evil will prevail”.

I for one am glad we are supporting Ukraine, even if it is a proxy war. Putin is a delusional, evil man that must be kept in check. The fact that the US has a weak and often feeble President does not help stop evil from happening.

BTW Reed, what you are talking not being part of the UN (Useless Nitwits) and NATO is the same mindset people had before Dec 7th 1944, That of being an isolationist country.

I think the US should be part of NATO, because it puts a definite halt to some countries doing bad things. The key is to have good leadership in the White House from letting Russia, China, and North Korea doing unimageable things in this world.

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I didn’t say Russia invaded Ukraine over the NATO issue I said it was an excuse to invade Ukraine and it is true GHW Bush promised Russia there would be no eastward expansion of NATO and Clinton broke the promise and Russia has used this as an excuse for aggression toward Ukraine and other independent bordering nations citing security concerns. It is true Putin is evil. There is some indication Zelensky may be also. Ukraine is a victim but things aren’t as clear cut as the press and most of politicians would have us believe.

We should be bringing the parties to the table to negotiate a peace. Sending cluster bombs to Ukraine and saying Ukraine can join NATO after the war is an escalation on our part.

There is no question Putin invaded Ukraine to expand his empire. Historically Ukraine has been a part of either the Soviet Union or Russia for most of its existence. It was part of Poland at one time in the 1600s. Eastern European nations have changed borders constantly for hundreds of years. I just don’t believe we should be involved in every local conflict around the globe without a direct economic or national security interest. We can’t police the whole world forever.

We will have to disagree on this one. I suspect most people will disagree with me on this. That is ok with me. It is good we have a forum here where we can express our opinions. The are many online forums where you can’t. If you express something counter to the party line they will censor you or boot you off. That is counter to the principles our nation was founded on.

I look at this war as both a wake up call and a litmus to see how Nato stands up to threats. So far Nato gets a B+ for standing up to war monger Russia. It has certainly sent a message to the world that unitied, bad actors will be held accountable.

As a wake up call: Wars are no longer fought in traditional ways, WW2 was the day of the airplane. Today is the day of drones. China is paying special attention to this war and the future. USA is miles ahead of both Russia and China and they know it.

Giving Ukraine our old ammo and cast offs is a good way to cycle in new armament. Focus our budgets on what the future of war looks like, To see what really works and what is a waste of Money. Certainly our vast armadas and Navy has to completely change as satellites and drones could take out multi billion $$$ carriers.

Zelenski was a actor before winning the presidency. I seriously doubt that he is an old guard communist. And I certainly would throw every ounce of support behind defending one’s family, and country. And let’s not forget Gorbachev and his perestroika and how he ended the Soviet death grip.
Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet leader who ended cold war, dies aged 91 | Mikhail Gorbachev | The Guardian
Without that, there would be no Poland or Ukraine.

I have traveled to these counties, I know what life in Russia is all about. You cannot fault this people for fighting to the death for freedom from a Russia communism vs even poorly run socialist or state run off shoots of the old soviet union.

Russia will never win this war, Vodka has exposed the Russian war machine into a S–t S–w.
The war was over when Ukraine (who by the way, had been training with the US experts since Crimea was invaded) killed their generals and blew up the supply trucks of the 40 mile tank brigade.

I’ll take Isriel and USA in a fight any day, anywhere.

There is merit to your arguments. One of my concerns is the billions of dollars we have pumped into a war that just seems to be escalating. It may be that Russia can’t win a conventional war but they still have a nuclear arsenal and who is to say Putin wouldn’t use it as a last resort if he sees defeat as inevitable.

I would rather see us spend money securing our southern border. That seems to be a much more serious security and economic threat than the war in Ukraine.

I don’t even think we would be having this conversation if Trump were in the White House. I would rather see DeSantis take the reigns than Trump but I don’t see any area where things were not better with Trump as opposed to Biden.

And we had NK, Russia and China controlled with Trump. But, because too many people wanted a prince sweetness as President, we. Is have the worst President of all time who ended all the good things that lead to a peaceful world with his executive orders.

The overseas wars will be nothing as this administration allows the country to rot from within. Trafficking of all kinds across the southern border are destroying the US from within, There is literally zero effort to stem the tide of drugs flowing in, human trafficking of all kinds and all other types of evil and abhorrent behavior and actions.

Also, the complete lack of accountability, which continues to expand in our society is rotting us from within. We look so great from the outside but on the inside we are crumbling as a nation. Politicians continue to pit us one against another, continue to glorify racism, and enact laws that make things worse, not better. That is the battle we are fighting, not some stupid overseas war.

Yep! And the Ukrainian war has drained our weaponry and increased our debt as well.

Amen and amen. If the country would elect a good man like DeSantis there might be some hope of turning things around somewhat. it is very doubtful he will be elected because he stands for the right things and our nation’s citizens are mostly evil so we will get what we deserve and not what we need.

The Book of Mormon said we would be a free and prosperous nation if the majority of the people follow the Savior. We are at a point where even saying such a thing can get you in trouble. Most Americans are not Christians in the sense they practice Christian principles. John Adams said the constitution was written for a Christian nation. Since the majority of the nation is not Christian the constitution is something that one political party only pays lip service to and twists to justify things like abortion for convenience. The other party is a better choice but sometimes lack the courage to uphold the constitution and traditional

I say most are not Christian and what has replaced it for many as the religion of their choice is their political beliefs and social justice causes. Antifa, LGBTQ groups, BLM, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Environmentalism, Feminism, and all types of isms are false religions that many have embraced who will not accept Christianity.

Good post, but did you slip in Artificial Intelligence, or was that a typo?

It was a typo and I edited the post.

Well, during Christmas and Easter, it looks more like a Christian nation. It’s that many have been confused about certain areas in their attempt to love even those who sin those abominations. This “love” has been viewed as a way to breakdown inhibitions and Christians objecting. It’s time the religious speak up for their God who objects to the LGBTQ acceptance.

I have spent the last two summers volunteering in Moldova 60 miles from Ukraine. I have primarily worked with refugee children who have lost homes, family members, and i cannot stress this enough, many have been raped and tortured. These are not adults but children some too young for primary.

I currently reside in refugee center in Chisinua where after a long day of work in kids camps i cannot go inside where i share a small flat with a refugee and her daughter. I know that most of the children here do not have fathers. I am the only male influence these children have and want them to feel a little bit of normal life.

Scott you are a coward and you always have been. If you weren’t you would have seen the plight of the woman and children here, who i have literally seen break, and you would have shown up and helped. I showed up willingly last year after the church pulled everyone out of the region. You can say what you want about me but I showed up to allow gods hands to put me to use and i have been blessed a million times over. You spew hatred that is not Christlike. This is an honest assessment of those of you who act and think like Scott, the Church cannot change its image fast enough to deal with the number of people who are leaving because their leaders are on forums like this and spew hatred all day long. If you want the church to flourish you need to stop being so angry and rude when it comes to society and politics.

When people ask me what the church members are like, i tell them to read the comments on this site as most are priesthood holders. I tell them this is a small sample but represents the reality. I will attatch a picture from where i am standing this second as proof. Notice the Soviet Block in front me.

I challenge everyone who reads this to give 10% of their time serving the most vulnerable around the earth in person. Processing: 1000003705.jpg…

I have no idea what you are referring to. What is it that you deem “hate?”

I will respond to your efforts. Good for you. You are in a position to do what you are doing. I’m not. You might also like to know that most of my family came from the Ukraine. From Kapulia to Kiev. You may be helping some of them while you are patting yourself on the back. Thank you.

As to whether I or anyone else should drop everything and head to where you are, are you insane? That’s the same stupid logic that some members of the military say about those who didn’t go to Vietnam. 2 wars that should never have happened except for Democrat Presidents, Kennedy and Johnson and Obama and Biden.

We will see you in another 3 years so you can drop some more liberal bombs.
(You deserve this)

Look your posts forvthe last decade. The inernet remembers prophet Scott.

At you computer at home. Coward.

Btw im not really liberal, Im a good human and you are what represents the best of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I can set you or anyone up to help with multiple agencies on the ground here. You can work handing out food, if you have mental health training they are in dire need of therapists, if you want to help here or in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece I can find you a contact.

I gave up politics years ago and decided to spend my time serving humanity instead. Locally you can join your Kiwanis Club which has a mission of making the world a better place for children.

my response is to simply read President Neilson saturday talk about our behavior and how we have to stop hating others because they don’t think and believe as we do.

For me, I serve in the inner city mission and help people find resources for their struggles.

some are legal and others aren’t I don’t really care.
What I know is that the Lord is in control and whatever happens, happens. As long as I focus on following christ as best I can and leave the rest to him is the best solution to me.

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wow, kind of puts this whole discussion in perspective. I am not going to say one word about how I serve humanity because it pales in comparison to what you are doing. Dev, you have my upmost respect.

Those who would criticize Ukraine and their fight for freedom and family have never been in these countries that can come round you up and kill you just because of a comment or even if a neighbor levels an accusation your way. Americans don’t know true evil.