Biden Mentally unfit

So do I, these guys are some of the last Presidents, who I may not have agreed with all their decisions, but I felt that they thought what they were doing was best for the American people.

Can’t say that about the last three.

You obviously don’t understand business. And, the type of bankruptcy’s protected his personal wealth. The fact is, he did not have to or need to run for President to keep making money and builds his empire. So, why did he run and make so many changes to get people mentally ill?

So, what did Trump do that was not best for the American people? If you can name me one I can name you 100.

No, I don’t understand that Trump model of business, most of the people I know who make major $$$, does it honestly and fair. They pay their sub-contractors.

Not too many people I know of is mentally ill, they simply don’t like the man. Has nothing to do with mental illness, and for you to equate someone not liking Trump to be mentally ill, is seriously a douche bag thing to do.

All I know is that with Trump Tax cut program, I ended paying 3K more a year in taxes…

So, don’t tell me about his great programs.

I paid less…
You don’t have any facts about who he paid and if he didn’t why not. Making judgments on nothing you really know about is rumormongering.
And yes, you and others have Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s become a mental illness.

These”court cases” i sited has all the information about which sub-contractors he was sued by and for what reasons. DOCUMENTATION! is not rumormongering…

Only a dirt bag would say something like that.

Court cases from the enemy. Big deal. Same thing happened with the Russia hoax with all the so called depositions and stuff. Funny.
I voted and will vote again for the man who gave up his wealth for my country. Not for the man who is giving up my country for his wealth.

Keep drinking the Trump Kool Aid from a fire hose Hopscotch. As I reread your posts, you really are no different than (now, with a few recent exceptions) the Biden supporters - ALWAYS defend EVERYTHING about your guy. He is NEVER wrong. And can do no wrong. You attribute Savior-like qualities to him. It really chaps my a__ that you so easily dishonored the Founding Fathers / Decl of Ind. signers by putting Trump on their level. They were willing to give their lives for their country - like I said before - they signed their death warrants. Your response was Trump has sacrificed so much weatlth = love of country over love of self. Trump “losing” a half a billion as you try to paint is what, 10% of his wealth. To be able to be President? Sounds like a great deal for him. Doesn’t sound like he is suffering as you try to portray it. This is all a game to him. He is a con man and he has plenty of easy marks like you that are so easily brainwashed about his virtues. The ONLY thing he really has going for him is policies - and the Dems are the worst, so not hard to have better policies. Oh, yeah, Haley and Desantis had 90% plus of those policies too. At least I can respect Fish’s position, that this is an election between two pretty flawed candidates, so why waste a vote. That’s easy to understand and is logical. But you are so fanatical that you cannot see any flaws at all. Remember about a year ago you admitted maybe a Desantis or even a Haley might make more sense for the Republicans and getting back into the White House than Trump. Well that lasted about 2 days.
I see you’re back (did you ever leave?) to calling people mentally ill or communists or socialists if they don’t agree with you. Yeah, that approach is always so convincing in a debate. And you said you have won a debate? You’ve sure never won one debate on this board and are just about always the object of ridicule and scorn.
Is Trump a better choice than Biden? Of Course. Biden IMO is one of the most loathsome politicians ever. Graft and corruption. Maybe, no, the worst president I have experienced in my lifetime. And yet, Trump still might lose to him or another Democrat. Probably not, as Biden is THAT bad. Will Trump be a good President? Might be. It could happen. He has the opportunity to do very good things for this country, IF he can put his narrissim aside and do the right things for the country.

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Those are good, logical arguments Floyd. Hard to dispute. Hopper really has no counter argument.

As a general statement though, as flawed as Trump is, odds are, he will be a better president than train-wreck, I’m a turnup today, a carrot tomorrow etc Joe Biden. But having Trump as President also has some risks. Although the “end of democracy” cry from the Dems is ridiculous and stupid, it doesn’t mean Trump won’t wield his power wrongly at times. Hard to change spots. I hope he can.

An old Chinese proverb, more words count less.
You take a 1,000 words to berate Trump and a few words saying he could possibly be a good President. Well, during his first term, he was and made America great again. All while agreeing with me. You can be a real turd at will. :rofl:

When did Trump yield his power unrighteously? He was in a continual defense from the lying Democrats trying to impeach him. As I said before, I’m not interested in a President being a saint. I’m interested in a President who can establish great economic policies to reduce inflation, oil prices, increase income like the $6,500 a year Trump did. I’m interested in a President who can make the dictators and tyrants around the world not war with our friends and allies. I’m interested in a President who can get NATO, Mexico, Canada to put up money and action to secure freedom and promote good economic policies around the world. I’m interested in a President who can reduce regulations and big government, get rid of DEI and put sanity back into science while supporting religion. Much more too that Trump did already.

Why is the court the enemy when this was all done before Trump ran for office?

Court cases (being sued) is not initiated by the courts or DA’s, it is done because someone complained that Trump did not hold up his end of the contract.

Come on Scott, pull that your head out… At least bring viable discussion points, instead of constant “They are out to get me” trump statements.

My main concern is that people, like you said is putting Trump on a pedestal when the Far-Right wing of the GOP is doing EXACTLY what Trump accused the democrats of doing in 2020, changing the voting rules for how the primary is run.

Not sure where you live, but here in Utah the far right controls the State GOP. They changed right before the primaries that the only way to vote was to be in the caucus meetings. Before any registered GOP could vote by mail or booth. I had several friends that could not make the caucus meeting because of work issues. What about their votes?

My Senator Mike Lee called him “Captain Moroni”! my hell, is there anyone more opposite to that great hero of the BOM than Trump?

  1. When he sent his surrogate (Rudi and others) to the different states to try to get them to overturn the election results.
  2. When he did NOTHING to stop the riots on January 6th even though people in his cabinet and close circle told him he needed to do that. His response was hours after the riot started.
  3. When his personal attorney told him to NOT TAKE certain documents from the White house when he left office, and he did it anyways.
  4. Trump has also suggested that as president, he would enact new restrictions on the First Amendment’s guaranteed freedom of the press.
  5. Trump claimed that he sought to shut down only mosques that advocate what he calls “radical Islam” (although he made no effort to provide evidence of such advocacy). Violation of the 8th amendment
  6. Trump brazenly expressed his desire to seek to kill and torture not only terrorists, but their family members (“We’re fighting a very politically correct war, “and the other thing is with the terrorists: You have to take out their families.”). Violation of the 8th amendment
  7. Trump suggested a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.” clearly runs afoul of both. The policy would, in effect, deny the right of Muslims who are U.S. citizens to leave the country, as they would presumably be banned from reentry once abroad. Violation of the 14th amendment

Need any more “Unrighteousness” from Trump?

While I agree we have too many regulations and rules on corporations, but at the same time, if left to their own devices, these same corporations would have slave, child labor (isn’t that the rule reason these corporations have factories in the 3rd world countries, Cheap labor and less human rights rules to follow?).

There needs to be a balance between rules and Reg’s and not taking advantage of the workers.

Answer me this question: Why are you so opposed to illegal immigration? The fact that big time donors to both parties uses and abuses these immigrants into working for them that is horrible. Even good LDS people who own business uses the deportation threat to keep illegal workers in line. We have a system that is called “E-Verify” that a lot of your GOP colleagues refuses to use, Why?

Again, all you have to do is see the stupid cases people are currently suing for and understand there is always questionable merit to law suits. So, zero in on one of the suits and we can debate the merits. Just because someone is sued doesn’t mean they are guilty either. And, we have seen so many people either win suits they shouldn’t or they negotiate when they shouldn’t because the cost of a court case is more than what they would pay. So they settle without stating they were in the wrong. You should know this.

The list. :rofl: Same old Democrat media spins.

  1. They went out to attempt to find votes that weren’t counted. They were looking for fraud by Democrats like ballot harvesting and stuffing. The good old Chicago style fraud. They found a lot of it but were blocked by the machine of anti-Trump judges and DAs. There is nothing wrong with questioning the results of elections. Democrats do it every time they lose.

  2. So, Trump tells the crowd to not go but if they do, do so peacefully and peaceably, he is guilty of what? Is it against the Constitution to protest election results? No. Then, we know now the FBI anti-Trumpers were in the crowd starting the entire thing. It’s why the Capitol police opened the doors. As far as those climbing into the building, who were they? FBI? Now, there were some far right agitators and Antifa there. But, most that went inside were old people like you. And no one had a gun except police who shot a Vet woman and killed her. You don’t have a violent overthrow of a government without weapons and certainly not guns. Pelosi has just admitted that it was all her fault, not Trumps. She refused the 10,000 National Guard that Trump said he’d give her. So, why then, refusal of protection and no weapons should Trump go over to the Capitol building himself? And why say anything? She already turned him down. Why not let those buttheads sweat in their offices. So, who was Trump supposed to call? How was he to stop the protest? He didn’t organize it. This is a really stupid argument.

  3. Did his attorneys really tell him? And why should he not declassify them and take them. He’s the President still when he took them. With the Supreme Court decision that trial is going nowhere. And why isn’t Biden being tried in court for taking classified documents when he was a Senator and Vice-President? What about Hillary as well when she was Secretary of State?

  4. Nonsense on the press thing. The Democrats have enacted stuff that restricts their freedoms for decades. The equal balance of radio and TV reporting laws of the past to start with. What Trump was talking about is that the press be liable for certain lies they claim. That they need proof. I’d agree to that. Why wouldn’t you? Heck, Democrats have been destroying freedom of speech and religion for decades now.

  5. You have this from lying press too. Perfect example. If terrorists are plotting terrorism in their Mosques, why wouldn’t they be arrested and shut down and cleaned out? As long as they have proof. Same goes for any Christian or Jewish organization plotting terror attacks:

  6. He was talking about overseas. He’s right too. An old Chinese proverb says “When the armies of the enemy pass through, rose thorns spring up.” Who said war is pretty? God told Saul to do just that, kill women and children. All of them. Saul didn’t and lost his position with God. Now, you will be a good little Democrats twist this to say I’m saying Trump is God. Don’t be stupid. Are we not to emulate Christ who told Saul to do it? Remember, Trump was being influenced by his Jewish daughter and son.

  7. No Floyd. It was not a total shutdown. It was from specific Muslim countries of known terrorist breeding grounds. It was not a total ban. Uggg…This same old lie again?

So, I’m still waiting for one truthful point about Trump without the old lies and spins.

Trump did not get rid of all regulations. Where do you get the idea he wanted all regulations ended? He wanted to lessen regulations for businesses to be able to flourish and to have opportunities for start up companies to get off the ground. That would cause more competition, not less which would get rid of a lot of the bad stuff. Let the market decide with scrutiny but when needed.

I know I have got you when you say “same old Democratic spin”.
Everything I posted was by a Republican media outlet. These are documented and cannot be propaganda or a “spin”, they are factual events that has happened and well documented.

They state it because they are repeating the Democrat talking points. Anyone who has been following this knows I’m right. You regurgitate Democrat and Republican never-Trumpers acting like it’s Republican and truthful talking points. And you regurgitate it over and over like a cow chewing cud.

At this moment there are two viable candidates for president. It is an easy choice between the two. Right now RFK Jr. is not a viable candidate. He can only be a spoiler taking votes from either Trump or Biden. I think you have to ask yourself who do you prefer between the two viable candidates? We have the current president who promotes the transgender movement. Yes he promotes it. He invited Mr. Dylan Mulvaney to the White House. He made a supportive public statement on Easter recognizing the day of trans visibility. Later in the day he makes a remark about Easter as an afterthought. He is under the control of the radical left wing of his party. He is clearly a tool of the cancel culture crowd. In terms of policies that most Americans care about he is a disaster. He shut down oil drilling driving up gas gas costs and fueling inflation. Under his leadership there are two prolonged foreign conflicts raging. There were none under Trump. Inflation was under control with Trump in office. Trump didn’t cater to those who are out to destroy traditional values and culture. Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices and we are rid of Roe v Wade. Now the individual state decide on the issue of abortion. Biden appointed a radical who refused to define what a woman is in her nomination hearings.

Two things can be true at the same time. A man can be seriously morally flawed and still be an effective leader. A man can’t be mentally deficient and be an effective president. In Biden’s case there is plenty of evidence of his corruption. If you know anything about his history the “Biden is a decent man” canard falls apart. So you have two corrupt men and one did enact effective policies and the other is a train wreck.

There are 4 choices, vote for Biden, vote for Trump, vote for somebody else or sit out the election. Let discouraged Democrats sit out the election and let independents who would have been inclined to vote for Biden but are now inclined to vote for neither candidate vote for Kennedy, or somebody else.

A vote for Biden, RFK and not voting is a vote for communism.

Well, well stated Aros. I agree with everything you said.
See Hopper, a well-reasoned, articulate, intelligent, non derogatory “your a communist” opinion supporting Trump as a candidate can be written. That’s how it’s done!

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While well explained, people will still either vote for Biden, RFK or not vote at all. Either case, if Biden wins or RFK we are another step closer to a communist dictatorship. Trump is the only right answer.

These are “legit” cases, not talking points, even Trump has admitted that he was sued for sub-contractors. Trump calls it “price of doing business”.

The fact you cannot spin, or twist is that these cases were all brought before Trump became a Republican and run for office.