Big 12 invite is imminent

Big 12 expansion: BYU could reportedly get an invitation this month - Deseret News

Necessity is the mother of change. The P 12 just hired the media guru, George Kliavkoff, Pres. of media and sports for MGM Resorts, LV, Nev. He was also the CEO of Hulu…now you can see where this thing is going. The P 12 could not be seen on the Pack 12 network in the LA area., Networks and ESPN were dinosaurs, with streaming as the new frontier.

The good ol’ boys of the Big 12 need to rid themselves of Bowlsby and get someone like Kliavkoff if they are going to offer BYU.

The only hitch at this point for BYU is this dang LBGT thing hanging over BYU

I have a gut feeling it’s going to happen this time. Some sources are saying even as early as 2022 for football. Despite the conference being watered down with the loss of Texas and OU, I’m all for it.

ESPN just reported that all four universities plan on submitting their application to the big 12 as early as next week

I must say that it all remains to be seen whether Oklahoma and Texas fly the coop before 2025. Big 12 paid each of its schools an average of $37 million last year. I think Texas got way way more than that without strings attached to ESPN

If these four schools are invited it will shake up the pay scale significantly for the big 12 so it’s hard to see what the timing will be between the invite and when those schools actually join

I’m pretty excited. I don’t gloat too much though because I work with a lot of BSU fans.

This should probably be in a different category but I was curious what your thoughts were about Elder Hollands address. It has created quite a firestorm. I personally thought there was nothing wrong with it and believe it is only an issue with perspective and attitude. I have had a couple of interactions with Elder Holland and he is awesome. He is an anointed apostle of the Lord.

It seems as though everyone is offended so easily by any and everything that is said. If a person is looking to be offended they certainly can and/or will be.

I know you have a son who is gay. I have friends and associates who are also gay. Why are there always these big issues over everything? The world has so many problems it is dealing with right now. We need to seek out the good and positive things in the world and focus on those.

Just curious what you think. I respect your opinions and perspective.

This could also have its own thread, but what the heck.

This angers me. Notre Dame owes us (and has owed us for many years) one or maybe even two games in Provo. They do not want to play away from South Bend, and they don’t want to play us in Provo.

It’s good that the game might finally happen, but I would still have said no. I would have demanded that it be in Provo, or that they pay us the millions owed for breach of contract.

I agree totally! ND agreed to Play two games in Provo! If they don’t then they need to pay BYU before that game in Las Vegas.

Does anybody know Notre Dame owe BYU one or two games in Provo? I like to say two games in Provo because we play them twice in South Bend

Holmoe has said before that if we are too hardline with Notre Dame about the games,trey won’t schedule us at all. Big deal, I say. It does no good to do those 2 for 1 deals with a team that takes their 2 and never gives us our 1. I wouldn’t care if they refused to play us because we demanded our contract breach penalty. They aren’t playing us, anyway — we never get the game. Not a loss if they “refuse” to agree to future games (which will be in South Bend of “neutral sites”).

some Utah fans are downplaying the Big 12 as a P5 conference.

anyone see Stanford get smoked by K state today?

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The thing is, teams in the Big 12 still play us. If they use this as a reason to block us then they are simply hypocrites like Talibiden

Yes Floyd and did anyone see that Washington lost to Montana? :joy:

The Pac is a conference of delusional, clueless arrogance. They call themselves the conference of champions all the time, which has little merit or accuracy anymore. They live in the past with deluded visions of grandeur.

BYU should have beaten Arizona much worse than they did. They better get their crud together for next weeks game as Utah has owned the Cougars lately.

Cal Berkeley lost to Nevada and Washington statelost to Utah state yesterday

The game will be part of the Shamrock series. If you look at past ND opponents in the series, you’ll see that BYU will join an elite list of teams. In addition, the game will be at Allegiant Stadium–not too shabby of a venue. In addition, BYU has a big following in Vegas and the surrounding area. This could feel like a home game…and, yes, I realize ND also has a big following.

I turned off all the LDS noise along time ago when it comes to gay kids. For me the answer is simple. you either Love them and include them in everything or you don’t.

Yes I would love to see Byu in the big 12. But it is up to the leadership in the church. They have the final say. They could easily Derail any invites from the big 12.

I’ve had Utah’s as a loss all along. Their defense is always excellent and now that they have a four year grad QB I just don’t see Byu beating them. Hall was getting better play by play in the Arizona game but The game has not slowed down for him yet. And that will be the difference

Include them in the Temple? How would that work out going against the Lord in his commandments and doctrine?

Well, as Sitaki said, there’s plenty to work on. But, I’d say it’s better to work on things after the first game with a win, than a loss.