Bowl Projections

-R.C. Slocum Former Head Coach Texas A&M University…need I say more

Say no more

Everybody not listed as a CFP committee member is saying BYU got screwed from Herbstreet to SI
College Football Playoff rankings: BYU ranked too low; other takeaways - Sports Illustrated

Word on the street, Holmoe is close to a big announcement.

Not sure why anyone is shocked or surprised… maybe nobody is.

Same old BS that we see everywhere in society today. People do lots of talking about doing this or doing that but it is rarely, if ever, actually done.

Same old story, same old song and dance.


I share some of your bitterness and perhaps dispare.
I am reminded of a song from the 1940’s that said,
"You have to have a dream, before you can expect to have a dream come true’

“Word on the street, Holmoe is close to a big announcement.”

I wait with abated breath.

Fish and Sr_Burton,

I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong, but I believe that the drop from #8 to
#14 with no losses, is to prepare us for the fact that they will not allow us to get that Fiesta Bowl New Years Day.

We saw it with Crowton in Hawaii when we were undefeated and ranked #7. Just before that game in Hawaii, which we ended up losing, it was announced that even if we will this last game and have a full 12-0 season, the committee will not give us the BCS Bowl. We were blocked out. I see the same thing happening now. I was at that game. Doman was the QB. Luke Staley was out injured.

I hope it’s Alabama!

I hate to say that I forecasted this happening. We haven’t played anyone. Cincy hasn’t really either but they didn’t have the guts to throw out both of us. So where do we go from here?

Pick up the phone and call Florida and Tex A&M. They won’t leap frog into the CFP without a win over BYU! Play one of them them and see what happens. If we win we are in to NY6 territory which is the only thing we can possibly get now. One or both will take the game.


I agree with you.
If we play a power 5 team, we have a chance to win or lose. if we win, we are in. If we lose, we our out because we spoiled, un-necessarily, our perfect season.

On the other hand, we go nowhere without the gamble. We are finished at #14.

We must go for it.
Hopefully, our AD should get, (not a guarantee) but encouragement from the powers that be in the NCCA, that wining a P5 team and keeping our perfect 10-0 11-0 or 12-0 season, should get us into the Fiesta Bowl, New Years Day.

What is the big surprise announcement that we are expecting from our AD?

Exactly and well said. At this point we have nothing to lose and if we don’t it will probably mean The Armed Forces Bowl, which we would easily win

Good post and I would love to play [email protected], just not anyone from the PAC12-have nothing to gain from playing them at this point

I am not sure that is true. Oregon might be a possibility if they have to prove a SOS to the CFP committee. All hope isn’t lost. There is an awful lot of pundits that think BYU is better than #14. But there is no proof of it. Just the eye test. Oregon isn’t going to get into the CFP without a win over BYU. But I would prefer a Indiana Tex A&M or Florida. Even a 2 loss Iowa St who is ranked ahead of us would be good for BYU. We have to prove a point and win a meaningful game.

Cincinnati didn’t have to…

Sorry Hopper but the CFP committee isn’t going to put 2 questionable teams who are outside the P5 structure into the NY6 bowls. Cincy was ranked ahead of us by 1 or more slots the whole season. UCF’s run at the CFP gave that Cincy win more credence. They aren’t going to let Cincy into the CFP. BYU had to play a better schedule and we still can … no one else can go get games right now except BYU! Let’s go get a game and win it. That may flip Cincy out of their spot and move BYU up quickly.

A lot of these schools don’t have a real good SOS including Oregon and SC and they are ranked behind BYU. BSU will again be ranked in the top 25 and I read an article that probably 5 of BYU’s opponents will be in bowl games so I don’t see the Bearcats being any more entitled than the cougars. Teams I have no problem with being ranked ahead of the Cougars are NW and IU. ISU-no way. At this point the way the P12 is cancelling games, I see no upside in playing anyone ranked behind BYU so an A&M game or a Cincinnati game makes sense for BYU, but not for A&M or Cincinnati, so BYU is between a rock and a hard place so maybe we will have to play mid-level P5 team. At this point a game with Oregon or SC is probably the best we can hope for and you can probably bet they won’t be traveling to Provo, even though they should, if you are trying to be equitable, as they are ranked behind BYU. Lastly, I don’t have a problem with Cincinnati being ranked ahead of BYU, they are a good team-but 7 slots is ridiculous and a slight for BYU imo

If there is any year to travel to away games it is 2020. No fans are allowed in WA, OR or CA. So let’s travel and win an “away” game. I am not convinced that playing a team ranked a little behind us is bad. Any team that is ranked is a good game us. A&M is not going to jump Alabama. They need a big win to be in a position to jump a ND or Clemson if they lose. I still think there are 10 teams who will need to play a BYU to strengthen their resume’.

The CFP snub is one more reason to be thankful for BYU basketball. Football is just too frustrating, even in a great year.

You’re alone in this one. You aren’t seeing that BYU and Cincinnati are basically equal this year. Who cares about last year. If BYU dropped 6 places then so should have Cincinnati. The 3rd string QB of Boise is a red herring. We beat Boise with a 3rd stringer. And, the two loss teams certainly have no business being ahead of BYU. It obvious what happened.

They do the same things in basketball to us as well.