Byu by 25 on Saturday

just sayin…BYU plays a crappy game then they play all world. This team is bi-polar

Usually they play great on Thursdays and worse on Saturdays. The good news about tonight was we won the close game against a poor team. That’s progress :smile:

We should play with more effort as a team. One thing we did poorly is late in the game when we got a 6 point lead is we got out of our pressure offense. The dribbling on top and waiting for the time to run down doesn’t work well with this team. No Tyler Haws to bail them out. Next time coach Rose (I know he reads these) keep the pressure on and step on their necks.

if they play as well as they did most of the second half I’d say closer to 30. But the speed San Diego plays makes it difficult to get up by much the Zags skunked them by 36 it would be nice to cover that…

Let’s all remember that San Diego is one of the worst teams in one of the very worst D1 conferences this year. We SHOULD blow them out Saturday and probably will. I wonder if both teams are on the same flight to Provo this morning? :joy:

Just make sure those are not welcome at the MC!

Forgot to add rec zebras!

I hope people don’t get sick of me complaining about the refs in this league, but at least I have a fresh take: I’m not talking about bias, which is what fans normally complain about; I’m talking about downright terrible officiating that ruins the game of basketball. These refs know they are in a crappy league–they only earn about 60% as much as a PAC12 ref, and they are trying to move up the food chain. So they try to get noticed. They make the game about them. The egos are unbelievable–presumably these guys started officiating because they loved kids or loved the game or both, but now it is beyond that–they hate that they are in a bottom feeder league and think that if they become the center of attention they will get noticed. Holy hells bells, how many times did they “go to the monitor” last night? Six? Eight? And the last time to laughably put .3 seconds back on the clock in a game that was already decided, when the ESPN announcers had no idea what to even say about it! What a bunch of buffoons. Then they feel the need to call every bump and every touch, to establish that THEY know the game and the PLAYERS AND COACHES do not. This ruins the game because NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE ALL THE STARTERS SITTING OUT IN FOUL TROUBLE. I am so sick of these guys. Thank you for listening–I feel slightly better now.

Coach Rose has commented how much he appreciates the better officiating this year. Several of the old MWC refs have reffed the Cougar games.

The PAC12, MWC, WCC all use the same ref pool now. So unless you want to hire refs away from the NBA you’re not likely to get any better refs…

most of the rankings of the conferences have the WCC nowhere near the worst conferences. This year they are not as good as they normally are, but not as good doesn’t mean the worst.

Of the 32 conferences in Division 1 Basketball the WCC is typically inside the top 10. this year they are just out of it. but that still leaves 20 or nearly 20 conferences worse than the WCC…

it just ruins the game. I had a group over last night needless to say they did not last 5 minutes into the 2nd half.

Millions of touch fouls.

Mommy, Daddy, I just came in 10th place. weeeeee

Let’s see, 4 or 5 teams from every conference ahead of the WCC equals 50 teams that are better then our best teams here in the good ol Rec league. We are definitely going places.

My only hope is that when BYU’s better basketball teams in the future seriously beef up our pre season schedules.

My face and body was like an image of LaVell Edward on the sideline watching the game last night.
I read this article about possible Big 12 expansion that all BYU sports can make it work due to no Sunday play.

Not a bad read above. Do we know big 12 refs are much better than the western refs including football?

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Well Nixon, the guy last night, is a longtime WCC ref and is simply terrible. A therapist could spend weeks with that guy on a couch to figure out what insecurity he has that compels him to think that the refs should show up the players and coaches. Basketball is not fun when all the best players are in foul trouble and we have to watch inferior players play so much. Because Nixon decided that any contact, even if it doesn’t affect the flow of the game, is a foul, I had to watch BYU play 5 guards for long stretches and USD’s great shot blocker was completely neutralized.

Generally speaking, the best refs and best players wind up in the same place–in football AND basketball. Last season, somebody who knows told me a WCC ref would make around $800-$900/game, and a PAC12 guy made $1,500-$1600/game. So a great ref can make almost twice the money to do a game in front of a big crowd with lots on the line, or half the money to do a game in a high school gym that’s half empty in a league that is so terrible that it’s had the same champion like 15 years in row. It’s no mystery to me why the Rec League refs have always been lame–if they were any good, they’d be in a bigger and better league.

Tom… I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but Harold touched on something that I believe is true. The wcc, pac-12, MWC, Big West, etc. pull officials from a pool of guys who officiate games in this part of the country. I hope this doesn’t come as something new, but I have seen Greg Nixon doing pac-12 games before, several times. I have also seen him do MWC and Big West games. I don’t believe there is such a thing anymore as a “Pac-12 official” as we believed it once was or as it might have been in the past.

I do agree with you that many of the officials have egos or get caught up in the game more than some because of their personality or whatever. I thought last night’s game was over officiated. There were way too many calls and I think it generally played to USD’s advantage, though I don’t think there was one bit of bias. Honestly, I thought Nixon was helping to balance the calls of the other two officials and was favoring BYU.

There are probably officials who are still trying to get those P-5 conference games, but Nixon is not one of them

You burst my bubble, Hawkman, because I want to be able to complain unfettered, without reality or truth getting in the way :smile: Anyway, it is really, really hard for me to watch these games with the egomaniacal referees truly believing they are bigger than the game itself. This is a real problem–think of Major League Baseball and the histrionic umpires who think the show is all about them. People don’t want to see those clowns–we pay to see the players play, and the game is inalterably changed when between two teams there are 5 or 6 bigs sitting out most of the first half with 2 fouls, and are afraid to D up the rest of the game.

I watch my share of basketball games and there is no way that good leagues with great basketball would stand for these kinds of ticky tack calls that ruin the flow of the game. I don’t remember any of this kind of calling happening in the MWC and I certainly don’t see it back east.

Now it may be that BYU and the WCC is so full of slow white kids that these refs have to call the hip checks and the touch fouls but that would be the only reason to explain how these refs are also P12 refs cause it sure is painful to watch

should of said, BYU by 50.

Kaufusi alters games, now if he could only avoid silly fouls.

Emery was on fuego…Good to see Seljaas back

A lot of hard hits and no ticky tacky calls compared last Thursday night. I assume they were not the same rec zebras? Would it be nice to have those same better rec stripes back for next two games and wcc tourney. All we need is make sure we win next two and we would get 2nd place and Zags at 3rd. I don’t think smc would lose next two unless Dons beat them at SF, then we get 1st because we have the tie breaker edge when smc/gu split.

Okay Fish, look like you already said that on your other post if smc lay an egg losing to Dons at SF on Saturday.

So how many points does BYU win by tonight? The Cougars longest winning streak in wcc play (and this season) is 4 games. A 5 game win streak would be the best this season. Can they finish strong and beat both Portand and Gonzaga?

Portland is in the bottom half of the conference, tied with Santa Clara for 6th place and barely ahead of Pacific and LMU by a single game. Once again, a weak team is coming into Provo and the only question here… Is BYU ready this time?

Every game is a make or break from here on out. I think the Cougars have to win 5 in a row to make it to the ncaa tournament and that means a 9 game win streak in order to secure the invitation.

What say ye the rest?