BYU fans can have nice things after all

I’m absolutely giddyy after the comeback win. Who would have thought I could feel so happy after feeling so miserable at halftime

Having faith helps. It was ugly at halftime.

The big change with the offense was the assists. 18 which led to 48% from 3’s. And some inside baskets. Now, just clean up the free throw shooting Mr. Hall.

With Spencer out, had it as a loss. Checked the score and it was 27-7. Did not even attempt to find the game.

Amazing what lack of TOs and Making 48% from 3land can do.

I want to know what Johnson is out for and why Waterman, who started, only got 9 minutes for the game.

George seemed to be the hero tonight.

Both Rudi Williams and Hall played really well at limiting TOs and making good decisions.

Shout out to Robison, 4-6 on 3s, loves that corner shot.

I’d like to know as well. I heard is was a health issue. I missed the last part of the game for Thanksgiving dinner.

Waterman seemed overwhelmed and committed bad turnovers. It really seemed like the players were out of gas the first half. Third game in 3 days. The NBA doesn’t even do this. The second half Dayton seemed out of gas. The injuries to their players were non-contact plays. One looked like an ACL gave way. The other was a badly turned ankle and he stepped on no one. Possibly players fatigued and over used. Maybe Pope knows a lot about over playing his players. Nice job BYU and the coaching staff.

Johnson hurt his knee against Butler. That’s why he was playing at the end of Thursday’s game.

I haven’t heard about the severity of the injury.

A hint of what this team can play like when they have consistency on defense and avoiding turnovers, moving the ball and making the open threes. Kudos to Hall, Robinson, Williams and George. I would start Williams and Hall and bring in Johnson as a key sixth man. BYU was severely outsized in this game but doubled inside pretty well. Robinson was the difference maker down the stretch

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George hit some big 3’s as well down the stretch. What they did do is protect the ball in the 2nd half. And Saunders played defense well and hit a couple of big shots. He’s kind of stiff but strong as well. The bigs didn’t score much but held their own against the big men of Dayton. Waterman kind of disappeared in this game.

Saunders is going to be really good. Plays hard and has a good shot. BYU will have an up and down year and next year will be tougher, so hopefully recruiting picks up going into the Big12

who was in the game at Point at the end and into OT? Rudi or Hall?

BYU will get slaughtered in the B12 without ligit Bigs. Hall and Chandler are going to be great points for years to come. We seriously need a good inside player and speed. BYU can always get shooters, there’s one in every neighborhood but speed and defense wins titles.

Rudi was because Hall fouled out. In this particular game Hall played the point and controlled the ball pretty well. It seems he and Rudi played pretty well together. One game doesn’t tell a lot, but I would consider playing them together, because imo Johnson can be a stabilizing force for Stewart, Atiki, and Saunders. Just a thought-another game could prove me wrong

Every team we play will come out of the gate with pressure and tons of energy because BYU won’t. Much like football. Playing from behind works if your shots are going down. But, like with USC and Butler, they weren’t.

Were you able to watch the game? ESPN shows Hall with 4 fouls. If Hall and Rudi played together, that would be the 1st time that has happened.

I was looking at some of the Dayton footage, One glaring thing I see, when Pope subs in rookies, Hall, Stewart, Saunders. Teams blow right by, the rookies have a ways to go on Defense.

Well, Dayton didn’t blow right through them in the 2nd half. Rudi and Hall worked well together. There was a time when Hall got his 4th foul that Pope would sub Saunders in for defense and put Hall back in when he could for offense to play with Rudi. Saunders hit some big 3’s and a couple of nice drives for layups.

Hall did foul out in overtime. But, we already had the lead and with his poor free throw shooting, it was better to have someone else in. He really needs to work on his free throw shooting.

I thought it was on ESPN U but could be wrong. That’s why I thought Johnson could help with all of the 2nd unit to create more cohesiveness. I like everything about Hall except his ft and gives Rudi a break as the point

There’s a football game on now. :sunglasses:

First game all year Hall has asserted himself offensively. Played big minutes at the 1 with Rudi at the 2. I’m all for max minutes for Hall as he learns, because we almost certainly won’t make the Dance this year anyway, and we could be an 8-10 win team next year unless Hall is a major impact player (and we get1 or 2 true bigs).

To beat good teams n D1 you need a guard who can take over in the last 4 minutes. SJ has the talent but is too unselfish. George can score from all 3 levels but doesn’t have the handle. Rudi has The potential but has shot poorly and the TOs just gotta stop. Robinson was fantastic down the stretch, and maybe he plays himself into looking like the 5 star prophecy that he was coming out of HS, but I want to see something other than 3s from him.

As a team we have to be near the bottom of all 300 and some D1 teams in FT%. Hall has to be better than he has shown or he can’t have the ball in his hands late in a close game.

That aside, isn’t it fun to watch these games? These are good mid majors and we are very competitive with them, and that makes for fun games to watch. We will have lots of close games this year.

Is that Code word for, “BYU will lose to SMC and Gonzaga as well as road games to SF and SC?”

BYU has pretty much been hanging right with everyone they play and probably will all season. This is a team that has the potential to just keep improving. I’m with you-keep playing Hall and even Saunders and get ready for next year. If you don’t get discouraged with the growing pains, they are kind of fun to watch. Football is another story. The defense is not fun to watch and I only have one complaint about the offense-if you only have a yard to go-why wouldn’t you just give it to Brooks, who has been a human battering ram lately. Saves your QB from getting banged up and keeps drives going. BYU is fortunate yesterday that the game didn’t turn into a U of O/Oregon State stunner