BYU football survey completed

Hopefully others of you also recieved the email and completed the survey. The AD is at least trying to figure out what they can do to help home fans. Some honest feedback will hopefully help them out, ticket sales are way down right now, some nervous people in the department right now.

must be only for those fans that are not casual fans…:flushed:

Should have gone out to any fan who is a season ticket holder, was a season ticket holder, or has purchased tickets trough BYU ticket office, and are coigar club members.

It speaks to the issues of the drop in ticket sales since the Indy experiment. Not looking good for the current administration of things don’t turn around.

Lot of things can go wrong next season. And to me the probabilities are high that enough things will go wrong, with the 2015 schedule, that we will likely have between 6 and 8 wins next year. If so the attendance will further decline and Bronco’s term as HC will be over (and perhaps Tom H’s too). I have had an uneasy feeling (NOT dislike - don’t know Bronoc) about how Bronco runs the FB program since “the Kid” rode into town. Many strange things (to me) have happened over the past four or five years. But of course I am but only one of several tens of thousands of fans, so what do I know.

Isn’t it pretty clear that when the games are on TV and the weather isn’t so good that fans aren’t going to come out and watch in person? At least for the BYU crowd. Maybe drop the ESPN deal :wink:

Before Lavell, the crowds were thin and easy to find a good seat. I always liked being in the upper level. Even on the 20 yard lines you could see the game a lot better than the lower levels.

yea I always like to sit in the north end zone on the corner (where it curves). You could see the play open up when the team was coming toward you… pretty cool.

I don’t know what is going to happen, I just know “A lot” of fans (big donors) are starting to complain… See what happens I guess…

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Lowest attendance in 30+ years this year, and it has been a steady decline since Indy for home game attendance. I can confirm from my source in the AD, it’s a huge problem they are addressing. Nearly $4m in lost revenue this season due to ticket sales slump alone.

If it was sent to the primary ticket holder it missed a lot of the fan base. My tickets are through my brother in law who reserves the number of seats so I didn’t get the survey. I did the survey they mentioned during the season, so I hope they pay close attention to the results. My two cents is that they only listen to a segment of the fan base and take the rest for granted. They should just have a number of staff sit in each section of the stadium and listen to/watch what goes on and they would have plenty of material to work with.

The ESPN deal is obviously the “cash cow” for BYU since they haven’t gotten into a big 5 conference. BYU has to compete for fans with the PAC XII playing just up the road at that school up north. Pretty tough competition, when PAC schools play in SLC at least four or five times a year when BYU plays such powers as Savannah State and Middle Tennessee among others in Provo.
One bad ting about the ESPN deal is that the BYU schedule is like a yo-yo. They play a lot of Thursday and Friday night games, usually late, as the last game or second to last game on ESPN or ESPN-2 or the ESPNU. It is not encouraging to play after 8:00 pm late in the season, sometimes at 9:00 PM. .

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one answer only…BYU has nothing to play for once they lose a game as Indy. They need to be in a league. If they go one more year without an invite, BYU will have to look for a place to land. Could the MWC lose a certain commish? Come on Big 12, you guys need us, we need you.


Yes, but how much was the net gain when ESPN and other revenue was added in?

It was apparently the best that BYU could get at the time. BTUtv is the other good thing, as BYU said, “its all about exposure.” But losing to a lot of teams on TV doesn’t help us a lot.

Yep, there is good exposure and bad exposure. Performance on the field has been tepid (granted a lot of injuries and among those key injuries. 2015 shapes up to be a pivotal year for BM and possibly for Tom H. as well.

KC, I have no information and I know nothing accept for my own feelings. I will attempt to express them now.

I get extremely frustrated when we try to gain respect of the P5 Conferences and football fans nation wide.

We play as many P5 teams possible and than totally blow it by scheduling Division 2 teams or worse each season.

It doesn’t make since to me at all. We can’t have it both ways.

We either gain respect by playing respected teams or we lose respect by scheduling, for any reason, division 2 or worse teams.

We need to make up our minds weather we want to stay Mid Major and play all good mid major teams, or if we want to be accepted as a P5 team and play at least 8 P5 teams each season with NO division 2 or worse teams.

We should be getting our 4 teams that are not P5 teams from the MWC or the AAC.

When we schedule Division 2 or worse team each season,and each season, we blame it onto someone else, it is just frustrating.

Trust comes into question and that in itself, is frustrating. If we can’t trust our own, than who can we trust. Who outside our own group can trust us about anything?

I think that many fans are just waiting for the powers that be, to make up their minds.

Floyd, I am not and I never have considered myself as a Casual fan. I have been very intense with my BYU Football since the 1953-54 school year. I spend about 8 hours per day, reading every article I can find that may relate to BYU football.

While other teams are forging ahead, because they are adjusting their new ways of administrating, and coaching, We are hanging onto our old ways.

We continue to look for cheap labor, comparatively speaking, instead of looking for the best available. We contine to demand that the HC be a member in good standing, instead of giving that responsibility to a non coaching admisistrator i.e. the AD.

Because of the New P5 conferences, and because of the Big 4 play offs, and because of the new importance of strength of schedule, (TCU/Baylor), Other Schools know they have to make changes.

They know that if they do not make the necessart changes, they will stand still while the other teams that do make adjustments will forge ahead.

The difference between making adjustments and not making adjustments, is that those that make the necessary adjustments to cope with the new football environment will forge ahead, while those that do not make the adjustments will free fall to non significance.

I have spent too much of my life and energy cheering my Cougars on year after year, to see them fall into non significance.

Ronald, the problem is that as indy we just can’t put together a complete schedule that doesn’t include 6-8 MWC or AAC type opponents, and if any P5 pull out, we have few options and must go lower division to fill a hole schedule. indy has blown up in our face and if I was responsible for a $3m ticket sales drop at my company this year, even if I improved our performance in other areas, I would be held accountable for the loss in ticket sales. I know the AD is also being held accountable by the BOT for ticket sales, but unfortunatly until the home schedule changes, fans just won’t be as interested in attending. We didn’t have this problem when we were in a conference, lowest home attendance since early 1980’s.


" if I was responsible for a $3m ticket sales drop at my company this year, even if I improved our performance in other areas, I would be held accountable for the loss in ticket sales."

I agree. I think the fans are overly tired of us scheduling “give me games” in order to have another winning season and another bowl game.

ND is independent. They would never, ever, ever, ever, schedule a division 2 or lower team. We are about the lowest SOS team that they would consider scheduling and even than they seem to have cancelled out of playing us the remaining four games that we originally agreed to.

No, I can not agree that because we are independent, we must schedule Patsies. I believe we use our independecy as an excuse for scheduling Division 2 or worse team.

I believe that a significant number of fans, not fair weather fans, but good loyal fans that hurt to see the decline of our team, will stay away from LES in protest until we stop destroying our teams creditability by scheduling Division 2 or worse teams.

It robs us of our pride.

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It’s becaue we are Indy that we HAVE to schedule these types of teams while others are in conference play. There just are not enough teams willing to play non conference games in October and November.

While I agree with what you are saying… There is something I think you missed about the scheduling this past season.

The reason we had so many lower tier teams play us was directly due to Hawaii and one other school (Sorry can’t remember who it was) cancelled the home and home with us.

TH had to scramble to get the teams they did, and ESPN helped find those schools that we played.

I agree we need to get a better SOS schedule, but sometimes our hands are tied because other schools do not honor their contract with us.

It’s playing teams like Hawaii and other MWC, WAC, and AAC that frustrate me, we should just join one of these conferences so these games mean something and can propel us to a NY6 bowl game should we have a season we can beat all of them. Instead of like last year where we play them all anyway, but for nothing in the end. Boise State keeps showing just how far our program dropped since Indy. We need some work to get to their level.

I could understand the Hawaii thing… but I think the other school was Georgia Tech or some school back East that is part of the P5 conference.