BYU getting pounded by West Virginia

76 may be the worst OL man I have ever seen in a long time. He wifft at least 5 times.
Recalling kick off return really is unfortunate. Bone head plock behind the play.

Extremely poorly executed game by BYU all around
Actually , Retzlaff has looked pretty good. Good zip on the ball.

A better OC would help him out for next year. I’d leave him in. I hate losing but getting piled on by the refs makes me mad.

yep agree frustrating
Even Rex can’t pull it in - heard footsteps

We aren’t focused. Maybe at home we will be focused enough to make it a game.

The question is, is it really the OC or is the problem much deeper than that. There’s no fight in this team, it looks like the teams from the Crowton era.

Good comparison!

Lack of focus. Not effort. The dropped balls are the example. The refs have caused bad focus.

The refs didn’t cause them to lose focus. They didn’t have focus in the beginning. I mean good gosh you’re watching a shutout right now and your trying to tell me that it’s the ref’s fault that they don’t have Focus. Come on now I’m not that foolish.

WV just scored again, BYU tacklers literally bounced off the receiver. This is one bad, bad team. It’s a laughfer - I would make the team watch this game over and over.

I don’t have time to explain football, mentality of players and how the refs affect the flow of games. The mentality fell when the run back was called back late.

going to flip over to the Washington USC game. Just can’t take one of the most embarrassing games BYU has ever played. I feel the sorriest for FOX as they picked up this game for prime time.
Go Huskies!

Playcalling is just poor.

BYU setting records. BUY giving up most rushing yards by P5 team (not one tonight) since 2016.

Oh and 60 yards rushing on the other side of ball. Any on the fence recruits will probably lean away from BYU after this. ya just can’t stink it up this bad and there not be consequences.

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sorry man I can’t buy what your selling. it was 0 to 27 when that play happened. bad calls happen all the time and good team will bounce back, an average team will say if only, but a bad team can’t even say the bad refs made a difference.

I’ve got it! Move Fessi to DC and Hill to OC the rest of the way

Couldn’t be worse.
Maybe this’ll be the game that Sitake needs to get rid of ARod. Like Mack Jones did after Taysom Hill v Texas.

BYU just scored against WV second unit!

I like Retzlaff - looks pretty good for 1st big boy game. Only bright spot of this game

I agree he looked good. hopefully they will work with him, because he could have a bright future.

No interceptions. He can run. Hopefully we will have a run game mentality next week using Retzlaff keeping the ball more. He can throw the ball. Stick with him.

You must be new to the board, otherwise you would realize that Grasshopper never admits when he is wrong even though the data and situation clearly shows that he is off base.

It is true that Ref’s can affect the flow of the game, this comes from someone who officiated sports for many years.

However, as you pointed out the lack of focus is not because of the ref’s this game, the offensive unit has been out focus for 4 games. The fact that in 4 games BYU offense has only had 4 touchdowns says all you need to know about the focus on offensive side.

Defensive unit seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Poor tackling, poor decisions, poor positioning. But they do have heart.

Not sure Kalani keeps his job, mostly because the team seems to be worse each week.