BYU guard Jesse Wade entering transfer portal

BYU basketball: Cougars guard Jesse Wade entering NCAA transfer portal - Deseret News


Barcello coming back?

Just another example of a Utah HS star player that isn’t good enough to start at BYU. I understand he has had some health issues and that is unfortunate because it likely didn’t help in his effort to become an impactful player at BYU. I also understand that Floyd and some others might be offended by my comments on occasion but please don’t take it personally. It is what it is.

Given that Utah State when Coach Smith was an Assistant recruited both Wade and Harding it will be interesting to see if he still has interest.

Wade, just too small with average speed for D1. Great HS player.

Harding is married to Paisley Harding, on the Girls BYU BB team. He may be transferring but not far?

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Of the 3, only Saunders Jr makes any sense at this point. Pope is a final 8 with a good point guard.
More to come on if Barcello and BA return

Curious if you mean with the current team makeup with the additional pg talent or if you mean on a longer time scale.

if ABBA were to return I still think a major upgrade on the PG stat line would still be required. Can ABBA do it? from Pope’s statements he seems to think so. Though I wonder how much his off the cuff remarks get revised in the heat of counselling with his coterie of coaches.

Just announced today another player put it in the transfer portal. Wyatt Lowell is the third player

I’m surprised on that. We were expecting him to be Mr. Outside big. Why is he transferring? Unless the coaches have said they are bringing in some big time players. I understand the other two.

Wow, Wyatt’s transfer is a big surprise. Just about everyone was expecting big things from him before his injury. Speaking of injured players with big expectations who haven’t contributed, I wonder if Gavin Baxter will be next.

Gavin Baxter which I hope not but he did say when he graduates that he will move on but I hope I am wrong. It could be this year or next year but I don’t know.

Colby Lee just announce he is leaving as well.

Wonder what’s up with all of that?

Your guess is better than mine and yes I have no clue what’s up

From some people are reporting is that a lot of the high school athletes are entering the transfer portal because of lack of playing time. Some people say it is because of ego, but the coaches are kind of worried that this trend will become the new normal, “If we don’t play right away, we transfer” type of attitude. To add to the issue of transferring, the NCAA is voting on allowing a student to enter the transfer portal one time without getting penalized (not have to sit a year).

This is what Puka Nuccu is hoping for when he transferred from Washington to BYU for football.

That’s Jesse Wade, Kolby Lee, Connor Harding, and Wyatt Lowell now. Honestly, I don’t mind any of these guys leaving. I’ve always loved Harding’s ability, but with Pope’s recruiting, I can’t see him playing much in the coming seasons. Jesse Wade is not a D1 type player. Kolby Lee isn’t skilled enough down low. Lowell I am not sure about, but from what I saw isn’t a great player.

I can understand wanting to go somewhere where you will play more, but I think the culture of quickly transferring if you’re not happy about playing time is ruining things. It’s like free agency in pro sports, and athletes changing teams all the time (usually for more money in the pros).

I kind of wish athletes, their parents, and teams needed to calculate the possibility of not as much playing time into their decisions to accept scholarship offers, and that both schools and athletes needed to adhere to previous agreements. It’s only going to get worse, especially if the NCAA grants one “freebie” portal transfer where they don’t need to sit out a year.

From a fan perspective, I agree with you entirely. However, from a player perspective, is there anything that binds them to one school until they go pro when they accept a scholarship? Probably not, and I doubt anything could be done to require that.

This is more something we need to adjust to as fans. The “cast” is going to change annually, for better or worse. Good news is, though, it works both ways if we can bring some better players in through the portal.

College Scholarships are for one (1) year at time with a max of 5 years and They renewed/revoked at the discretion of the coach after each year. The premise that the player got a 4 year scholarship is not accurate, it is that they can receive up to 4-5 years of scholarship if the coach basically wants them to stay.

I still believe if a school is giving a free ride that a student has an obligation to stay until they go pro with the same school. Maybe they should consider the Zack Wilson approach and put in the time in the off season and get better. The play in college is watered down from the years players played together for years and developed chemistry.

With Europe and other international leagues opened up professionally, the players look to that for their careers instead of their schooling.

The coaches used to try and build programs. Not so much anymore. Coaches should expect if they are handing out free education to these premadonnas that the players should stick for the years a coach is giving them those free years of college education.