BYU... in the wcc but not in Gonzaga's league

It would be a miracle if the Cougars beat Gonzaga, but I give them about 5% chance so it is possible. Do I believe it will happen? No. BYU is not prepared to compete well in this game. I don’t think they have a plan, I don’t think they are prepared well so I don’t think it is going to happen.

Two hours before game time. I will post more as the game gets going.

Well, this might be the next and final post for tonight.

BYU down by 12 in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Luke had a bad hook shot and a hack.

Now that Baxter is in he goes above the rim and blocks a layup attempt. I guess the Larimer brothers do know what they are talking about.

Haws and Childs can’t play 2 on 5, so maybe Rose should have spent more time giving Baxter the minutes he could have used to be a force in this game.

It’s really too bad that we see the same thing year after year.

Desperate move to put Hardnett in the game. This shows how bad things are. The guy hasn’t played in almost a month.

His hand injury seems to be just fine… imagine that.

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Well, it’s halftime and there are no surprises here but I do have to post again. This is about how I expected the game to go though I did think BYU would show a little more effort to maybe keep it close in the first half.

There are some things about BYU that I understand and know. Worthington is not a D-1 player. Hardnett’s hand injury, if there ever was an injury, was not anything. He looks fine, but because he it rusty, he can’t do much… too bad. He was the 3rd scoring option but the mystical hand injury has exposed Emery as the player that was supposed to supplant him and really can’t. Baxter was not developed enough, ready or not, so he has flashes of potential but not enough playing time early on has set him back. There are many other things…

What I don’t understand is why BYU is still so horrible at 3 point shooting. I haven’t checked the first half stats but it must be terrible. Gonzaga, who plays at the MC once a year, is shooting much better. 24 points at halftime is pathetic. That just shouldn’t happen.

Shall I do my final assessment of the game now. Might as well, Emery is lost out there completely lost, canon is overwhelmed, asking what play they’re running over and over,. Baxter comes in makes in any immediate block. Harnett makes his appearance and actually starts a mini run for Byu. Haws just can’t score on these bigger stronger guys. And childs is trying to do too much. So I’m surprised we’re only down by 20

EV easy answer Jim , Gonzaga is wide open. And Byu has had maybe one open look all game because Gonzaga actually plays defense. By the way Rose runs a junior high type offense. Wouldn’t take me 30 seconds to scout. Gonzaga is making a lot of teams look sad this year I read they beat Santa Clara by 60 the other night

It’s sad when you are watching your team get pummeled at home and you start thinking how players like Childs, Haws, Emery, might have been so much better after being coached by Few in the Gonzaga system. Did any of you notice any player on Gonzaga taking ridiculous shots or not playing team ball and this is a very tough venue to play in at Provo. Few was busy coaching, even up by 30. There are teams that are bigger and more athletic than Gonzaga, but this game was a coaching clinic. I don’t mind losing, but BYU just is not a well disciplined, coached team.

Well, I tuned in for the rest of the game in the second half. It looked like the Harlem Globetrotters against those forever losers the Washington Generals.

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How many more days for 2019 Football season? 208 days to go, sigh

It seemed like we weren’t prepared for a double team on Childs. He reacted very slowly because we have no movement. And Jim is right about the shooting. 36% won’t beat anyone. We get really sloppy with shooting. Sometimes just throwing the ball up. Also, when we drive we need to pull up for some 6-8 foot shots.

Check the stats. Everything was pretty even including assists and turnovers. Our players rush shots and get flustered in the lane. Childs was just off tonight and he needs to stick around one more year. He’s not ready for the NBA.
We had a horrible game plan. Childs has no idea what to do when he was double teamed. We had no motion or cutters. Where were the cutters?

You mean HE had a horrible game plan. Rose has lost it, no reason to be coaching anymore, time to cut loose and start fresh.

Rose needs to plan his exit strategy. Fans will not tolerate this kind o coaching.

What I saw out there was players who had 0 discipline. Haws nearly missed the entire glass on one shot. hardnett hit the steel support beams and Childs was so un prepared defense wise, he got scored on by 3 deferent players on 3 straight plays.

How long have I said we miss layups that we should not be missing. How about that nice move Haws made on the baseline for a pull up 16 ft shot and he was long by 3 feet. The only player I saw play consistently was Sejlass. He’s the only player cutting to the basket and making outside shots and layups. Can he continue because that’s what we saw in his freshman year.
We knew we couldn’t stop their offense. I thought we did keep them from running away in the first 25 minutes. But, we needed to be able to shoot 55% to stay in the game and we shot 36%. Mostly because we panicked and shot without that discipline.

It’s pretty easy to sit in our comfy overstuffed chairs and point fingers, complain constantly and act like spoiled children. This is the very reason why I left this board 3 years ago. Perhaps I came back too soon. The reality is that the boys had a bad game. A week ago they had a great game, and some of you still complained. It’s a sorry state for this cougar fan.

Might as well go back and hibernate and we will let you know when to come out. I am dropping my Slingtv right now. Sad time to be a Cougar in men’s basketball.

I agree that many complain even when we play good and win big games. But, I think last night’s game showed a couple of concerns:

  1. We weren’t ready for the double team on Childs. Why?
  2. Why are our contested shots hitting the wires above the basket or barely touching the backboard. Or Haws 19 footer for a 16 foot shot? That’s all mental.

I think we want to know why this is happening at a D-1 college. Even players on other teams weaker than we are make open shots, drives to the basket and last second shots on the shot clock.

I agree there is too much conspiracy nonsense. And we tend not to show Christian principles to struggling players.

Ummm…that’s the attitude he’s disappointed with. You can only be a fan when we are winning. Reminds me of Tithing. It’s easy to pay when you earn a lot of money. But, real faith and testimony of Tithing happens when the income is very low.

I was listening to Sports Talk radio which really is an addiction of mine…
These fellows were talking about the state of BYU sports and how it would never return to the days of Yester-Year when we had great Football and Basketball teams.

Here are some of the things they listed:

  1. It is not the coaching (Well maybe partially true) because you can not coach “Natural Talent”.
  2. With BYU new Academic Standards, where a kid who wants to come to BYU after they graduated from another college is not allowed to come, because he does not meet the higher (than under grad) post-graduate academic standards. A lot of the really good players, can not enroll at BYU because of the high academic standards, in fact that they mentioned that on the 1996 Cotton Bowl BYU football team, most of the stars on that team could not enroll at BYU today.
  3. Non-Conference affiliation is a factor for Football, and playing in High School gyms for Basketball doesn’t cut it either for the new recruits.
  4. According to one guy who has several ties to BYU administration and coaching staff, he asked them point blank “What is your biggest hurdle for getting good players to BYU?” - the coaches answer was a bit of a shock for me, he said “The high academic standards” stops most 4-5 star recruits from coming to BYU, it was not the Honor Code, but the new academic standards.
  5. The coaches also said that the major boosters for BYU are very supportive of the school and donations is not going down, but with the increase standards, they feel that maybe the powers to be should revisit “who” and “How” we can admit some of these students who are quite not there academically.

This is off the top of my head, but having read several of your comments over the years, I think we should examine “Why” BYU does seem to be getting better in the two major sports, I think the reasons I listed are some valuable reasons why the school does not seem to be able to be better.

For “Gripe” sake, I am not saying the sports talks dudes are accurate, they just brought up some things that they are aware of.

Maybe Chris or the Lamiar’s boys have more inside info… But what I listed does make sense.

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One of the reasons I read a lot, but posts little…

Still going to RSL games? My oldest and his wife are died hard RSL fans… YUK! Soccer is boring! :smile: