BYU is finalizing the Basketball HC selection

BYU basketball: Kevin Young hired as new Cougars head coach – Deseret News

Don’t know much about him, but he seems to be highly praised in the NBA.


BYU hires Kevin Young as head men’s basketball coach - BYU Athletics - Official Athletics Website - BYU Cougars

Great hire! Good luck to Young and BYU!

Had never heard of the guy. Sounds like he has some good credentials. Hopefully he will do well and stick around 10+ years. I wonder if he can get Chandler back?’

I would think with Young’s background in the NBA, he would be able to help Chandler get to the NBA better than Pope (No knock-on Pope, but this guy is an NBA coach).

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Chandler’s a one and done player with rusty missionary legs. Don’t care. Go get Adam’s back along with Saunders and Hall. I’m sure Young can get other point guards as well. Oh, and keep Baker. I don’t care if Khalif comes back. I think Young will get another big to transfer. Especially with the right assistant coaches.
I wonder if Burgess would consider coming back. Pull Cummard over from the women’s coaching staff. It sounds like BYU BOT are understanding more that you have to pay coaches a lot more than before being in the Big12. We have more money also in the Big12 too.

For the first time in a week I have some optimism. If Young can keep last years roster together losing Chandler may only be a temporary setback. Hopefully Isaac Davis keeps his commitment and they can bring in a good guard from the portal
to somewhat mitigate the loss of Chandler. A good big would help as well.

Past history at BYU since Frank Arnold was fired is that the new coach’s first year is better than the previous coach’s last year. Hopefully that holds true.
You can check Sport’s Reference College Basketball and in every case where BYU changed coaches since Frank Arnold was fired the next season’s new coach had a better record. In fact I think Frank Arnold had a slightly better record than Glen Potter in his first year. The last time BYU saw a worse record the first year a new coach came in was 72-73 when Glen Potter replaced the retiring Hall of Fame coach Stan Watts. So let’s keep up the hope. Young’s first task will be of utmost importance and that is to keep
the current roster together as much as possible and to bring in some new talent.

lol maybe the Suns will get eliminated early :wave:

Completely agree. What more would a kid looking to get to the NBA than a successful assistant NBA coach. Pope isn’t the answer. Robinson wasn’t helped by Pope bringing him off the bench and not playing him 30+ minutes a game.

Here is article about Young hiring
BYU hires Phoenix assistant Kevin Young as next men’s basketball coach |
"The Cougars put together a contract worth close to $30 million for the next seven years, according to CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander. That’s an average of an average of $4.28 million per year for the first-time collegiate head coach.

Of course, that isn’t really known since BYU never publishes what coaches really make. This is a really great hire.

According to reports, Ryan Smith (Jazz owner and former BYU alum) donated money for the hiring.

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BYUSN guys keep saying Smith and Ainge got it done. We will never know for sure. But, I’m sure someone had to put up some money for the BOT to go along with it. Now, we need assistants hired right away to go and re-recruit the portal guys back if possible and keep Baker and others there still.

interesting interview

Well apparently, Holmoe and Santiago saw the writing on the wall with Pope leaving for Kentucky.

“What we learned in the surprise hire of Young, is Tom Holmoe and deputy assistant athletic director, Brian Santiago — a golfing pal of Jazz owner Ryan Smith — anticipated Pope leaving and had targeted Young way early in the process to get the ball rolling. The same early vetting happened for potential assistants. Holmoe and Santiago pulled resumes and likely placed them before Young before he signed to replace Pope.”

BYU basketball: Kevin Young needs immediate staff help – Deseret News

Smart move on Tom’s and Brian’s part.

Good interview with Tom Holmo on BYUSN. Good information. Mahaney from St. Mary’s is in the portal. Go after him?

Where are the great basketball gurus here on the forum. Not a peep from them. They tend to disappear when the going gets tough :grin:

“A guy named Smith helped a guy named Young replace a Pope” :rofl:

If Chandler made that decision so quickly he is gone. Kentucky will have some very powerful guards. If Chandler can’t keep up with the physicality, he may be transferring in a year or two if he’s not the starter. Personally, I don’t want him back it would seem to me that if, you choose leave before you even get the pitch from the new coach why bother

What do you think of the hire? Everybody seems to be thrilled about it. From everything I am reading, and hearing, and based on his resume, it seems like BYU got the best possible available candidate. The only negative is that he will be tied up with Phoenix through the playoffs. Hopefully he can find some time to reach out to the players in the portal and convince them to stay. If he can retain the ones wavering BYU should be in pretty good shape next year with, or without, Chandler. From everything I am hearing Davis is a BYU guy and not a Pope guy so he probably stays. Sounds like Chandler was a Pope guy,

I am also happy BYU moved fast on the hire and BYU and Smith came up with a compensation package that convinced him to come. I heard a rumor that Young was about to be hired by the Nets for something like $5Million a year.

There are a couple of good guards in the portal. Maybe BYU can grab one of them and offset the loss of Chandler to some degree. I understand Rollie Worster is in the portal and also Mahaney from St. Marys.

Because he has someone chirping in his ears. He’s young. See if Young can recruit him. If Chandler sees himself in the NBA, then why would he not play for a successful coach in the NBA? Same with the others leaving. Adams should get back to BYU now.