BYU is finalizing the Basketball HC selection

He’s a great get. As I wrote already, “a guy like Smith helps a guy like Young to replace a Pope” :rofl:

Young will be introduced tonight on a special BYUSN program at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

I love how everyone chirps about high school players and talks about them going to the NBA. Okay, like anyone has a clue if that will happen. Everyone thinks Chandler is some big loss but he is totally unproven, nobody knows how well he will do in college. I remember when everyone in Utah Valley was talking about the big 3 and how they were going to take BYU to the final four.

Let’s all slow down and see how this shakes out. The new hire obviously comes with huge cred and hype. Let’s hope the Suns do well in the playoffs because it will go that much better for BYU. If kids think a pro coach is coming to BYU they will want to come as well. The guys that have jumped ship are making a mistake in my opinion.

It is becoming a popular trend and I don’t think it is the best thing for a lot of players. How has it worked for Lohner? He’s off to another place again. Chandler may be a big loss but nobody knows that. I saw some of his film and he’s good but he hasn’t proven a thing at the college level and you just don’t know how somebody’s game will translate to the next level, college or pro.

So, players often declare for the pros so they can go to the workouts and find out what they need to work on. We’ve had players do that and then come back for their senior year. With coach Young, the players will get that each year they play at BYU. Chandler should still come to BYU.

I watched the press conference and noticed Hall was there Jaxon Robinson as well. Hopefully that’s a good sign. I see no reason for Hall & Saunders to not come back unless it is NIL money. Robinson may go to the NBA. Khalifa I have no clue. He listed BYU among 3 schools he was considering.,vid:IIYcibaoikA,st:0

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I believe that when people are talking about a “Big Loss” it is not how Chandler will or will not play on the college level, but rather they are referring to the fact that BYU "lost the “highest ranked 4 star” player EVER recruited and got in BYU Basketball History.

None of the “Valley 3” of which you referred were ever ranked by national recruiting services as high as Chandler is. I think Chandler is going to struggle regardless of where he goes, because he has been on a mission for two years. Most players take at least a year to get back into playing shape after serving mission.

But I agree, there has been players brought in that everyone would think would “save” the program, only to be bust, or not as good as advertised.

For every Lohner there is a Tanner Toolson:
Tanner Toolson - 2023-24 - Men’s Basketball - Utah Valley University Athletics (

It was reported by BYU Sports Nation that Saunders was “excited” for the new the coach. I believe with the hiring of this coach, all three of the players will come back.

FYI, there was talk that Khalifa was thinking about coming back prior to BYU hiring Young as the new coach.

I believe it is pretty normal for players to wonder about the “greener pastures” out there and check out who would be interested when they hit the portal. I equate it to you working at some place, you really like your manager and work well with him. He leaves for a better job, and you wonder what the new manager is going to be like. So, you dust off your resume and start looking, because you don’t know what the environment is going to be with the new boss.

I could be wrong, but with the current landscape of college sports, I think this is the new “normal”.

If you want the full story of just how fast this all took place, watch Sports Nation.
Watch BYU Sports Nation 2024 Episode 76: Kevin Young Day with Tom Holmoe (4-17-24) - BYUtv

Watch the first 5 to 10 minutes, Holmoe explains just how fast things moved.

I ask people to watch BYUSN and some think those guys don’t know what they are talking about. Which is completely wrong. And, there are those who think Holmo should have left a long time ago.

Anyways, I agree with you on all accounts. Not sure about Hall yet. His reaction to Ainge’s hug wasn’t a positive one. We will see. Young will bring in some good players. No doubt. Maybe better than Hall.

What I am asking them to do is listen to Tom Holmoe about how the hiring of Young was done. I am not asking anyone to believe/not believe anything, just the story about how it came to be.,

nice to have a brother in the business that can help with finding diamonds in the rough.

No surprise Fueger is gone Mark Pope hires BYU assistant Cody Fueger to Kentucky staff (

I saw them pan in on Hall once and he was all smiles. The fact he was there is a good sign. A lot of other players were not there.

I wouldn’t read much in to the hug reaction. Some people aren’t wild about being hugged by anybody but family.

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I’m aware of that. I am an expert in personality recognition.

Really? and yet, you have issues with communication with others on this fan site? interesting.

I don’t have issues. You all do.

Good one! Had to laugh at that one.

I use the STAR personality program to identify personalities.
S = Structured, Systems, organized…
T = Theory, technical…
A = Action, Just get it done…
R = Relationships

Most have a dominant and a secondary. There are those that have a bit of all. People can change due to their environment and necessity.

I can use it to help or hinder results. I use it in business to relate to clients. There are words associated with each of the 4.

Ainge’s hug?

Are you talking literally or figuratively? If it was a literal, actual hug then that is weird. If Ainge tried to hug me I would probably react in a not so positive way as well.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: