BYU lose out on another QB

BYU football: BYU misses out on Ohio QB Kurtis Rourke - Deseret News

I have to wonder if maybe these QB knows something us fans are refusing to see? That ARod is not a good QB coach?

Ratzlaff threw for over 8000 yard and 45+ TD’s during his 2 years in the JUCO ranks, but yet he comes to BYU and can’t throw a short pass? Hmmmmm… Maybe it is coaching.

Maybe just not a good fit for the standards of BYU. Not judging him but why come to where you’d get thrown out for breaking the HC these days. Why do you keep judging Arod?

Ok instead
The OC with the 120th ranked offense, made one of worst bonehead, horrible analytics calls in BYU history, historically bad second half calling to lose very winnable game against ranke elite = Arod is not a good coach
Not a judgement just looking at facts


What’s that have to do with the QB that did not want to come here? Connor Pay is staying. I’m good with the QBs we have in the system. One and done QBs don’t work out. RBs do.

Hopped Up says: "What’s that have to do with the QB that did not want to come here? "

Clearly, my reply about Arod was in response your reply to Floyd: “Why do you keep judging Arod?”

I know you don’t read others’ responses - or just enuf to try to obfuscate, but you don’t even read or remember your own texts.
Comprehension is a learned skill " You can do it!"


If a player sneezes it’s because Arod made it happen. It’s Arod’s fault. It’s getting old.

Your right, we’re stuck with him for at least another year. I do hope he rights the ship, but his track record is pretty poor. Would be fired about anywhere else. Here’s to him getting help to be better.

BYU lost out on yet another QB. Brayden Schager visited BYU a few weeks ago but just announced he is returning to play for the Hawaii Rainbows.

do it in house. bring on one of our young guns

Ryder Burton had an 85 ranking coming out of HS and has been in the program for an entire year now. He has 4 years of eligibility left. I’m told he is not at all ready to start. All 3 QBs we just signed in this class are ranked 85. Retzlaff was 84. A 3 star QB can be great, but almost always needs the right system and time to develop (Jaren Hall was 84, Zach Wilson 87, Slovis 87).

Jaren Hall graduated from HS in 2016. Zach Wilson 2018. Zach benefitted GREATLY getting to play an entire season of actual game reps vs JV teams in 2020, because there is NO SUBSTITUTE for actual game reps, even vs inferior competition.

So my question is: What young guns? Where are they? Because unless I’m forgetting somebody, with the exception of a few good games from Slovis, ARod has not signed a QB in the last SIX YEARS who has had any success.

true but the one and done is not working out. if Retzlaff is serious, he will move down to So Cal and get with my pal John Beck

If you watch Retzlaff’s juco film he’s the best player on the field. But in his 4 games he looked like straight panic. If Arod is gonna stick with him for two years he should buy the plane ticket himself to get him to SoCal.

I was texting my buddy in the know tonight and we were both saying how one and done NIL guys is a road to nowhere for BYU.


Our problem is ARod. He hasn’t recruited a high school kid in 6 years who has contributed. Add to that a few failed transfers and it’s an ugly report card for the guy whose job it is to recruit QBs.

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Yep you are right on. ARod is the problem and until he is gone the offense will be bad against good competition! They will also be bad against mediocre competition.

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That means we will go 10-2 next season…

ARod’s main job is to recruit QBs and call plays. ARod was hired AFTER Zach Wilson committed. His first 5 years he had Zach Wilson and Jaren Hall, both recruited before he arrived. Those two NFL QBs made him look really good. What’s to show for 6 years recruiting? Hmmmmm…

Play Calling: ARod is a strange mix of being way too conservative, then being waaaaaay too cute. To me it seems like he’s obsessed with “tricking” the defense and as a result ignores the obvious. Play calling doesn’t have to be so complex. I will cite a few of his gems:

The infamous goal line slot end around to a TE who hadn’t had a carry all year, on slippery turf.

4th and 1 vs Coastal Carolina. We are at midfield. Allgeier for 7 on first down. 2nd down jet sweep to Pau’u for no gain. 3rd down Allgeier for 2, making it 4th and about 1 foot. Let’s recall that ARod had one of the best backs in BYU history against an inferior opponent. Allgeier finished that game with 13 carries for 106, an average of 8.2ypc. Wonder how bad Allgeier wanted the rock there? But instead of just giving Allgeier the ball, we do a weird, slow developing flea flicker of some sort (IIRC) and throw a long pass across the field to Gunnar Romney, but Zach underthrows it. Still shaking my head.

Go 58 yards to the 1 yard line on 3 gashing runs vs Oklahoma. Then throw a first and goal pick 6. That was possibly THE dumbest play call in BYU history, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Maybe the dumbest in all of football history, including Youth Football. Not only was the offense in rhythm, the D was gassed, confidence was on our side, and the D was on its heels, but our QB was inexperienced and an inaccurate passer. Just so shocking…the whole thing…

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Que hopper’s response that it was all Retzlaffs fault - just had to throw it over the receivers other shoulder and absolve A rod 100% on dummest call I ever remember in history of BYU football as you said.
Arod must be a good talker. I had some people work for me like that - piled it deep - just „ wasn’t their fault“ but so easy to see through. Had to let them go. I would tell them sincerely „Despite my personal regard for you, you’re just not the right fit for this position and we need to let you go.“
Maybe next year that’s the conversation with Arod if things don’t DRASTICALLY improve. I would tell among other metrics the offense better be in the top 60 teams statistically at the end of the first 6 games AND at the end of the year or he is gone. Time to draw some lines


I watched the Dallas Cowboys and The Chiefs do the exact same thing. With the same bad results. So, that must means Andy Reid is a horrible play caller. You armchair coaches crack me up.

Let’s see ARod has won how many championships? Andy Reid? You just make dumb comments to either pick a fight or you really are that moronic on football concepts. I think it is mostly the latter. Go back to your Cooper Kupp Puka faster disaster argument.

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That’s my point bonehead. Why attack Arod when a championship coach calls the same plays in the same situations? Where do you think Arod gets the ideas from? He goes to coaching clinics with coaches like Reid.

Hey, I’m happy that Nacua is doing well. Back at the start of the season, there was no reason not to discuss the possibilities of when Cupp come back since they played the same positions. You like to silence those who don’t agree with you. Do you have Trump Derangement Syndrome too :sunglasses: