BYU lose out on another QB

What an amazingly illogical response. Uhhhh maybe the difference is mahomes and receiver are all pros and can make that completion 80+% of the time and a not very accurate Retzlaff playing bad all game will make it < 10% of the time? Ever hear of analytics or at least a probability curve or ANYTHING that would indicate you tried to rationally think about this for more than 3 seconds?
I will say your entertainment value goes up with each head shaking response you make as your credibility plummets from already in the laughable range.
Keep em coming- so fun!

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What an amazing illogical response. If you haven’t noticed, KC isn’t as good as they have been in the past. MaHomes isn’t as accurate this year. The receivers aren’t as good either. Getting rid of Tyreek Hill was a dumb mistake.

The illogic is really the idea that you don’t run the same plans or plays is illogical because the level between college and the Pros is relative. Run or pass depends upon the defense. You can be less accurate in college and have the same results as in the pros because the defense is not as good as in the pros. Why go to coaching clinics if you aren’t supposed to learn to do what the teachers are teaching? Uggg…

Doubling down on crazy again
Your response makes zero sense again. I’ve honestly never seen such twisted logic to try to support an unsupportable position. If you can’t see the difference between mahomes - even in for a bad year- and Retzlaff who is a poor passer and Ried and Arod then there’s no point in belaboring
You’re one of a kind but please keep providing the entertainment! It’s hilarious!!

Ahhh…now I know you problem. Cognitive reasoning issues. You don’t understand the relativity between college and the Pros. It’s the same issue at each level. If at the collegiate level the pass should not be made then the same will be true for the pros. KC 1st and 6 inches, pass, intercepted. Should have run the ball. Another time in same game, 1st and 1 yard, ran the ball, fumble. Same can happen at the collegiate level.

So today, I spent the day with a certain X coach for Bingham High, Utah, has known all these coaches for the past 20 years, Sitake, ARod etc. He says to me, "Why are you guys at BYU freaking? Both Sitake and ARod are Kyle Whitt guys. Will Witt ever win big?, sure he went to the Rose Bowl two year’s in a row but Whitt will never win big because he is 100% a ball control coach. Robs his best players to play on D…will never open up the offense…will always have a good RB for…drum roll…Ball Control. And you expect Sitake/ ARod to be a high octaine offense? NOPE, these guys are ball control freaks.

Interesting day.

Hopper: Follow up on Mahomes/Retzlaff and Reid/Arod. No problem with my cognitive reasoning. Actually, you provided a reasonable, rational theory that is worth considering - suggesting that:
“the level between college and the Pros is relative.” And also suggested back to me: “You don’t understand the relativity between college and the Pros. It’s the same issue at each level. If at the collegiate level the pass should not be made then the same will be true for the pros.”
I do agree it is relative. Where your theory (or is it a postulate?) breaks down is in the application. If you were talking about the average NFL team, average quarterback and OC relative to the average College team, quarterback and OC then I would definitely agree with you. For example, assume the average NFL quarterback is 10 times better (or 20x or whatever x, - pick the multiple) - better than the average quarterback of say the top 60 college teams. Let’s also assume that same multiple - let’s use 10 times - also applies to the defense, the receiver, and the OC etc. Then calling the same play at each level in theory may result in the probability of each outcome (catch, interception, fumble incomplete etc) being roughly the same at each level.
But that is all theory. It has no application in the real world and with specific examples. In our example of Mahomes / Retzlaff and Reid/Arod, Mahomes is say 200 times better than Retzaff (not the average 10x) and Reid is 100 times better play-caller than ARod (again, not the average 10x). So the probability of Mahomes making his pass is 20 times more likely than Retzlaff making his pass, hence, the probability of success of calling that play is exponentially higher for Mahomes/Reid than Arod/Retzlaff. Mahomes makes his throw 9 out of 10 times, Retzlaff makes his - I’ll be generous - 2 out of 10 times.
You started out with a reasonable premise but didn’t take it to a deeper analysis or you would have also concluded it was terrible play call by AROD.
Enough analysis and I’ll finish with the “smell test” Do you think ARod if again in a similar situation with that kind of unskilled QB would EVER call that same play? (not a chance in the world, if he learned anything) whereas Reid would make his call in the Chiefs situation again in a heartbeat because he knows statistically a successful outcome is very high.

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About a month ago the news came out that Bohanon, the former Baylor QB, entered the portal. I wonder if BYU reached out to him? I realize he would be a one year rental but he was quite athletic and an accurate passer. I think he would be a big upgrade over Retzlaff. He got Baylor to the Big 12 championship game then got injured and lost his starting job. He transferred to USF and was starting to regain his form and got injured again in 2022. He sat out all of last year. Is he damaged goods? I haven’t heard anything since I first heard he was in the portal. Haven’t heard if anybody has pursued him. I think he was highly rated coming out of HS.

I’m beginning to think the basketball team is showing what is needed with football; consistency and team development without an “I” in it. Find QBs and other skilled players that play all 4 years. We may not be elite every year. But we will have some great years.

I would prefer that BYU develop players that they recruit out of HS but they were already looking for a QB through the portal. Bohanon seems like a better player than the others they were pursuing. If you are going to recruit the portal anyway go after a top player. I just wonder if BYU had any interest in him.

Hopper “I am beginning to think” …… this is great news for the rest of this board!! Good job!

:no_mouth: Thank you

You still have to explain something. You and others thought when we were included into the Big12 that it would take 3 years before becoming competitive. And, this year we would be 5-7 or 4-8. Yet, we end up 5-7 and all the coaches should be fired. Why this reaction?

Not all, Just ARod.

mostly because over the years he has proven not to be good play caller or adjustments.

last year just brought to a head.

You make rational points that make sense. I would simply say, the pass play wasn’t a difficult play even for Ratzlaff. It really didn’t require a Mahomes to complete it.
At this point, who will be the QB next season? Is Ratzlaff spending time in California with John Beck? Or, do we have a better option?

Good question. If Retzlaff can improve on his wry first game maybe him
No one else jumps out.

Not an accurate statement Hopper. I thought we should be 8-4. But it really doesn’t make a difference what people thought before the season started. It is meaningless. What does matter is that BYU should be judged on their actual performance. This team was over matched on defense with athletes on the other side of the ball. Not defensive coaching. We can cure that issue. BYU was over matched on the offensive side of the ball because of poor poor coaching. The easiest fix is to change offensive coaches and particularly the OC! We didn’ that and it will cost us next year. It was very curable. We have the worst OC in the Big12 on our staff.

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I checked and don’t see that record. Most others hoped but most said as well we might get 6-6 but
5-7. Never mind.

Most people on this board thought it was going to be rough for BYU to play in the BIG12 the first year. Some posting 5-7 while others 6-6 and everywhere in between.

We knew we were going to have to improve the talent level in all three phases of the game (Offense, Defense, Special teams) in order to be good.

They knew that was going to take time to happen.

As I see it, what bothers most people on this board about the final 5-7 record is the fact that we could have been 7-5 as easily, even with the talent level we had.

They recognized the main failure in that 7-5 records as being that our OC was not good at calling plays nor and adjusting to what the defense gave them.

The defense had its own issues, but Jay Hill never used the excuse of being in the BIG 12 as an excuse as ARod has done on several occasions. Most posters know that when you completely change the scheme of a system in place, it takes time for the players to “act” instead of “reacting”, so we fans has given Jay Hill a pass for this year.

My main issue with ARod is that he has not been able to develop one QB since he has been at BYU. Some say, “Wilson and Hall”, or even Slovis, but the truth is that these three guys have been going to John Beck’s camp for years, while even at BYU.

What about:
3 Star Jacob Conover? Transferred
3 Star Maiava-Peters, Sol-Jay? Transferred, Academic issues.
2 Star Romney, Baylor? “Retired.”
2 Star Joe Critchlow - Transferred
2 Star Cade Fennegan ???
3 Star Nick Billops ???
3 Star Ryder Burton ???

What about them? 2 and 3 stars are a dime a dozen. We have replaced them with 3 and 4 stars. The stars really don’t mean anything unless the player is going to give 110% developing into a 4 and 5 star college player.

Hard to say a QB is bad if the line doesn’t block well. Did you see Jarin Hall behind the poor line with Minnesota? Wasn’t his fault. We replaced the OL coach. Now, we will see.

Back to the subject, it wasn’t for just the first year people were saying. It was for the first 2 or 3 years. It still might be until we get a team like the basketball team and play 100% as a team.

The question is "Has ARod developed a single QB? since he is the QB coach, He has had some very talented QB’s who waste away in ARod country.