BYU loses at LMU

1 saw some gol awful officiating out there. Those guys missed sooooo many calls.
2 BYU couldn’t hit the ocean with a 3 tonight. Oh the woos of road games.
3 Pope had them driving inside, apparently George did not get the memo.
4 what happened to Rudi? 2 points all night, what happened to his aggression?
5 Do not let George pass when the game in on the line, repeat after me.
6 TOs @13, not a game killer but 2-15 from 3land, ball game.
7 I would of fed Foos the ball all night long, would have gotten LeaPepe fouled out.
8 I said this game was a barometer, we failed, going to be a long season on road games.
And to think BYU is going into the Big 12, where they play real basketball. Scary thought.

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Tough loss. BYU is a barely above average team and we have been saying all year this team would lose several winnable games.

That was possibly the worst, most biased officiating I’ve seen this year. Hard to believe some of what I saw. The numbers bear it out and even the announcers kept calling out the terrible calls against BYU. In an incredibly physical game, with about 6 minutes to go in the second half LMU had 1 foul. Ok, like that makes sense. 5 pt swing and game over there.

It will be nice to lose B12 games next year and at least know we lost 5v5. Bad look for the Rec League to show BYU the door this way.

Average teams lose when they can’t shoot from 3, and the refs really put the INTENTIONAL nail in the coffin when with a couple minutes left they turned a CLEAR 3 pt play for Hall into a 100% phantom offensive foul (the announcer literally chuckled during the replay) and a buclet at the other end.

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  1. They beat us at the foul line.
  2. We shot 9 and LMU shot 23? Ballgame.
  3. 3 point shooting bad but LMU did play good defense. So did BYU.
  4. Only gave up 64 points. Should be able to win.
  5. Johnson did little. No outside shots.
  6. George is hot and cold from 3’s
  7. Agree with you that Foos should have been given the ball a lot more when it was apparent we couldn’t shoot past 3 feet.
  8. The refs suck and in the big 12 they will be much better :slight_smile:

BYU just does not have many good athletes. Rudi burned Utah for 26, and manages only 2 tonight? What? I’m guessing Rudi is sick, the flu maybe.
Waterman, what are we getting from a starter 4 points and 4 reb. per 20 minutes, Johnson recently, better 3, better defender by far. What is Waterman giving us?

On the Hall charge at the end of the game. The Announcers were 1st, shocked, then, show the replay, finally laughing at such a poor call. That was a game changer and Hall still can’t believe it.

With six minutes left in the game I stopped listening to the game. I can’t stand WCC anymore the whole thing is a joke! The referee make me sick and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Big 12 officials are not like WCC official clowns. I hate those high school gyms out In the west coast. Big 12 country no more cracker Jack Gyms. Oh I know we have a long way to go to get better players in the same level with this big 12 league. Yes we do have some great players Which I like Dallen Hall, Richie Saunders. Foos, Atiki…………

Yes it will be a long WCC season.

When the newspaper points out the disparity of Free throws without saying “bad officiating”, you know the game was not fairly called by the officials.

I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but some of those officials — Work in the BIG12 as well.

Maybe only the ones who aren’t biased work in the Big 12? Which ones work in the Big 12? We need to know.
Perhaps it isn’t the officials themselves? Maybe it’s the leagues that allow this to happen. We shot poorly last night and is why we lost. But, the officiating was obviously biased and that’s where LMU won the game because they shot poorly too.
I would also point out that both defenses caused the poor shooting. Johnson never got a clean look at the basket.
Frustrating game being in those high school gyms.

From my understanding talking with people who officiate college sports is that each conference has “their way” of enforcing the rules.

Just look at how the PAC12 officiates Football as an example.

I don’t know much about the BIG12 basketball officials, but I know in football, many of the current NFL officials, a good majority of them comes from the BIG12.

Another tough game to watch. Every shot is a hope prayer waiting to be answered. Finally had enough and watched Gonzaga trail most of the game against the Dons. Timme 3/16-San Francisco has the length to make him struggle. Tired of WCC officials, tired of WCC high school gyms-bring on the Big12, even though it will be a struggle for a few years

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In the West Coast, basketball officials have done both college and pros to gain experience to move up to the pros. Like high school officials will also ref JC and university games as time goes on. But, they stick mainly to the West Coast. I’m looking forward to better officiating.
However, we have to also be honest about BYU players. They could a lot and many are dumb fouls. Even with that, our defense has gotten much better.

We had guards driving in, LMU had 250 pounders driving the lane. Those dudes don’t feel anything when you hit them. It is all about the Mullet!

I watched the game. It was well within hand but in the final minutes, George passes twice, terrible passes that had no chance of being run down. We had the terrible Hall foul call, ball game.

I think I’m going to enjoy the wins this year. Gonzaga almost fell at SF. They are beatable in the MC. Things won’t change until we have better ball handlers like you say as well. 13 turnovers are still too many because of the dumb kinds we do. But, we have to be able to shoot better than 2-13 fro three’s. And, get more foul shots than 9 for the game.

Sure Gonzaga is beatable at Home. but it could be a blowout if we aren’t hitting 3s.

I’ve shot in 100s of gyms. the lighting on the road is always a challenge. Pomeroy gives the home team 6 points in his calculations. He has often said if should be more, like 8-9 points more.

Agree. And, limit turnovers, shoot more free throws and Hall make them and make 40% 3’s.

Give Hall a couple of years and he will be a force.

Chandler, the kid on his mission from Kaysville Ut is our highest rated player ever. (they did not rate when Shawn Bradley came to town)

Two words: transfer. portal.

“Getting” players means nothing.

I think BYU is aware of this and the reason why the NIL collective was created. A slush fund for talent.

MaKay, I need some good news to cheer me up.

Kind of glad I haven’t seen many games lately. It sounds like this game would have been too stressful to watch. If Larimer and Fish are talking about the biased, bad officiating I can only imagine how I would have seen things.

I don’t think it will get a whole lot better in the Big 12. The officials may be better but I have seen the same officials doing BYU games for years and they do Pac 12 games, MWC games and lots of other in the west. Not sure how the bias against the goody two shoe BYU teams will change. I just don’t anticipate that happening.

It is something that has always been, currently is and will continue to be…

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You may be right, but then, BYU does not have to play in crappy little gyms with crappy lighting any more

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