Byu-smc 1/17/15

Well, a close game to the half until the refs help SMC make a 10-0 run. Bogus charge on Haws (he had left his feet when 22 jumps in front of him). The really, really bad one was right in the final seconds of the half. SMC knocks the ball out of bounds with 2.8 seconds left. SMC ball.

Well, the refs are doing all they can to help SMC win this game.

TIght at the end. Too bad the refs called that foul on Halford. It they were going to call one on him in the final seconds it should have been called on what looked like a reach around. Instead, the SMC guard runs into him with his forearm and it was a defensive foul. Looked like that should have gone the other way.

The refs are bad, bad, bad. Many bad calls for both teams. Haws dribbled the ball of his foot, and the ref gave it to BYU?

Bad officials get stuck making bad make-up calls.

You saw a lot of that tonight…

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I agree with Hawks. I don’t think it was bias tonight…remember, there is a reason these refs work in one of the lowest profile leagues in the country–because they can’t get a job anywhere else. Fascinating to see how there was one set of rules for every player on the court not named Waldo, and obvious and distinct protection for Waldo. Not only was he the only big on either team not called for at least one touch foul, but he obviously shoved Collinsworth into a shooter, with KC getting his 4th foul (minutes after KC’s 3rd on a little touch that is not a foul in any P5 conference) and effectively ending the game for BYU at that moment.

Our bigs were "houdini tonight. They disappeared. Total of eight points. We got out-boarded 39-26. Pretty much says it all.

I was watching their positioning and technique. Our bigs are out of position allowing their bigs position. Also, our hands are not up ready for a rebound. Our bigs have no feel for rebounding.

But, this has been true all year. What hurts against good teams is lazy passes leading to turnovers. Halford is the worst for telegraphing his passes. Nixon is right behind him with that. 3 less of those turnovers and we are in position to win.

We aren’t going to get better in the post. But, we can protect the ball much better.

Pretty much every game. That is why we must protect the ball on offense. Giving breakaway layups off bad passing hurts. 3 less and we could have won.

We helped with bad passing. How many breakaway layups due to bad passing? At least 4. To me, every game has weak officiating. Every game has weak offense by the bigs. Every game has weak rebounding by the bigs. But, we win games. Where we are weakest in winning games like this is the zone out passing. Having no clue where the defense and get so into that weave our players are hypnotized they assume players are open. That’s where we lose.

The refs took turns calling crappy calls all night on both teams but they really hosed KC in a big way…The reason BYU lost was without KC out there to rebound, SMC had their way on the boards…

stat of the day…17 offensive boards for SMC…no way will they ever do that again.

Without Winder, I knew we would not get out of there with a win and I am confident that even with 3 losses behind SMC, BYU will still be the 2nd seed at the end of conference.

Very suspicious the way KC got two ridiculously bad calls in a row early in the 2nd half. But I can’t figure that out since tonight I’m putting my all my brainpower into understanding how Kaufusi, Nielson, Worthington and Andrus can all be such bad rebounders that Coach is desperate enough to play Nixon big minutes.

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Yeah, that probably why they got it back. I’ve heard Tom Tolbert talk about refs doing make up calls during the game for missing other calls. Tolbert gave an example of when an ref called a questionable foul on him. He talked to the ref about it and the ref said he would make it up. Some time during the game he went for a layup and when another opposing player got close, they called a foul. Tolbert said it wasn’t even close to a foul, but it was called anyway.

that makes two of us. Does Rose have the bigs sit out practices and watch Rose work with the guards ? Cause it sure looks like it out there on the floor.

Joking aside, I think Rose is saddled with a Worthington who is just too slow for good D1 ball, Kaufusi, who should have red shirted and worked on his strength and game (he looks worse now then he looked at the season start), Neilson, who also needs a serious dose of the weight room as well as game speed ans Andrus, Mr potential.

So yeah, Nixon gets minutes because he can bang but he is a Fr and out of place most of the time.

All in all, doesn’t matter. We have to win a different way since our bigs are not going to out play anyone else’s. Rose has a system in place to do just that. But, we can’t throw the ball away when there is no reason to. The 4 lazy passes came because of the weave. Our players get into it and get hypnotized not watching for defenders lurking to pick off passes. Also, forcing passes into KC that just aren’t there. Take away that stuff and se are undefeated.

In a 4 guard offense, he has to take more than 1 shot the entire game. He made the 3. He was open for others. Nixon has some upside potential.

Not sure why you are so hot on Andrus? He look slow and skinny.

anyone considered the 5 guard offense. With their minutes given to Bartley _I say he out scores out rebounds and out assists the totals of the three and can probably jump higher than Worthington and Neilsen. Come on-give it a thought!!!

Agree SR… I have no clue why Bartley is riding the pine. He played more on a better team last year than he does this year. Mind boggling…

As for the stat-line of the game, one needs to look no further than Worthington

17 min. 0 pts. 0 reb 0 ast 0 stl 0 blk 3 personal fouls. Oh, I forgot that he was 0-1 shooting. So somebody please tell me exactly how he is holding down the position? At least Kaufusi had 2 pts. 1 reb 1 stl 1 blk in the same minutes and Nielson had 1 reb and 2 stls in 5 minutes.

This is a team in semi-disarray. Nixon was second on the team in minutes played… with 1/3 of the teams turnovers. I thought Fischer was great shooting but I look at the box and he took 12 3’s, making 5. Is the lack of contribution from bigs ruining this team or what? I said it from day 1 and I wonder if they are progressing as a team or regressing.

chris… how can you confidently predict that BYU will be 2nd in the league when the tournament comes around? They already have 2 home losses in league and might have another and what are the chances they beat Gonzaga and Pepperdine, let alone Portland or some other middling wcc team on the road? I don’t think they can finish 2nd with 5 or 6 losses and that is a very real possibility right now.

I’m trying to see it but I just don’t. When on earth is Austin going to play again and how many more games will Winder miss?

I don’t see how they finish second with the current group they have. Austin hasn’t played in a month and a half (12 games) and it will take him awhile to fit in and Winder? who knows. Likewise, what happens if another flu bug hits them? Time to stop with excuses, the team just isn’t that good.

Agree with what you say except the “take away that stuff and we are undefeated”. That “stuff” is part of being forced to play a perimeter game, with more predictability, more cross court passes, more dribbing, etc. The offense that Rose is having to run because of our complete lack of inside game allows the defense to cheat further out and into passing lanes and causes much of “that stuff”.

No matter how well we play outside, these things will happen with this type of offense and we will not match up well with good inside teams and we will likely lose those games. I mean, how do you make up on your offense for 17 rebounds given up on the defensive end? That comes precariously close to 50% of all rebounds ON OUR DEFENSIVE END. No matter how clean we play out front, this is a huge problem and unless Austin comes back and really changes this, we will lose those games.

We lost with 6 really bad turnovers I believe because of too much sprinting around the court in that weave. A basketball game for starters should be like running a three-quarter mile, aerobic mixed with some sprinting. What we are doing is more like the 880 sprint. Eliminate this and we have fewer turnovers.

We have proved we can win with a four guard offense without a post presence. It is what it is. Two ways then to win these games: Mika comes off his mission and Austin is healed instantly. Or, eliminate the stupid turnovers. Which one can be done today?