BYU tidbits, I know a guy. hahaha

Who was it that kept telling us they had a guy inside (football)

Talked to Kevin Nixon at the game. We covered a host of topics:
1 Dastrup…just does dumb things was his point. Going to be good
2 His son, Dalton should be ready by Sat…had foot ligements and a metatarsal fracture
3 Shaw and Andrus are out for the year
4 agrees that Emery and Haws had highjacked the program and that we are in a realy good place
5 the Shroyer hire was H-U-G-E.

I sat right behind Worthlin…He appreciated my yelling at the refs…etc.

Remember Kevin Nixon’s full-court shot to beat UTEP at the buzzer?

I didn’t like how he and Russell Larson actively sandbagged Roger Reid when he got fired (they were locker room leaders in the revolt). There was a lot of discontent on the team, but I thought Reid was a good coach. Isn’t he still our winningest coach, or the one with the highest winning percentage?

It was about 2/3 court. It was awesome! I watched it live while a BYU student. And actually, the play didn’t work the way we drew it up. We had a guy standing under our own basket and a Utep defender defending the in-bounds pass ran down the baseline and ran our guy over. Exactly how we drew it up! Should have been a foul and a one-and-one for us. But the refs didn’t call it.

Then we pass it in and the rest is history. Not sure if anyone else remembers this play.


I was in high school. I remember John Saunders leading in on SportCenter: “Nixon was a crook!”

While it’s hard to top LaDell Anderson’s Smith/Toolson/Chatman/Haws team, or the Kresimir Cosic team, I think Roger Reid’s teams were often right up there with our best. They could compete with anyone.

  1. I wish he had more time on the court to do MORE dumb things because every time he is out there, those “dumb” things work out pretty well for the team.
  2. Hopefully that will work out well for the team.
  3. I saw that.
  4. I saw this too and I talked about it till I was blue in the face (I guess a good thing when you are a BYU fan). The LP3 thing set the program back for several years. The current team is good enough to do something but they are still suffering from the LP3 fallout, which is why they will remain a third place team in the wcc.
  5. That remains to be seen but we can hope for the best on this one too.

My problem is that it is always something holding BYU back. They are their worst enemy and they are not Gonzaga or SMC so that is where they will stay in this league…

From the BYU Basketball official site:
Coach Rose: 321-115 overall record (second all-time at BYU in wins) for a BYU record .736 winning percentage
Seventh among active coaches in the NCAA in career winning percentage

Coach Reid: 1989-96 .664

5 coaches over 700.
Post World WW II only Coach Rose has a better winning percentage than Coach Reid.

Yes, Dastrup does dumb things mainly on defense. Thus, he doesn’t get a lot of playing time since this is a defensive minded team. He still gets lost in rotations. This is why your statistics don’t tell the story about his playing time. His rotations cost us. He will work on those in practice and eventually he will do better in games. Be patient. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Larson and Nixon were not sandbagging Reid when he got fired. Nixon graduated in '93 and Larson in '95. As I recall, both were two of Reids biggest defenders on the radio airwaves after the dismissal.

Reid’s problems, which are well documented, had more to do with recruits shunning BYU because of the perceived favoritism shown his sons, the star player running afoul of the law, and Reid’s hot temper mixed with President Bateman’s hot temper.

Yes that would align more correctly with my thoughts on Coach Reid. He played his sons over more athletic players. He said some derogatory things about LDS recruits that did not sign with Byu. But as far as I’m concerned Nixon always gave it 100%

Okay, let gets some information straight…
Larsen was one of the players that revolted against Reid prior to Reid being fired, it memory serves it was around 1993-1994 time frame. So you are correct, it was not at the time of his firing, but it was the first crack that everything was not going well for Reid at BYU.

Add to that Reid is an X and O coach and really had a hard time with the press, which made it harder for him with the Administration. Frank Arnold was a media darling and dealt with the press in a way that was good for BYU image, Reid was never that good at speaking to the press and the press made it hard for him.

Then in 1996 his sons started playing for him, although his one son (think it was Robbie) was one of the best high school players to come out of Utah for awhile (Ryan Cuff was the other). Some Alumni fueled by some players whining (It was not Larsen) put pressure on the Administration to get rid of Reid. It did not help the Cuff transferred to Dixie or SUU.

In 1997 was the famous Chris Burgess mishap and the “disappointing 10 million Mormons” comment. Larsen never supported Reid during this time, he never said anything bad about him either.

Reid was a good coach, his teams usually won 22-24 games a year. He was hard nosed coach and expected his players to play hard all the time. Many of his players did not like his coaching style and tried to revolt, But to BYU credit they squashed the rebellion.

Here is the funny thing I think most people who complained about Robbie starting over “better players”. After Roger Reid was fired, his son Robbie transferred to Michigan. Guess what? He ended up starting and getting all conference awards. so I guess Robbie was better than some people thought.

I had no problem with BYU deciding to let Roger go… I do however have a HUGH problem with HOW THEY DID IT!. Reid learned from the press he was fired…

My memories about Roger Reid is that until his last few years he beat Rick Majerus about 50% of the time. His teams were smart and well disciplined and overachieved. His first year as coach his team won the WAC coming off a year when Ladell Anderson had taken a team with Andy Toolson, Marty Haws, and Mike Smith to a 14-15 record. Reid still had Haws and Toolson, but no real big man and still won the WAC because he got a lot out of what he had.

Reid’s 2nd to last season he went 15-13 and didn’t make post season. Kenneth Roberts & Randy Reid graduated from that team and Byron Ruffner got the boot for legal trouble. His recruiting hadn’t been good for several years and he had zero talent. They started the 96-97 season at 0-6 or something like that and he made the Burgess comment and he was fired. The season ended at something like 1-26 so his replacement didn’t do well either. I don’t known anything about any player rebellion. I think there was a fan rebellion over him playing his sons. He got fired mainly because he quit winning and wasn’t getting the recruits and he made the Burgess comment. He may have gotten a pass on the Burgess comment but the team stunk so it gave BYU a good excuse to cut him loose in the middle of the season. He probably would have survived the thing over his sons but he was losing and the recruits weren’t there.

He wasn’t always a bad recruiter in his early years at the Y. Early on he got Shawn Bradley, Kenneth Roberts, and Ryan Cuff and that class was very highly rated nationally. Of course Bradley never came back after his mission, Cuff was mishandled and left, and Kenneth Roberts started 4 years and was a very good player.

Listening to his post game interviews I never found him off putting, but then I never found Bronco Mendenhall off putting either. So I guess it takes a lot for a coach to offend me.

Robbie Reid was a very good player. Roger was right to play him.He was the best guard on the team before his mission. When his dad got fired there was no way he was coming back to BYU. The fact that he started at Michigan was proof that he was a very good player. Randy was Ok but probably shouldn’t have started over Cuff. Randy was better than a few of the other guards Roger Reid played a lot during his tenure. I thought the deal about him playing his sons was always overblown.

I honestly wish you could clone Roger Reid and Dave Rose. You would then have a guy who could coach the Xs and Os as well as anybody and a top notch recruiter rolled into one.

Thanks for that, Floyd. That is what I remembered. I also remember that Kevin Nixon was a malcontent against Reid, too. Too bad, because both Russell Larsen and Kevin NIxon were good players.

My freshman year (1993-1994), he beat Majerus three times — including a blowout in the WAC tournament. It’s hard to beat anyone three times, and it was especially sweet because it was Utah.

I have fond memories going to the first round of the NCAA at Rosemont Horizon (I think that’s where DePaul played — we lived in the Chicago area). My dad asked me how much I had in savings, and it was like $200, and he said, get it, and let’s get you out of school and go (my mom was upset when she found out). We beat SMU in the first round and then lost to Kansas in the second round. Randy Reid and Gary Trost were who stood out in those games. Great experience!

As long as Rose gets 20+ wins every year it doesn’t really matter what else he does. How many times has BYU won a conference tournament championship? How many times have they won the conference?

How many quality players leave the team?

Rose is way too careful and conservative. He takes no chances. He does what he needs to in order to get those 20 wins and have a decent season. Unless a player like Jimmer comes along and puts the team on his shoulders, BYU will never have a team that does much more than what I described.

Rose is a good coach but he does not get the most out of the talent he is able to recruit… he plays favorites and he is successful enough to keep it going year after year, just doesn’t do much that is noteworthy.

ASU from BYU then to Weber State after another year of unhappiness.

[quote=“JimHawks, post:15, topic:7829”]
Rose is a good coach but he does not get the most out of the talent he is able to recruit… [/quote]
It drives me nuts that this statement is true now.
Part of the reason he is so successful as a recruiter is that in the early years he did develop talent and the team consistently over-performed their talent level.

What changed? I’m not sure.
Seems to me he didn’t rotate his staff enough. He let his assistants get stale especially keeping the weaker ones on the staff while letting, or driving the better ones away.

Dave Rice? He was a big reason right? Jimmer, Jax, Davies & Tyler Haws were great players but Dave Rice was constantly focusing on this team 24 hours daily getting ready each opponent. Nice to have Heath Schroyer was a welcome back in our program. And it still drives me nuts why we don’t see talented players were not being use wisely. Nice to see Hardnett and TJ making progress but why not Dastrup on scoring side? I know what Hopper saying he gets lost & slow on D’s side but you think the other four will take care of that.

Hopper doesn’t realize that improving requires some time in actual games. If Rose cared enough or thought Dastrup had talent and potential, like every person with at least a minimal understanding of the game, he would give him more minutes in an effort to help him improve his defense. But the coach doesn’t care. He knows they will win 20+ games, finish in 3rd place, lose in the wcc tourney and get an invite to the NIT… and that will be enough to make sure he is coaching next season.

That is the recipe and the result.

It is very apparent and honestly, at this point, I would love to see Dastrup go elsewhere and flourish, which I believe he would. I think the plan to have Luke Worthington be the inside/outside presence BYU needs to win a wcc title is going to work wonders… :laughing:

Right after Dave Rice left that was my opinion.
Then I changed my opinion for the basic reason that the defence continued good for the year after he left.
The timeline for Dave Rice at BYU says hired in 2005. No real change at that point.
He became Associate Head Coach in 2008. I suspect that was when he took control of the Defence. At UNLV as a player under Shark wasn’t he a defensive specialist?
Then for whatever reason a year after he left the defence tanked and the defensive/offensive balance shifted towards the offense and the string of competing for conference championships and legit births in the NCAA disappeared.
This shift did coincide with joining the WCC, Nashiff taking control of the offence, and fan frustration with expectations unfulfilled.
I haven’t intertwined the demise of the bigs or the hiring of Pope.
Having met Pope, reading about his reputation as a coach in non-BYU pubs, and seeing his improving results at UVU, I’m still a bit perplexed why his years at BYU did not have the heights of the Rice years.