BYU tops Utah in great fashion!

For much of the game, BYU played fantastic. Even Bill Walton was impressed. He was impressed with Childs and Bryant calling Bryant playing like Oscar Robertson.

Childs got hurt. He played and did some great defense. But, he should have been taken out sooner.

Dastrup simply has to get more playing time. Had Worthington played Dastrups time we may have lost that game. I think he’s earned the opportunity.

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What a nice win. Finally got those monkeys off our back about the u.
Payton Dastrup with two huge 3’s and other playing that he did. Dave Rose need to keep playing him. Elijah Bryant kept his motor going for the whole 40 minutes. Hope Yoeli Child is okay. Great win.
Yeah, Bill Walton was fun to watch and he knows a lot about BYU and state of Utah outdoors. Great guy. Interesting he had BYU/Utah rivalry marked on his calendar.

Did anyone notice that Gonzaga had to go to overtime to beat North Dakota State? That’s directly north of South Dakota is.

I was checking on my sports app and noticed tied game at the Kennel which was weird with SD State. But Zags blew them away early going in OT. Luckily they won.

Loved it. Dastrup got good minutes, Haws defense looked better, Outside shooting clicked and ball movement was decent. Good win.

Walton needs to call every BYU ESPN game. Called the “Grateful Dead” reference in my scouting report. Whoops, there it is.

Bryant had big Russia numbers. he is a star.

The Dastrup experiment is over…just play the guy, already.

Here comes Dastrup… there goes Worthington

Big Russia numbers??? What does that mean? Walton compared Jim to Oscar Robertson :slight_smile:

Someone tell Rose please! Dastrup can give Childs more rest. If Childs can play again. He should have been taken out sooner.

Can I be happy about the one and sad about the other?

I have been saying it since last year or the year before, I can’t remember… but I just don’t understand Rose’s refusal to give Dastrup more floor time and get him the experience he will need to make a difference at the end of the season.

I worry that Rose will not see what is going on and continue to stick with his plan just like he does every season. Once again it will cost the team some important or critical wins that might get them into the ncaa tourney or a higher seed or whatever. If he insists on using Seljaas, Worthington, etc. it will not go well. Seljaas is a potential scorer but his defense is terrible. Worthington gives great effort and hustle but his skill set and understanding of the game are lacking.

Yeah, Dastrup got “good” minutes… all of 10 total, and he was very productive but he needs more than that and I don’t think Rose is going to allow it and that is a shame. I looked at his minutes in the several games previous to this one and it was pathetic.

It is one of the weirdest things to me… there is either some kind of mental block or Rose just doesn’t like Dastrup that much personally. If not that, why doesn’t he play him more? I can’t be the only one that sees it as a problem.

Dastrup might be lazy or a jerk. I know there are some who say that that doesn’t matter; you play your best players, no matter what, even if they are insubordinate or lazy.

I’m not saying this is the case with Dastrup. Just tossing out a possibility.

Me ---- I’m the old-fashioned type who prefers those with good attitudes, hustle, and "grit’ to entitled, spoiled, attitude problem athletes. Again, not saying that this is the case with Dastrup. I have no knowledge of this beyond reports that he goofs off on the bench.

Yeah… and what does that even mean? maybe it doesn’t fit with the stiff necked, serious, uptight culture of BYU athletics. Heaven forbid should the GAMES we play be FUN… :dizzy_face: Seriously though, the only time it looks like the team is having fun is when they are blowing the opponent out and they start hot dogging and making the other team look bad. In my opinion that is worse. That is why players like Haws (who is getting better about it) bug me. The smug, attitude, the showboating, etc. is way worse than a player that goofs off on the bench because he is having fun.

I’m probably older than you are or pretty close, so I hear what you are saying, but just by commenting about entitled, spoiled, attitude problem athletes intimates things you may not want, even if you did suggest it and then correct yourself afterward.

All I see is a guy with skills and talent that sparks the team on a regular basis and is having fun all at the same time. If that helps the team win I don’t see a problem with it. Maybe it is time to change the culture of the stiff necked, tight collar, petulant stress filled head cases to one of lets have a good time and enjoy life, because it is way too short cases.

Who knows? Maybe nothing.

I agree. I can’t stand being a jerk or not being classy, either way. Being a poor winner is as bad as being a bad loser.

What does it intimate? And why wouldn’t I want it? If the shoe fits, of course. I really can’t stand entitled, spoiled, attitude problem athletes.

Well, we’ll see. If he’s not a lazy goof-off, that will out as time goes on. Ditto if he’s skilled and talented. If he’s that good, then there has to be some reason why he hasn’t played much at all.

Obviously he isn’t a “BYU guy” because if he were a petulant, stress filled head case and connected to the program in some way other than just being a good player, he would see more time on the floor.

You are probably right.

How ironic is it that this article pops up on the Tribune today? I had not read this until just now and was curious to see what it said. The author is probably scanning this site looking for material… :sunglasses:

Seriously though, 6 minutes a game is nonsense. I am losing my respect for Rose… I used to think he was a better coach than I think now. Go ahead and play Seljaas and Worthington, I’m sure they can carry the team to wins over St. Mary’s and Gonzaga… This is a big reason why the team has been so mediocre lately. First it was the LP3, now it is what?

I have only seen him get meaningful minutes twice since he has been at BYU and both times he made a major contribution. Against UMass BYU would have lost if he hadn’t played some key minutes and made some big plays. Against Utah maybe BYU would have won without him playing but it would have been way more interesting than it needed to be. What little I have seen of him indicates he has a huge upside. These next two games, that should be blowouts, he needs to play 20 or more minutes. He has proven he can produce in tight games and all you have to do is watch him when he is allowed a 5-10 minute stretch on the court and his skill level is apparent. Generally all he gets is a minute here and there and that probably isn’t enough to show what he can do. I think he is post player on the same level as Mika and Childs. His skill set may not be exactly the same but it is at a high level in my opinion.

I have noticed he goofs off on the bench but I don’t think that means he isn’t a competitor. I think his performance in the UMass and Utah speaks for itself and he should be playing more. Last year he was over weight and out of shape but he was fresh off a mission and it is understandable that he wasn’t used much. I don’t remember how soon the season started last year after he got home but maybe he didn’t have time to really get in shape. Some guys come home with big weight gains
and it takes time to get back in pre-mission shape. He came back this year slimmed way down and I think that says something good about his attitude.

I have never cared where the good players come from. If they come from Utah Valley or somewhere else they should play.

Totally agree. Of all the fans who post on this site, I find myself more aligned with your comments than just about any other. Maybe thawk is the only other one that I am usually in complete agreement with.

My only thought is that there is a personality conflict that Rose has with him and pride is standing in the way of Rose playing him more. Maybe there is a big money booster or two that is affecting the situation as well. There is no other good reason for what is going on. I wish I knew the reasons for the stupid decisions people make sometimes…

No, don’t play Seljaas. He came home from his mission after a couple of months (greeted at the airport by an ecstatic Nick Emery, who also came home early for basketball) to play ball.

I don’t like it when missionaries come back early for sports. I would feel the same way if Seljaas were playing well.

But people are saying that Schroyer has taken over and calls the shots now. Wouldn’t that mean that Dastrup isn’t out of Schroyer’s doghouse, either?

People say a lot of things that are just baseless rumors. Did you happen to catch the coach’s show last night? Rose is in charge but realizes he has great assistant coaches and knows how to delegate properly. He also hears the cry for more
Playing time for Dastrup.
I think he’s bringing Dastrup along quietly and we will see more from him. But, I do like Nixon and hope he gets back soon.