BYU, toughest games of the year, Rank 'em

BYU has the #1 toughest schedule in America. As in, on paper, BYU is the underdog in 5 games. And our worse odds of winning is the ND game. Here’s how I rank our games from toughest to weakest.
2- Arkansas
[email protected] BSU
[email protected] Oregon
5-nuetral ND
[email protected] Stanford
[email protected] Liberty

Only difference I might have is Arkansas at 2 - Would put @ Oregon and ND ahead of that. Maybe put BSU at 5. So pretty close.

I am conflicted as you can see. BSU on the smurf turf does not lose. Oregon has former SEC coach, Nutt as their new coach and we are catching them with a new scheme early in the year so I think that is winnable. Arkansas went 9-3 in the SEC, they are for real.

At any rate, BYU will only go as far as we can put pressure on opposing QBs, something Tuiaki has never shown. BYU will steam roll all teams that don’t have great defenses. so for me. it comes down to road games (because BYU always gives games away on the road) and who can defend BYU’s air attack the best.

Good thoughts. It’s going to be a fun year playing many big boys. Now if the stars align just right…

And that’s the key. It has been that way for two years now. Health is a big issue.

We all know what is going to happen, best case scenario here.

We want BYU to go 12-0. Not gonna happen.

We hope they can go 10-2. Not gonna happen.

Halfway through the season we think they can go 8-4.

We would be happy if they go 6-6.

It won’t be shocking if they go 4-8.

We will be calling for coaching changes if they go 2-10.

Realistically we should expect something in the 7-5 range and maybe a game or two better. 9-3 would be a fantastic season.

There you go.

Spot on.
Hopefully a little more depth will help on that too.

I can tell it’s football time when Jim gets negative and fearful! We will go 11-1

fearful? of what? my comments might seem negative because I’m not saying BYU will go undefeated and win it all. I leave that nonsense to you.

I think my prediction will be accurate at the end of the season.

Fearful of losing and not living up to the hype. :sunglasses:

Jim is more realistic and accurate than hopper has been in all his predictions over the years. I will go with Jim. 8-4 or 9-3 is what I expect. I have zero faith in our defense over the full course of the year …. I know that they can play well for a couple of games but they are more readily able to give away games than any other part of the team. From the depth chart it appears to me that BYU can lose a starter at every position (except one) and be just fine. The only position that isn’t going to be able to function at an elite level is QB. This presents a problem in that Hall will be out for at least 3 games with injury. Hopefully he can stay healthy but I don’t have faith he will. I have less faith that the D can play big boy football with Tui residing in the same zip code with this team.

I agree that QB is a question mark after Hall. From what I’m hearing is that the subs are looking very good. The line is also the best it’s been ever with depth. That is a key to Hall’s longevity.
Defense also sounds like it’s going to be sound and deep as well. The defensive backfield will be a question on how fast they come together.
If BYU plays to their ability, I’m confident that we can go 11-1 and shock the world!

Yes, I am more realistic than the hopper. He is a dreamer who lives in a fantasy world.

I am always more accurate as well. I keep my hopes to myself for the most part. Making my opinions in an accurate and realistic way while keeping my hopes to myself, unless they are realistic hopes, is the best way to do it in the end.

There isn’t anything wrong with the hoppers comments except that they are nearly always just that… wrong.

It helps give a perspective to reality and truth. :grimacing:

Ya, you’re just afraid to take some risks. Means you don’t want to look bad. I take risks and that way it’s easier to be honest about by feelings and words :sunglasses:

You take some risks with your predictions AND you look bad! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s fine. At least I’m honest about the predictions. And, when I’m right (a lot) then it all works out.


How is it possible to be “dishonest” about a prediction? A person simply guesses what the score or outcome of a game will be… there is no honesty or dishonesty involved,

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

With the most talent returning of any top team in America, It would be a disaster to see BYU at 6-6 and 4-8 Would be shocking.

My realistic evaluation of this team goes something like this:
An NFL talent QB and highest rated Oline in BYU history, add in 2 NFL prospects at wide receiver, 2 highly rated TEs and a veteran running back. BYU should be able to score a lot of points. IF…BYU has the DBs and Safety to be able to go one on one, That will allow the Defense to throw one more body on the line and just maybe get heat on QBs. If that happens, BYU could be in for a great season.

You are more in the know than I am Chris so I really hope you are right. After all the years of hype that leaves me rolling my eyes and frustrated I tend to be more conservative in my predictions and beliefs.

I would rather be content and satisfied at the end of the season after BYU met or exceeded my expectations than disappointed that they let me down… again.

I hope you are right.