BYU @ UM-ss Football

BYU fumbling early. Not looking sharp on defense or offense.

Big run and a couple of throws by Wilson and they’re right back in it. Nice drive.

Who is calling these plays-ugly calls-try getting 3 yards on first down-im im outa here. Incompetent play calling

And they are looking really bad again. I wonder what the offensive line thinks they are supposed to be doing?

Everyone realizes that UMass gave up 59 points to Liberty just last week, right?

On a side note, it was fun for us here when they said the name of the UMass kicker as he trotted out for a field goal attempt early. Cooper Garcia graduated from high school with my #3 son, who just got back from his mission to Panama. They played frosh and JV basketball together and when they said his name we both looked at each other and said… It has to be him. His road took him to UMass and now he might be the player of the game with his field goal being the difference.

I mean seriously, 10-7 at halftime? That is a real possibility. This game is a circus right now, looks like a pickup game or something.

I guess I’m happy BYU is ahead but it should be 35-10, not 14-10.

Once again they struggle against inferior opponents.

This is a really bad team…

Now try and guess which team I am talking about… LOL!

Another good drive for a touchdown. But you’re right, the o line looks horrible, especially in the run game. They look worse every game.

The kicker was a head case in high school so a miss is not surprising.

As a JV basketball player he had a break away layup in a game one time and he got all the way to the basket and then stopped, dropped the ball and turned to the ref to tell him he travelled. There was no whistle and honestly, nobody thought he had travelled. It was weird. He was a better kicker than basketball player and in high school he made several 40+ yard field goals over the years. Of course the weather was nice and warm, not quite the same as it is today in Boston.

So many receivers use gloves or put stuff on their hands to make the ball easier to catch or stick to their hands…

Are BYU’s receivers putting liquid rubber on their hands and then playing that way?

How many passes are literally bouncing off the hands of the receivers?

Whatever it is, Pau isn’t spraying the same thing on his hands. Great catch!

Yes, great catch.

Too bad #53 couldn’t do the same for an easy pick 6…

I don’t think UMass will score again but why does the defense always give up an opening drove touchdown?

The weather for this game is not good.

Hifo was in. Should have been a touchdown

yeah, he got his touchdown.

Good question Jim. The whole team looked flat again coming out. Overconfidence? Why can’t the team come out with fire in the first quarter?

Guess I need to get disgusted and go run a few miles-all of a sudden BYU is ahead🤔

It took them 3 quarters to take control of the game but this is how it should have been from the beginning.

Yeh part I saw they were inept, but this will probably get them in a no-name bowl

Where is Bushman? I think he’s had one ball thrown to him the whole game. Wasn’t he the leading receiver last year?

Don’t let them score…

Dang it Cougars.

Show some pride… this team has no identity. I mean when opposing fans hold up signs that say BYWho… there is some legitimacy to that.

Who or what is BYU football right now?

There is some delusion and confusion on this team. When the defense makes a good play and then gets up and flexes and primps around while failing to look at the scoreboard that shows them down by 3 to a really weak team…

Well, it is time for a reality check.

And suddenly the defense is a no show again. Like someone said, “Just ‘Em score this time.”

Wow! You are a seer as it got to 35-10 later. Don’t know about these slow starts with football and basketball. Something has to change…