BYU vs. Boise St

I am listening to the game because I don’t have BYU TV right now. So they are down 4 at home to Bosie State with about 5 minutes to go in the game. This team has a long way to go before they can be considered a good team.

Boise State up by 7 with 3 minutes to go. Now BYU down by 5.

Did they really only have 20 points at halftime?

Tie game with 30 seconds to go!

BYU leaves a guy alone at the top of the key for a 3 pointer with 10 seconds left.

There you go, BYU loses by 4.

Not a very good team, time to be honest.

Boise State was a very physical team, good athletes, but not a great shooting team. BYU just doesn’t have anyone who can create his own shot except, maybe Barcello. They have a long way to go and they are really shallow at point guard for next year. Haarms had his best game and Johnson looked good. In the end, offensively, Barcello has to carry too big a load. Harward is really the only big man that showed any degree of toughness. BYU’s ft continues to hurt them and they need to play every game like the second half except for the less than stellar defense towards the end of the game

Are you talking about the basketball team or football team? :crazy_face:

Do you mean a BYU tradition?

But today against BYU they shoot well. 60% from 3’s. They were like 26% for 3’s coming into the game. That did us in as well.

I am concerned with Harding. He looks slow and non-aggressive. His shooting is inconsistent as well. And Lee has become non-existent.

Not sure what is wrong with Harding, but this team will probably struggle with long athletic teams. BYU is a team that thrives with ball movement and wide open 3’s. It is really important that they have an inside presence that can score or move the ball when doubled to the open spot. They also have to match or exceed the tenacity of their opponents, which they failed to do in the first half. BA had a terrible first half with numerous bricks and turnovers-something that’s unacceptable from a senior

We do have to take it inside against these long teams as we are too. AB isn’t quick enough to do it very much. BA is but gets trapped or lost a lot. Johnson drove in against the bigger players and found layups and mid range shots. I’d start Johnson and George and bring BA and Lohner if the bench playing a lot of minutes.

Harding looked good against St. Johns but hasn’t since.

You look into getting the BYU app on your phone, then you can cast it to your TV.

Direct TV has BYU TV. Jim used to have it. Maybe when he was called as bishop he decided to drop it :wink:

That’s the problem with Harding this year from game to game inconsistent and he definitely needs time to set up his shots

George hasn’t looked good since ST John’s, but sometimes you have to look toward next years team and play them. Who knows when they will cancel the season as some coaches are already calling for it. At what point in time do you start Harward and Haarms together to get that inside presence. Harvard has been the only one to show a tough presence inside. When do you start Haarms, Harvard, Lohner, AB, and Johnson and bring George, BA, Knell, Harding and Lowell/Lee off the bench

I’m in between whether to start Lohner or George. Both didn’t start games well but come off the bench later and produce. Maybe BA’s problem is the offense they are running. But Johnson is looking good and we can’t lose him to UVU like we did Toolson.

I think Lohner gets the start-going to be at BYU 4 years has tremendous potential-George less time but obviously athletic but still learning the game

Both Haward and Lohner left him wide open, 3 straight 3s. Just mind blowing.
Not ready for prime time

Coach Pope said (pretty close to this): “this is not a great team now. It’s not even a very good team right now.” He is right. Too many problems to even list.